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  1. franke


    Went for $905.78 on GW: Geo Way SD
  2. franke

    OT - Suggestions for Bluetooth Adapter for Home Stereo

    I want to connect my wired speakers to my receiver via Bluetooth (so I don't have to run speaker cable). I also want to be able to connect a Bluetooth-enabled device (i.e. phone) to the receiver. I would prefer to buy one device that does that rather than two, but if such a thing doesn't...
  3. franke

    Unusual Rogers kit on eBay

    18x20" bass drums! I fecal matter you not. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Rogers-1964-seven-piece-double-bass-set-in-Black-Diamond-Pearl/192711538355?hash=item2cde80b6b3:g:uncAAOSwDYxbtZZJ:rk:62:pf:0
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    1946 Radio King Kit on eBay

    A lot of fazool, but if you're so inclined.... https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-1946-Slingerland-Radio-King-Gene-Krupa-Kit/153204501107?hash=item23abb32a73:g:jWkAAOSwEzJbGAjU
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    OT - Wirelessly connect analog speakers to analog stereo?

    Not at all drum -related, but numerous google searches have been fruitless, so here goes: Does anyone know of a product would enable me to wirelessly connect my analog speakers to my analog stereo receiver? I am NOT interested in connecting my phone, tablet, etc. to a pair of speakers that are...
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    Ludwig 1968 Mod Orange - Fraud

    I already reported this to eBay. Please don't bid https://www.ebay.com/itm/Ludwig-Mod-Orange-Drum-Set-68-major-cool-rare-must-have/282821477426?hash=item41d9794432:g:510AAOSw9qJaaOXb
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    Amazon Deal Undone by Amamorons

    Got my Meinl 16" suspended cymbal yesterday. It was packed with some paper and the cymbal was in a clear plastic bag. However, it appears that one of the ******* in their warehouse stomped on it. Normally, I would attempt to "pop" it back into place, but closer inspection revealed what...
  8. franke

    "Not a Re-Wrap", my azz

    http://www.ebay.com/itm/VINTAGE-1965-SONOR-TEARDROP-GREEN-SATIN-FLAM-5-PIECE-DRUM-SET-KIT-SNARE-TRIXON-/191969603343?hash=item2cb247af0f:g:7dcAAOSwFdtX1zCP Rowlux film: Swatch page from 1969 Sonor catalog: Though this kit was likely made before 1969, Sonor didn't think it necessary to...
  9. franke

    My Amazon Deals Nightmare

    On February 19 I ordered a 24" Bosphorus Turk ride. Price seemed very good ($305) so I waited... A couple of days later I get a message saying that my cymbal is coming on such-and-such day. On the day that it's supposed to arrive, I get another message telling me that it's not coming today...
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    This is a very lengthy (over 3500 words!) post resembling a magazine article and not the typical DFO topic thread, so those who don’t want to sift through the story are invited to scroll down to the pics. Background: About two years ago I was in the process of putting together an early 60’s...
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    Anyone Have a Sonor Teardrop Era Bass Drum Spur Bracket?

    I posted this last week in the Wanted section. Got 20 views but no replies. I was thinking that perhaps I might have a better chance of finding one if I posted here as well. Just finished my late fifties Sonor kit rebuild/refurb and need one one of these: This is the type which does not...
  12. franke

    Sonor (Teardrop Era) spur bracket

    Looking for one of these: This is the type which does not use the rubber gasket and internal steel support bracket (that came later). Thanks!
  13. franke

    The $500 + Set-O-Matic

    http://www.ebay.com/itm/NOS-Slingland-Set-o-matic-double-Tom-Tom-arms-mounts-/121828072973?hash=item1c5d84de0d:g:uQsAAOSw8-tWW-5d Supposedly it's NOS, but still; $500???? I love his "$75 handling fee" for international buyer. What an
  14. franke

    Sonor teardrop parts

    I'm looking for Sonor teardrop era parts, specifically lugs - mostly late sixties, but could also use some "fat" teardrop lugs as well (see below for the subtle differences between the "fat", "not so fat" and "late 60's). Also, hoops (13" and 16"), as well as slotted rods (which I believe are...
  15. franke

    Jeff Pocaro and "fractal rhythms"

    Brief, but interesting, scientific examination of one musician's approach to playing the hi-hat and how it ties together with nature: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/next/physics/1980s-pop-song-reveals-fractal-rhythms-of-the-human-mind/
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    Some time back I bought two teardrop toms on eBay that needed some work. My intention was to put together a kit since I had always been interested in 1960's Sonors. Somewhere along the line they lost their wrap and went "au naturale", thanks to a liberal coating of polyurethane, and had been...
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    TOTALLY OT - Iphone 5 won't pair with Bluetooth devices

    Methinks this is my first OT post ever, so here goes: I've had an iPhone 5 for about two years. Several months ago I noticed that the voice-to-text function no longer worked, and whenever I spoke to Siri she ignored me. Moreover, there was no sound when shooting video in "selfie" mode (though...
  18. franke

    (Somewhat) O.T - Shop-made Snare Drum & Cymbal Cabinet

    Made this from remnants (maple veneer plywood and 3/16" luan for the fields. Drawer pulls were painted by my daughter when she was nine (she's in college now). Features full-extension slides for the accessories (read: junk) and cymbal drawers. Cymbal drawer holds cymbals up to 24" (though I...
  19. franke

    Big Box Stores

    It appears that the thread that dealt with the closing of a popular and much-admired drum shop was deleted as I was typing my response. For those coming in at "the middle of the movie", I've just been accused of espousing "leftist blather" for what was perceived as disparaging remarks regarding...
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    If you've tried to do anything on eBay apart from browsing and find that you cannot buy, sell, message, etc/., here's why: http://cyberwarzone.com/massive-warning-ebay-followers-claim-ebay-hacked/ This could be a follow up to what happened last May...