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    What's Your Day Gig?

    Worked as number cruncher at a large company for 32 years. Retired the last three years. Hopefully I have enough in savings to not work again (or at least not work where I don't enjoy it).
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    What's your favorite drum key/drum tool?

    Does anyone know where I could purchase a Sakae key?
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    Help identifying drum keys?

    I have two "keys" that I would like to identify. Key one is a large brass key with a square opening, the opening much larger than the opening on a standard key. My guess is that it is a key for a gas valve (brass=no spark). Any other guesses? Key two is smaller and has a hex shaped opening. I...
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    Skill level vs Gear level

    A bunch of us retired or close to retiring (engineering jobs, not musicians) use to play together just for fun, a true basement band. All of us loved to buy gear, we all had way to much stuff. I proposed the band name "More Toys Than Talent", it was rejected because it was too close to the truth.
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    How often do you clean up the saw dust from your practice area?

    I just did a little vacuuming after about a year, I had a fair sized pile of saw dust. Maybe it's my technique but I do chew up sticks in a hurry. So how long do you go before you clean up the practice area?
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    Sales tax on Reverb

    Excuse me if I missed this in earlier posts. Why do you pay sales tax on the shipping cost? To my way of thinking only the cost of the item should be used to calculate tax. Although this may be the government's way of preventing people from selling items for virtually nothing and then...
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    Podcast about The Chicago Drum Show

    Rob Cook did a Drum History Podcast recently where he discussed the postponement and change of venue for the Chicago Drum Show. https://www.drumhistorypodcast.com/post/ep-48-rob-cook-talks-about-the-chicago-drum-show-plus-george-way-history
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    Is anyone buying or selling now?

    Was planning on selling at the Chicago Drum show. I may try craigslist after the stay-at-home orders are lifted. Not much of a seller, just trying to scale down, and I don't care to deal with shipping.
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    Your favorite full album

    One that I haven't seen mentioned: Kansas Leftoverture
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    have you seen my keys?

    Not up to Arno's standards, but here is my pile of keys.
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    Hey repete, I saw your pile of keys and really am intrigued by the Zildjian key (and possibly...

    Hey repete, I saw your pile of keys and really am intrigued by the Zildjian key (and possibly others). Any interest in selling? Thanks Matt aka badknees
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    have you seen my keys?

    Hey repete, we could have a bidding war, I like to talk to you about some of your keys also.
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    Chicago Drum Show

    Rob Cook is looking for suggestions for 2019 Chicago Drum Show T-Shirt Design. Any ideas out there?
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    OT What books you reading??

    Slow Getting Up by Nate Jackson. Life in the NFL from the bottom of the pile. He went to a small school, training camp and practice squad fodder. Good book if you're in to football. The Match by Mark Frost. It's about a golf match in 1956 where Ben Hogan and Byron Nelson played amateurs...
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    Did you buy yourself any drum gear for Christmas ?

    I bought myself a Roland SPD-One Percussion pad. Just got it today.
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    OT Your photo here ... What we all look like

    Rob Paul, Larry Matthews, and Myself at the Chicago Drum Show. You may have seen Rob and I working the front desk.
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    Next Gear purchases

    Due to possible downsizing from house to condo, I may be in the market for an electronic kit. Suggestions welcome.
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    Late Late Show Carpool Karaoke UPDATE RIGHT NOW!

    Just watched the video, very cool. It would have been great to be in that pub.
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    2018 Chicago Drum Roll call!

    Could the drum forum booth become a consignment, or just plain selling, booth?