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  1. Roadappledrummer

    Bon Scott AC/DC or Brian Johnson AC/DC?

    I love them both...however I am definitely in the Phil Rudd camp as opposed to Simon Wright or Chris Slade...the change in drummers bothered more to me than the change in singers....
  2. Roadappledrummer

    Best compliment you've received about your drumming?

    After a session in a nice recording studio the engineer told me I was the second best drummer he had recorded in twenty years. I asked who the first was expecting some big name guy or well known local hotshot. Nope...it was some twelve year old kid lol!
  3. Roadappledrummer

    (Good) news about Regal Tip!!(?)

    For those of you hoping for a comeback from RT.... I wouldn't hold my breath. I drove past the plant yesterday during business hours and not a soul could be seen...the property is definitely looking abandoned unfortunately.
  4. Roadappledrummer

    Vintage drums on SNL

    Very cool! And I'm in love with bass player now...
  5. Roadappledrummer

    What's the worst backline kit you've ever played?

    Play a festival one afternnoon..everything is provided..Except parking. I park half a mile away as this is the only spot I can find. 20,000 people packed into a tiny ski resort town. Get to the stage....no throne or bass drum pedal! I always have my gear just in case. I trudge back to the car...
  6. Roadappledrummer

    Aluminum Snare Advice

    Surprised nobody mentioned the Inde 6.5...it gets a lot of love around here...including from me. I think it's like the supra on 'roids...
  7. Roadappledrummer

    I finally understand Ringo!

    I don't think guitar players or any other musicians argue over the technical brilliance of other players like we drummers do. I've never heard another guitar player put down David Gilmour for playing so few notes in his solos....if anything they love the genius in how the notes were perfect even...
  8. Roadappledrummer

    Tech Skeptics Won't Watch This DRUM Magazine Hybrid 101 Video Disproving False Notions Like Hybrids "a Huge Pain" or Most Live Gigs "Don't Need It."

    Ive been triggering a bass drum sound like this for years...always an amazing sound no matter what room and easy to hook a pair of in ears into for monitoring..You can see the trigger on the bass drum rim at about one o'clock. I run it into a roland module and out to the FOH...
  9. Roadappledrummer

    Miranda Lambert Austin City Limits Matt Chamberlain

    Great stuff..I think I'm in love too..
  10. Roadappledrummer

    OT. How Aliens lost me a gig .....

    My guitarist buddy and I are trying to find a bass player...after one contacts me and before we try him out I find him on F.B and check his page out to root out weirdos and politics we don't agree with...saves time and trouble down the road. The op confirms my belief is correct.
  11. Roadappledrummer

    Hearing protection/ sound mix question

    https://www.earplugstore.com/howard-leight-sync-amfm-radio-earmuffs.html?cmp=bing How about these? I use them with my acoustic kit...They greatly reduce the volume of the drums and the music pumps into the headphones at a nice comfortable volume because the drums are quiet...basically a...
  12. Roadappledrummer

    Teach me how to mic

    I love Matt Chamberlain and his sound...
  13. Roadappledrummer

    DIXON Jet Set Plus kit

    I still don't understand the love for these mini kits....how much space are you really saving over a regular four or five piece? And they sound...meh
  14. Roadappledrummer

    Dave Getz, Big Brother and the Holding Company, Piece of my Heart.

    There's a lot more to playing this tune well than "playing it straight". Here's my humble attempt.
  15. Roadappledrummer

    Chicago's 25 or 6 to 4: Band Disagreement

    I don't hear it...but if Purdie comes out and says he played it I would believe it then....
  16. Roadappledrummer

    Ride triggering snare

    Try raising the threshold setting on the snare...this will mean the snare will not trigger with the slight vibration occurring when you hit the ride cymbal...
  17. Roadappledrummer

    New Kit

    That's a pretty kit. I've played that exact kit at a casino as backline a few times and loved it. It's what made me start looking at these kits. When I saw that price I jumped on it.
  18. Roadappledrummer

    New Kit

    Going with some ec2’s... a good double ply head for rock Which is what I mostly play...