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  1. hsosdrum

    To Rivet or Not To Rivet. That is the question. ;)

    Why not try a chain or some other "add-on rivet" thingie on it to confirm that rivets won't alter the crash sound in a way you don't like. BTW, that's a very nice-sounding cymbal just like it is.
  2. hsosdrum

    A mix of K’s and A’s for rock

    My (permanent) cymbal setup is indeed a mix of K's and A's: K's: 22" K Ride 22" K-Con Bounce 17" K China Boy 15" K Sweet Hats A's: 22" A Swish Knocker Two 18" A Med-Thin Crashes 18" A Thin Crash 17" A Thin Crash 16" A Thin Crash 12" A Splash
  3. hsosdrum

    Music Today Is About Cost Cutting

    Any Blu-ray player will also play CDs.
  4. hsosdrum

    OT: Hobbies beyond the drums

    Catch and release also describes my two marriages...
  5. hsosdrum

    Nick Mason at 78 still delivers the goods!

    Looking at the photo of Nick speaking from behind the kit I can't help but think how much sexier those drums would look without that rack in front of them. :shock: (I'm a putz, what can I say...)
  6. hsosdrum

    Mike Curotto’s collection!!!

    Five (5!!!) emerald green pearl* snares. I SO hate him... ;) *My all-time favorite finish.
  7. hsosdrum

    Friday Five-Fer - Buddy Rich Interactive

    A-ha! It was your thread from two years ago is where I originally found out about this solo. I owe you a debt of thanks, as I've enjoyed and gotten inspiration from it countless times since you first brought it to our attention.
  8. hsosdrum

    Friday Five-Fer - Buddy Rich Interactive

    This gets my vote for "Most Atypical Buddy Rich Solo on the Internet". The audio is strictly "single video-camera mic all the way at the back of the auditorium", so it requires a bit of concentration. But your efforts will be rewarded by over nine minutes of: "Wow, I've never seen Buddy play a...
  9. hsosdrum

    Today (9/30) Would Have Been Buddy Rich’s 105th Birthday. Let's Swap Buddy Stories

    That ad ran in DownBeat when I was a subscriber in the '60s. I saw it in several issues.
  10. hsosdrum

    The Official DFO RANDOM DRUM PHOTO Thread!!!!

    Hmmm, I guess you gotta have something to keep you warm during those long Canadian winters...
  11. hsosdrum

    Today (9/30) Would Have Been Buddy Rich’s 105th Birthday. Let's Swap Buddy Stories

    My Buddy story is too long to recount in this column, but you can read it here.
  12. hsosdrum

    What more could I possibly want?

    After seeing that you play a 16/10/13, what you need isn't a 24-inch cymbal, what you need is a 24-inch bass drum! ;)
  13. hsosdrum

    OT - Song Link Game

    So THAT's where they got the idea for Finding Nemo...
  14. hsosdrum

    Music Today Is About Cost Cutting

    Those days were gone as soon as Napster hit it big in the '90s. This shift from artists being able to make money on recordings to artists having to rely on playing live to make money has been happening for nearly 30 years now. But the change in session player earnings that @Whitten refers to is...
  15. hsosdrum

    Music Today Is About Cost Cutting

    Everyone votes when they spend (or don't spend) their money.
  16. hsosdrum

    Need help with Ludwig snare overtones...

    I have a Ludwig LB416BT brass-on-brass Black Beauty and the stock Ludwig head didn't last but a few minutes before I swapped it out for a Remo. In this case I used a Fiberskyn3 FA (10ml mylar + 3ml coating), which I find produces the perfect combination of dry attack and musical overtones on...
  17. hsosdrum

    Experience experiment:

    Punchy: 2-ply batter head over single-ply reso head Articulate: 6-ply maple shells w/o reinforcement rings; coated heads Deep: Proper tuning (suggest experimentation and by-ear tuning); heavier sticks (>5B ); hit hard
  18. hsosdrum

    OT - Random conversation thread

    Hey — wasn't he the sax player in the band with that trumpet player Miles Bodine?
  19. hsosdrum

    The Making of Led Zeppelin's In Through The Out Door Episodes 1-7

    I just finished watching all seven episodes, and except for some fluff in the last one, I didn't find it tedious at all. In fact I found it a well-researched and well-presented story told by someone who has great passion for the subject.
  20. hsosdrum

    Are High-End Drums a Giant Waste of Money?

    The fact that the room mic tracks on DCP videos show not that much difference between different drums speaks less to the lack of actual difference between those drums, and more to the inability of microphones to hear tonal and dynamic subtleties as clearly as our ears do.