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  1. dharma bum

    My new favorite Ludwig snare; what is it?

    So about three weeks ago, Jeremy bought some cymbals at Dale’s drum shop in Harrisburg, and posted photos of some other drums and cymbals there. I saw the three Ludwig snares, that all appeared to be re-wraps, and even some cut down shells. For the last couple years I have been wanting a deep...
  2. dharma bum

    Rewrapped Ludwig Rockers Project

    I finally finished my latest project. Picked the shells up from this forum a while back, Rocker II shells with classic lugs. Picked up the wrap from Walopus (Prismatic Ice Silver Glitter), sanded the bearing edges, put on some new heads, and took 'em out a for a couple gigs this weekend...
  3. dharma bum

    If you HAVE to go ...is this the way? I'm thinking no.

    Drummer for a local band. tragedy - his wife and kid at the gig. fACEBOOK POST BY BAND MEMBER: last night our Band was performing at the Battle of the bands for the Pecos Valley medical center. We only had a half hour performance because so many bands Performing. We were almost done when...
  4. dharma bum

    Free new half a PDP kit - thanks Amazon and DFO!

    A few weeks ago in the Amazon deals thread someone linked to a deal on a PDP Concept Birch kit. On a whim I bought the 4-piece shell pack for $351. 3 or four days later "Box 1 of 2" shows up. 3 or 4 days after that ... nada. And tracking info looks suspicious. So I call Amazon customer...
  5. dharma bum

    Rogers Tom Question

    So I got this 8x12 tom with an orphan kit a few weeks ago. I took it apart yesterday, and was surprised by the hole pattern here. I know there was a tom mount on this originally - it appears that someone drilled out the upper hole for the tom mount to a larger size. But did Rogers put the...
  6. dharma bum

    Spurs for Vintage 18" Bass Drum

    I got this old Slingerland bass drum with a mutt bop kit a few weeks ago. I want to start gigging with it, but it has no spurs. I tried playing it with just a bass drum anchor, but it wobbles too much. So ... would y'all drill for spurs, and if so what? Or, should I just go for these DW...
  7. dharma bum

    Ludwig Atlas Bass Spurs

    Hey folks, I just bought an old 18" bass drum with no spurs or tom mounts. I have Atlas Mounts that I bought during the famous GC $3.94 sale a couple years back. So I only need the spurs - but they're pretty expensive online (over 100 bucks) from what I can see. If I can't find those pretty...
  8. dharma bum

    Do curved floor tom legs really make a difference?

    So as I mentioned I another post, I just got a bop kit which has a 14" floor tom with straight legs. How much of a difference does it really make to have the "normal" curved legs? The straight legs help with conservation of space, and can go into a 16" bag without taking them off, so just...
  9. dharma bum

    Cool mutt bop kit

    So I just picked this up today from a guy who assembled it and tried to get a relatively matching look. I've been wanting a bop kit, looking for a Gretsch Catalina Club or something, but this came up for way less so I jumped on it. According to the dude, and it all seems correct: 12" 70's...
  10. dharma bum

    Newest Rocker II project - mahagony stain?

    Hey folks, So I received these drums from our own drewdrum this week (thanks Andrew - great packing!). Early to mid 80's Rocker IIs, classic lugs on bass (large) and toms (small). I already pulled off the hardware and plastic wrap. The outer shells are actually pretty decent, making me...
  11. dharma bum

    Interesting old set - what is it?

    Looks old, tube lugs, two straight sets of bass drum spurs, plastic knobs no badges. Ben
  12. dharma bum

    Repainted Mapex Hoops

    So this weekend I went ahead and painted the bass hoops on my Mapex Pro M kit. I love the kit (other than the 18" depth of the bass drum, but it does sound great and different than all my other 14" deep basses). While I love the Black Chrome Pearl wrap, I've always hated the natural bass hoops...
  13. dharma bum

    Repainting Natural Bass Hoops Black

    I have decided to paint the bass hoops of my Mapex Pro M kit black - I just don't dig the natural finish with this wrap, Black Chrome Pearl, which is like Black Diamond Pearl, especially with a black reso head. I've done some research, and it looks like I'll mask the inlay with tape, then use...
  14. dharma bum

    My new (to me) WFL Snare

    Happy to pick this one up last week. I have long wanted a 6.5 vintage wood snare, and this popped up on the exact day I had disposable income from selling my Supra, which lost the "Battle of the Metal Ludwig Snares" with my trusty old Acro. So, the Supra funded this. 1958 WFL. Still playing...
  15. dharma bum

    I didn't need a Ludwig Standard Snare

    Saw this at Guitar Center. It sound great! So for $40 I bought it. It matches - at least the lugs do - my rebuilt, rewrapped red sparkle Rockers kit. I'm taking it to a gig tonight, so I'll see how it compares to my favorite Acro and my Supra. Any ideas what year this drum would have been...
  16. dharma bum

    CL - Vintage set "restored by artist"

    An old 60's MIJ set. Interesting, but ... is it worth $1,000? Was it worth more before the "restoration"? Certainly not my cup of tea. http://santafe.craigslist.org/msg/4458170168.html
  17. dharma bum

    Help with ID of MIJ snare

    Going through my inventory - which can also be called "cleaning out the garage." I have this blue sparkle snare. I assume it's MIJ, probably 60's, and probably can't get any closer than that to an Origin Story but I'll give it a shot. No grommet or badge, stick-saver-style hoops, eight lug...
  18. dharma bum

    Vistalite Bearing Edges

    I'm pulling out my Vistas tonight for the first time in a few years. Put new pinstripes on the toms, but am reminded how bad the edges are on these- especially the floor tom in the pic below. Any way to fix this? And for now, what's the best way to get a decent sound? I'll see how they do...
  19. dharma bum

    I braved LA traffic for this

    I'm I'm Southern Cal for several days for spring break and decided to take a detour into the teeth of the traffic hell to see the Grammy Museum with the soon to end Ringo exhibit. I am here to tell you: Go, my brothers and sisters! I took my 14 and 16 year old sons. They were a little...
  20. dharma bum

    Thrift Shop Supra

    Picked this up this morning. The store did a Craigslist ad, and I showed up when they opened. Looked it over, traded in a pair of dress shoes I had never worn for 15% off, and walked out with it for $73 with tax. I just did a quick wipe-down and put a new Ambassador on top. Issues and...