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    OT: Making Nonsense Lyrics for Songs You Love or Hate

    In one band in particular the three singers adapted the lyrics into the vernacular right up there with NWA.Why not?
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    Vinnie Colaiuta Sight Reading With Frank Zappa

    Some good story tellers are Illiterate
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    14" A Zildjian Light Hats

    Listen to the high hat sound on "I'm gonna Boogulize You Baby" By Beefheart
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    How can I go about making a cover plate?

    Buy a hole cover at the hardware store.Round semi domed chrome metal thing with tines on the flip side
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    Where/how did the "dead drum sound" of the later '70s begin?

    Lazy recording engineers
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    Guitar Player Tells Drummer

    Let these so-called chump ' LEADERS ' pay the players to rehearse and gig. It's a band or a group.
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    Replace heads top and bottom 67 ludwig

    I would start with clear Ambassadors
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    What's slappin'?

    I've been playing a Hayman set since '73 with twin 16's. Clear Remo Ambassador Black Dot heads.Now i'm putting Remo clear Emperors on my 9x13 and 16 x16 Zephyr toms in order to sink ships
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    Where do you strike the bass drum head?

    The hard felt beater flew off and the metal beater shaft went right thru the head.Top Dead Center
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    What a difference a stick makes

    A thin stick brings out the highs a thicker stick the lows
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    I'm a Drummer Living in a 500-Square-Foot NYC Apartment

    Move away unless you're in love with meatball sandwiches
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    Cymbal:You can only have one choice. Right now, which is your favorite ride you own?

    I just got the latest torch and dungeon job right off the evening stage
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    Best compliment you've received about your drumming?

    Older guy at the Icehouse in Pasadena. You sure made those drums talk
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    DONE - '28/29 SuperLudwig 4x14 Dance Model #235. In Red BeDazzle.

    Spruce that baby up and play it
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    13" Ludwig WMP Keystone Tom, No SN, COB hoops, $200

    A brave and valiant drum
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    1937 WFL’s up and running

    My Zephyr toms must be late 40's because they have that kind of badge.I have a '37 8x12 with fold over lugs tacked on head with no badge or air hole.The 16x16 floor tom has an old white interior.
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    1937 WFL’s up and running

    Just great plus it's Summer.My orphan 4 piece has Zephyr toms and I'm using Remo Emperor heads on them
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    TIPS for removing a stuck Premier snare drum tension rod?

    by now keep turning until it comes out. If it breaks just drill it out