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  1. scole

    Fighting cymbal stand vibration

    I'm getting that mid to low vibration hum from my cymbals & I'm looking to get rid of it. I'm aware of the Cymbal Resonance System (CRS) and was reading up on it. This thread on here had a discussion about it and a wider discussion on the topic in general and made mention that this issue crops...
  2. scole

    Rudy's Drum Shop (WA) Closing..

    I didn't see this shared. Anyways, they posted on their Facebook page on Friday that they will be closing, effective August 2nd. Opening a drum shop and then promptly getting hammered by the COVID crisis was pretty much a hurdle that they (and lots of retail stores for that matter) couldn't...
  3. scole

    Shoring up a loose bass drum tom mount

    I have an early 2000s Made in Mexico PDP CX kit and it's great. One day I was surfing the web and noticed that Sweetwater had an updated bass drum tom mount that now had an accessory clamp on the front side: I liked the idea of having a clamp so that I could place a 10" cymbal behind the two...