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    Maybe I am out of the loop on this one.

    I play a lot of improv music. Sometimes with great musicians that can do most anything. 98.6 percent of the time when I'm playing drums it has a beat and implies a direction. When the music calls for arhythmic stuff, I struggle with it, I find it hard to NOT put my playing in a rhythmic context...
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    What Is It Like Playing Drums in a Band?

    It feels powerful and rewarding when things go right. I get a rush when I'm feeling like everyone else in the band if feeling it, which, in my opinion is the ultimate payoff. It's not easy getting to that point and many other emotions are felt on the way including frustration, confusion, anger...
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    See what song was at #1 on the day you were born

    "Dance with me Henry" never heard of it.
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    Small bass drum for funk and Latin

    I have 2 - 18 x 12's right now and I love them both. I have control heads on the batter and felt strips on the fronts. Tune them up or down, a sweet punchy note.
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    Best era slingerland

    I like the clear maple interior 3 ply shells with Rerings from the 70's. Also like the the brass rims of the 50's and 60's. Would be nice to find that combination.
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    What kits have you had over your drumming life?

    1. Started with used 50's era Radio Kings in 1966. 2. Then 60's ludwigs in the 70's 3. New '79 Slingy kit in the 80's 4. Do E-drums count? Yamaha DTS and Roland TD12's for the next 20 years. 5. Gretsch Catalina elites purchased around 2005. 6. Vintage Gretsch mismatched bop kit which I play now...
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    Robert 'Sput' Searight

    Nice and awesome drumming. What is the side snare he has there? Tama steel shell something?
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    Elvin Jones: The Drumset is a Musical Instrument

    I like to tell other musicians when I first play with them, that I'll try to make them sound good if they return the favor. Folks still focus on execution and technique sometimes to the detriment of listening pleasure, maybe even more so today.
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    4th of July Spirit of America kit

    Yours look fantastic! I love the bass head and the total 3D effect. I wouldn't worry about being too vintage-ally correct for that era Slingys. When I was in high school around 71 or 72, I was inspired by Buddy's kit, so I unwrapped my ludwigs and began painting them with stars and stripes...
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    Ludwig "Taste Test"

    Like others here, I would be more interested in hearing the differences between the 4 floor toms at the beginning.
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    Pawn Shop Drum Treasures

    I think most of them know what stuff is worth, but sometimes you can find a really nice cymbal. For instance, you can find really nice sounding 50's stamp zildjian or even trans stamp, that might be under valued. Priced according to the stamp, but not the sound. Great sounding cymbals might not...
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    Multiple Kit owners

    I've got 79 Slingys, 13-(14)-18-24 that I use with the rock cover band I play with. I also have a mis-matched kit that I use with my jazz group, 18 inch Carlton tenor for bass drum, gretsch catalina 14 inch floor, and renown 12 inch tom. Also Have a collection or Gretsch RB drums micced and set...
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    Your current favorite ride

    Seems like my Matt Bettis 20 inch Hard-top half-turk ride never leaves the stand.
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    Ramble On

    Sounds to me like he is playing on his thigh with sticks.
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    Where do you place your snare strainer?

    After 49 years playing drums I'm still fussing with it...seems I always think there must be a better position for it. Mostly it's at 9 or 8, sometimes 6, sometimes 11. Never at 3, maybe I should try that.
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    Drumfactorydirect.com...Thumbs UP!!!

    I don't know if they are open to the public, but that is their business location.
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    What does drum depth ACTUALLY do!?

    I got the number 42
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    Drumfactorydirect.com...Thumbs UP!!!

    I've bought from them many times also and have always been satisfied. They're in pittsburgh pa on Saline street. Same street Andy Warhol grew up on.
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    Beautiful classic drum sound!

    Lots of 'room' sound!