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  1. Big Beat

    For Sale: NOS 1960s Gretsch Pink Champagne drum wrap

    Pink Champagne aka Desert Sand drum wrap. Original 1960s New Old Stock wrap correct for round badge era Gretsch, not the modern stuff that is a different shade of pink. If you are trying to color match 1960s Pink Champagne drums, you need this! 54" x 10" piece. There's enough to do TWO 5" x 14"...
  2. Big Beat

    Vintage Kent R.O.P.

    After recently restoring a Kent snare, all I can say is that just about anything else would be better. Nothing like Gretsch at all. The thin shell is nice, but you'd have to redo the edges and replace every single part on it except maybe the lugs if you actually intend to gig it and not just put...
  3. Big Beat

    What’s going on?

    Too many clueless or wishful sellers. That overpriced stuff doesn't sell. Even reasonably priced stuff doesn't sell very well. The only thing that sells are 1960s and 1970s Ludwigs, Gretsches, etc., in good condition and desirable combinations. That stuff sells itself and flies out the door...
  4. Big Beat

    SOLD! Gretsch snare drum shell & lugs project 1960s RB era

    Sale pending...
  5. Big Beat

    1960s Sonor set

    My nieces with the Sonor set. It's their favorite because of the pretty color. They only get to use the brushes, though :)
  6. Big Beat

    SOLD! Gretsch snare drum shell & lugs project 1960s RB era

    Yes, the wrap is glass glitter. It is the correct vintage NOS wrap just like Gretsch used in the 1960s. PRICE LOWERED TO $85! Some would ask that much just for the lugs. Get this thing out of my hair before I feel compelled to tackle it myself.
  7. Big Beat

    1960s Sonor set

    Not for sale, sorry. These are keepers. I ended up selling two other sets instead and am still enjoying the Sonors five years later.
  8. Big Beat

    For Sale: Assorted drum junk and accessories... cheap!

    More stuff! - CB700 mini practice pad, vintage 1970s, looks like an oversized hockey puck - $10 - Remo Muff'ls 14" muffle ring (for snare drum or tom), brand new in plastic - $15 - Ken vintage wooden practice pad - $20 - Vic Firth Stock Pad (12" heavy duty double sided practice pad) - $25 -...