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  1. Big Beat

    For Sale: NOS 1960s Gretsch Pink Champagne drum wrap

    Pink Champagne aka Desert Sand drum wrap. Original 1960s New Old Stock wrap correct for round badge era Gretsch, not the modern stuff that is a different shade of pink. If you are trying to color match 1960s Pink Champagne drums, you need this! 54" x 10" piece. There's enough to do TWO 5" x 14"...
  2. Big Beat

    For Sale: Assorted drum junk and accessories... cheap!

    More stuff! - CB700 mini practice pad, vintage 1970s, looks like an oversized hockey puck - $10 - Remo Muff'ls 14" muffle ring (for snare drum or tom), brand new in plastic - $15 - Ken vintage wooden practice pad - $20 - Vic Firth Stock Pad (12" heavy duty double sided practice pad) - $25 -...
  3. Big Beat

    SOLD! Gretsch snare drum shell & lugs project 1960s RB era

    Gretsch 1960s snare drum shell with original lugs. Everything else is missing. Some extra holes but nothing that can't be plugged and hidden behind new wrap. Good edges. Nice re-wrap project. $85 plus shipping. SOLD! I also have a piece of NOS Pink Champagne / Desert Sand wrap that will fit...
  4. Big Beat

    SOLD Gretsch 1960s natural 20" bass drum, 12" tom set

    1960s Gretsch partial drum set - 20" bass and 12" tom. RARE natural finish, same as Charlie Watts' of the Rolling Stones set. I do NOT have the floor tom and never did. I played these drums with a non-matching FT. Drums originally had a consolette type mount but were converted to the Ludwig...
  5. Big Beat

    Kent c. 1950s blue sparkle snare drum - $85

    Kent c. 1950s blue sparkle snare drum. $85 + shipping. Full story here: https://www.drumforum.org/threads/old-snare-drum-to-id.193624/
  6. Big Beat

    Old snare drum to ID

    This rusty drum followed me home. No badge or markings anywhere. Obviously an old budget model, never seen one like it before. What is it?
  7. Big Beat

    Ludwig Rocker 13" tom 1980s black $75

    Ludwig Rocker 13" tom, c. 1980s vintage. Very good condition. Some typical scuffs and dings on the wrap but nice and clean overall. $75 + shipping.
  8. Big Beat

    Sonor cymbal stand - need ID & help

    What era is this Sonor cymbal stand? And does anyone, by any chance, have a boom to complete it? It's a weird size, nothing I tried fits. A pic of a complete one so that I know what it's supposed to look like? May sell if someone is interested. It's in great shape other than the missing boom.
  9. Big Beat

    Flesh hoops for 14" calf head - matched set for snare drum, top and bottom + extra slunk bottom

    For those who tuck their own calf drum heads. Wood flesh hoops for calf heads. Matched 14" set top and bottom, bottom has snare beds. Came off a c. 1940s Ludwig drum. Great condition, ready for new calf heads. $35 + shipping. Also a calf 14" snare bottom, super thin "slunk", with a split...
  10. Big Beat

    For Sale: Sabian AA Rock Hats - one 14" hi hat cymbal only - $75

    Older Sabian AA 14" Rock hat. Fairly heavy, so probably a bottom. Or a top - see comment below. Either way, a nice clean cymbal. $75 + actual shipping.
  11. Big Beat

    Wanted: Sabian B8 Pro crash cymbal

    Trying to match up a set of decent and inexpensive cymbals for a student. Found Sabian B8 Pro hats and ride, now need a matching crash. Preferably a 16" but any size will do. Doesn't have to be mint either, worn is OK, as long as it is not cracked or otherwise damaged. The pic below shows the...
  12. Big Beat

    Need to ID this partial old bass drum pedal - Ludwig?

    Any idea what pedal (half a pedal) this is? Looks fairly old and probably American made. Thanks.
  13. Big Beat

    Need to ID these lugs

    Does anyone know what these lugs came off? They look like c. 1980s imports, maybe Yamaha? Thanks.
  14. Big Beat

    FS: Slingerland Radio King 16" CALF HEAD for floor tom drum - SOLD

    Vintage 16" Radio King calf head. Great condition with some typical wear due to age. $65 + actual shipping. SOLD
  15. Big Beat

    SOLD Ludwig 15" shell

    Ludwig 15" shell - c. 1960s with white interior - solid candidate for rewrap project. 15" diameter, 10" depth. Not sure if this was a Club Date tom or marching snare. It has holes for a standard Ludwig tom mount and none for a strainer. 8 lugs, 2.25" hole spacing. Good condition. A few chips...
  16. Big Beat

    Drum set too big to be shipped internationally?

    I have shipped drums all over the world many times, but not recently. I currently have a set for sale on eBay and a potential foreign buyer who asked for a shipping quote. So I went to calculate the shipping on USPS and quickly discovered that a 22" x 22" x 20" box is too big to be shipped...
  17. Big Beat

    Need help to ID the purpose of these percussion stands.

    Got these stand tops with a bunch of other parts. They are for some kind of percussion, but not sure exactly what. The one on the right is marked Pearl. What are these used for? Thanks!
  18. Big Beat

    SOLD: Slingerland 1966 champagne sparkle drum set - 20-16-13 Gene Krupa outfit. SOLD

    Vintage 1966 Slingerland drum set in beautiful champagne sparkle. Sizes are 20-16-13, the classic 1960s Slingerland Gene Krupa outfit. Some typical wear due to age, but otherwise nice and clean. No extra holes or modifications anywhere. Wrap is clean and tight. Like many vintage sets that lived...
  19. Big Beat

    Piccadilly Compacts: MIJ or USA?

    Found this pic on my old hard drive. Looks like a typical MIJ set, but says "Made In America". Research indicates that these were marketed by Remco out of Harrison NJ, c. 1966, and that's about it. Obviously, a stencil brand that probably only lasted a year or two during the mid-1960s boom. But...
  20. Big Beat

    Rich Drums? Old marching bass drum to ID

    Here's a 28" marching bass drum I fixed up and sold back in 2008. At the time, I could find nothing about it. Just came across the pics again, tried Googling it and came up with nothing again. Still curious. Has anyone heard of Rich drums of 55-23 Myrtle Avenue, Queens c. 1940s - early 1950s? My...