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    Drummer biography books

    I really enjoied "The Big Beat" by Max Weinberg. He's consistently asking the right questions to the right guys. Purdie controversy included... But you'll also find Earl Palmer, Roger Hawkins, Charlie, Ringo, Dino Danelli. Great stuff. Also Jon Hiseman's...
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    Ok , Drummers who don’t swing …..

    According to George Harrison it was Bonzo!! , "He can't swing a sack of sh!t" was the quote IIRC. This proves that there might be about as many definitions of what Swing is as there are people. Makes discussing it somewhat difficult. If not an exercise in futility ,,,
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    Anyone using a 2002 22” Crash? - a new discovery

    Oh yeah. I see that you are not an ocean away from me. I have quite a few 602s and GB/2002s in larger sizes to compare directly. You're most welcome to come by and see (hear) for yourself
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    Anyone using a 2002 22” Crash? - a new discovery

    Oooops, you're right Recorded September 1970. Not too far off the 1971 public releasethough. Either some really early ones or GBs. Still sound like 2002s to me.
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    Anyone using a 2002 22” Crash? - a new discovery

    This! Have a look at how the Grandmaster of large 2002s uses it (0:50 and 1:52 are prime examples): No other cymbal (series) sounds like this. That undercurrent of lows is a B8 exclusive! B20 cymbals have a much narrower frequency spectrum. B15s are close, but not the same. And as no one but...
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    Your favorite Stones song because of Charlie’s playing?

    This. The magical ability him and Keith had to strech the time in any way they pleased. IMO this is what set the Stones apart and made them unique
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    Cymbal:You can only have one choice. Right now, which is your favorite ride you own?

    Formula 602 23" Medium Up to 22" the 602 Mediums are too washy for my taste when used for riding. The 23 has the perfect blend of wash and stick for me. I let a 24" slip by me recently, would have loved to try that one...
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    OT: YouTube Ads!

    I use Firefox on my cell phone and tablet. Download the UblockOrigin AddOn and you are all set. This is for Android though, Mac world I know nothing about.
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    All time favorite drummer and why- you can only pick one!!

    Gary Burke of Joe Jackson fame. His groove, feel and sound just spoke to me at a young age and continue to do so.
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    15" toms - Which famous drummers use them?

    And boy do they sound great: BUT: not power sized
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    15" toms - Which famous drummers use them?

    Terry William's Ludwigs he used for Meat Loaf and Dire Straits are hard to beat: 14, 15, 16 out front over the 22" bass drum!! Power toms, so 1" shorter than square! How did he manage to play these?? How???? They sounded great though, me thinks
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    Paiste 602 Heavy Hats = New Beats?

    Anything Formula 602 stamped HEAVY in any way, is fantastic! Rides and Hi-Hats, second to none. Purity of alloy and Swiss craftsmanship result in cymbals with clean overtones and clear pitches, especially in heavier weights. Same weight class by any other manufacturer and you typically get...
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    Ringo & Rolling Stones Postpone Their Tours

    I'm a bit bummed, I was looking forward to the show, rhythm section especially. Hope I'll be in town when they make it back
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    Who would be the fourth head on the Mt. Rushmore of most important, influential drummers?

    Any list that includes Neil Peart and omits Alan Dawson is fundamentally flawed
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    Rivet Location

    To find the position from the edge proceed as follows: Put the cymbal horizontally on a stand. No top felt, it needs to be able to swing freely. Crash it with your favourite stick, then put the tip of the stick onto the surface of the cymbal. Hold the sick very lightly, so it can bounce...
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    Favorite China Cymbals

    I LOVE larger Chinas, 22" is my prefered size. So I have a few:) My favourite is a Sig Thin China at 2225g
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    Sexy Cymbal Photos

    Yes it is
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    Sexy Cymbal Photos

    Sound Creation 22" Darks; left to right: SCDR, SCDFR, SCDC
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    Small Kit Drummers in Classic Rock

    Elvis, you are of course correct thanks for pointing my mistake out! I mixed up Mayall and Bond because the picture of Jon with the double bass kit is from his Mayall years. The Graham Bond Organisation is the band in which Jon Hiseman replaced Ginger Baker. The source is Jon Hiseman's...
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    Small Kit Drummers in Classic Rock

    Jon Hiseman already used a "Double Kit" (2 up, 2 down, 2 bass drums) with The Graham Bond Organisation. This was right after Ginger left Graham for Cream. The story goes that Bond got Ginger riled up by telling him: "my new drummer plays TWO bass drums"! This of course prompted Ginger (never to...