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  1. Hypercaffium

    Low Volume Cymbals

    Actually, we have plenty of choices now, and some of these low volume cymbals sound quite good imho. L80s are the most silent (in my experience) but the most "dull" sounding, Agean are known for being a lot louder than L80s but they sound more like real cymbals, Arborea (which I currently use)...
  2. Hypercaffium

    Low Volume Cymbals

    How loud are they compared to L80s? And which model do you have? They make many different models and series, it's a little bit confusing for me to be honest. Some are quieter, I guess?
  3. Hypercaffium

    Extreme/Progressive Metal - What Are You Listening To?

    Subbed. Interesting thread.
  4. Hypercaffium

    Any tips and tricks for mesh bass drum head feel?

    Unfortunately I don't own a db One kick drum mesh head. What I do with my Remo Silentstroke is 1) no pillow at all 2) it's very floppy (finger tightened) and 3) Evans clear patch in the center (external). You must play with the tension until basically you can bury the beater without having...
  5. Hypercaffium

    Travis Barker Is “The Most Influential Person in Music”

    Please somebody explain to me how a comparison between a jazz musician who lived in the 40s and a contemporary pop-punk drummer can possibily have sense. I mean, ANY sense.
  6. Hypercaffium

    What makes you a serious musician?

    I'm a hobbyist, not a professional, but I'm damn serious about drumming. I go to school, I study pretty much every day, I do my best to be as proficient as possible.
  7. Hypercaffium

    Travis Barker Is “The Most Influential Person in Music”

    75 years from now, will drummers be studying Barker's playing? I'd say yes, definitely. His style of drumming and his ability to enhance simple songs with his busy (but not intrusive) parts are impressive, imho. I'm not into that kind of music that much, but I recognize his skills and respect...
  8. Hypercaffium

    Cymbal barking woof woof

    I do, because I live with two dogs. :D
  9. Hypercaffium

    Low Volume Cymbals

    And maybe use a VST like EZdrummer/Superior Drummer. That would be fantastic. Which triggers you suggest to put on low volume cymbals? The Arboreas imho sound way better than L80s, each one of them.
  10. Hypercaffium

    Playing drums in a garage without any soundproof or acoustic treatment?

    I already have an acoustic kit converted to low volume (see my first post) which I currently play in my apartment, so the first thing I'm gonna do is to bring it to the garage as soon as I can and see how it works. Thank you all for your suggestions!
  11. Hypercaffium

    Playing drums in a garage without any soundproof or acoustic treatment?

    I drive a FIAT Panda which is about 3.6m x 1.6m, it's a small car. I think my kit would fit, but I can't try because I don't have the garage yet. Worst case scenario... I can put some drums over a shelf, or buy a smaller kick drum... we'll see how it goes. Thanks. Do you know a guitarist that...
  12. Hypercaffium

    OT - On hating Nickleback...

    I don't hate any of them particularly, but I surely understand why some people do.
  13. Hypercaffium


    FINALLY! Finally somebody posts something new, interesting and different from the usual Buddy-Ringo-Bonham mumbo-jumbo. Maybe there's some hope for this place, thanks for sharing that. I'm not into metal that much but I truly like their music and I must say Duplantier is a genius. They can play...
  14. Hypercaffium

    Where are your drums located in your house?

    Bedroom, currently. I'm gonna move it to a garage as soon as I buy one.
  15. Hypercaffium

    OT - On hating Nickleback...

    I don't hate them, I don't like most of their music and I must say there's plenty of reasons why some people hate them. Just take any song by them and read the lyrics. :D
  16. Hypercaffium

    Playing drums in a garage without any soundproof or acoustic treatment?

    First thing I'm gonna do as soon as I buy the garage is to play my low volume kit with a monitor to see how it works. Do you have something to suggest? Guitarist's amp is a 30W Orange.
  17. Hypercaffium

    Guitar Player Tells Drummer

    I'm not gonna say this is the main reason why they did what they did, because I can't possibly know that and it would stupid to take parts like this, but I'm pretty sure it must be one of the reasons, at least. Usually people confuse being good with being weak and sooner or later somebody will...
  18. Hypercaffium

    Low Volume Cymbals

    I confirm that Arborea B8 are great for low volume practice, so great that I bought them all. I'm still keeping my L80s but I think I'll sell them all very soon because I don't use them anymore. About mesh heads, I finally found the time to try a 14'' drum-tec Design for my PDP snare and I must...
  19. Hypercaffium

    Who is happily playing a cheapo kit?

    I'm a student. I play a cheap PDP kit that sounds good and I don't even think about getting something else at the moment. Personally, I don't believe in "mojo", I don't crave for "vintage" stuff, I just play what is easily accessible and available. In the future I'll get a better kit for sure...
  20. Hypercaffium

    Bonham died 42 years ago.......

    Never heard of him.