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    looking for decent congas

    Ill sell you these Matadors. $400
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    NFL 2022 !!!

    NFL ..... meh...
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    Let’s build an old timers prog supergroup

    Carl Palmer Geddy Jon luc Ponty Al Dimeola
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    Are sales of used just slow or...?

    30 days and adds go down automatically/expire on CL.
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    Question about prominent members selling on DFO

    This is a drum forum that has a commerce section. Reverb is a commerce site with all the tools needed to sell somewhat safely. I’ve had 3 instances (this year)where I had buyers that tried out my merchandise and for no apparent reason wanted a refund. Two of those items were brand new. I asked...
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    Fibes guys?

    This is what I have just finished.
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    Fibes guys?

    It’s a wrap, but I can see where it might be though. Brown agate seems closer……
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    Fibes guys?

    I can’t seem to open that. Does it have that color.?
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    Fibes guys?

    Anybody know the name of this color? Almost looks like a brown diamond pearl. Looks great IMHO. When was it used?
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    FS: Gretsch USA Custom kit, Millennium Maple Gloss

    I'm not a bop guy......yet, but damn! That set is gorgeous.
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    Source for Sakae’s Pink Oyster Pearl Wrap?

    Delmar plastics. You’ll have to buy quantities.
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    Gretsch Cameo Coral Kit Finish

    A preorder means you pay up front and when it comes in…..you get it. $300? Not at that shop.
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    How much can I get for this?

    There is a guy here but I don’t recall whom that has written a book on pedals. He might be just the guy to help figure this out.
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    80s/90s Yamaha Recording Custom - Still Hold Up?

    Best tom’s I ever owned were Recording Custom. Best kick was Maple custom. Tear your head off! Yamaha got it right for one year when they offered different species of woods for the drum set builds. Only person I know about was Steve Gadd that had that setup…..birch tom’s, maple kick.
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    OT R.I.P. Tony Dow

    Report I just read said he wasn’t gone yet. Hang on Wally!
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    What’s going on?

    Guys still want gear. Price is everything in this economy. If you paid too much to get the return you are looking for, then that is understandable. The trick is buying right so that in the unfortunate event you have to sell off some gear and get your money out you can without getting hosed. If...
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    Q Drum Company Founder Diagnosed with Stage 4 Cancer

    Bad news. Stomach cancer that is spreading….this is serious stuff. Prayers.
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    OT: Drummers Being Lazy

    Dirt, corrosion, part bastardizations, trashed heads, mangled snares, holes, water damage, cigarette burns, nicks, cracks, keyhole, non lubrication, laundry of all kinds, gaffers tape, spray paint..... You name it, I've seen it on used drum sets. I've come to the conclusion that drummers are...
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    Pearl will not sell me an individual bass drum that they have in stock - they want Amazon to buy it from them. Any ideas on how to make this work?

    This Whole exchange illustrates exactly why you should buy musical equipment in person. Instruments are really personal and for my well being I want to HEAR an instrument. Too personal not to. Although I get cymbal weights and sound bites, it's not the same. I'd really rather go to a stocking...
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