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    Ludwig P85 needs tune up

    Not sure it's worth fixing. There may be seem contrary opinions here of those who would want it all original or like the P85, but it's notorious for losing tension as you play. I used to have an Acrolite with the P85, and it would back off constantly. Having had to do this replacement recently...
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    Need help with Ludwig snare overtones...

    I have a 6.5" Copperphonic and a 6.5" hammered Black Beauty. Both have very lively overtones that can border on disconcerting when sitting behind/over the drum, but work beautifully from a distance and within the mix of a whole band. I have a coated ambassador on the BB (works for just about any...
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    Are High-End Drums a Giant Waste of Money?

    I know and I get it, and I think the rest of my reply did a better job of addressing that question. It just seems to me that whenever this topic comes up (and it's come up plenty of times), there's a subset of responses bent on correlating the quality of your gear with your degree of success as...
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    Are High-End Drums a Giant Waste of Money?

    I just don't think it's anybody's business what anybody else "needs", and when we start looking at what other people have and debating whether they actually need it or not, we're wading into very treacherous waters. Besides, most of what we have we don't truly "need", and who is anyone else to...
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    Anyone one else playing this weekend

    I was going to say it needs to somehow figure into the show, perhaps a band member descending while shooting off some fireworks after the encore. It's simply too good not to take advantage of it!
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    What's been your experience meeting up with strangers as potential bandmates?

    Yeah, the odds of finding each other were pretty slim (but maybe less so for a Grateful Dead cover band). I live in the suburbs, but we rehearse in downtown Toronto.
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    What's been your experience meeting up with strangers as potential bandmates?

    Not a silly question, I went through a period of meeting numerous random people/bands that I'd discover through Kijiji. I'd always let my wife know my timing and whereabouts, and tried to make sure we were meeting at known and public spaces. I've spoken of this elsewhere on this forum, but it...
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    Anyone one else playing this weekend

    Looks like a cool venue for sure. Pretty eclectic and ballsy setlist for a trio with one rehearsal, good luck and have fun!
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    Anyone one else playing this weekend

    Played this past weekend on a private and very rural 6 acre property with a psychedelic stage in the yard. Crazy humidity and a few technical difficulties spiced things up a bit, but it was a great experience playing to a very appreciative audience. Photographer there caught me right in peak...
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    Where are your drums located in your house?

    They've always been in the basement, but since moving last year I've been able to create a designated drum room with some acoustic foam and panels, as well as rock wool in the drop ceiling.
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    How come there aren't any "Right Side Rides"?

    There are, they're just called rides to the righties. Constituting the bulk of the drumming populace, this also makes righties right!
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    Thinking about new hats ETA: Got ‘em 16” K Lights

    I used to have a set of the 16" K Lights, and they are beautiful, lush hats. They're just a very specific sound and feel. If that's what you want/need, they're great, but all around hats they are not. Closed tight they were precise, dark and mellow, and the partially opened sloshy sound was very...
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    These are THE rivets

    I got a pack of these to try, and found them to be way too heavy to the point where using any more than one or two would actually mute the cymbal. This was on an approximately 2400g 22" ride, so not a super small or thin cymbal either. Prior to this I had used the Zildjian rivets which I liked...
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    Your own DUH moments in drumming

    I should have done the same, my Subaru has a big rubber mat for the trunk that would have saved me a lot of grief had it occurred to me.
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    Your own DUH moments in drumming

    I once forgot my drum rug playing a gig over an hour from home. This could have been manageable and may not seem like a big deal, but I had to set up on concrete with a downward slope. Nothing I could do but try not to move things too much as I played, and pull everything back closer to me...
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    SOLDZildjian K Custom Left Side Ride 22”

    Makes sense, you always seemed a bit backwards to me! ;)
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    Who has spouse/partners that really don’t know or care to know about music?

    My wife is a great singer, but her music knowledge is mostly musical theatre and 90's pop (a random combination, I know!). That being said, she's been exposed to so much different music from me over the years, and learned a lot about it as well. She isn't shy about letting me know when she likes...
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    Playing while fat

    I'm a relatively small guy, but developed a bit of a gut and have GERDS. In an attempt to address both, I've significantly reduced my portion sizes (especially at dinner), don't sit or recline after a meal if possible, and don't eat anything between dinner and breakfast. I can't say it's...
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    Felt Above Crash / Ride?

    Fair enough, I've grombalized all my cymbals (I only have 8), so it isn't an issue. They're also cheap enough that it wouldn't be too tough to do, but I guess if you have 50+ cymbals that could become a pain.
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    Felt Above Crash / Ride?

    I've posted about these on other threads, and they remain relevant to this one. Between using backline kits and swapping out cymbals between songs, as well as getting sick of misplacing wing nuts, plastic sleeves and felts, I got myself a set of these Grombals. They're rubber, and they mount...