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  1. doubleroll

    Lightweight but stable hardware.

    Started using Canopus Hybrid hardware, Booms, Snare stand and throne. Not the lightest but solid…time will tell on durability.
  2. doubleroll

    Zeppelin - awesome new Bath 1970 footage

    I dont get audio either…ugh
  3. doubleroll

    Where are your drums located in your house?

    In a loft space that is dual purpose, work and studio :)
  4. doubleroll

    Pearl Drums

    I love my Pearl Masters MRX kit and use it as my main gigging set for the last 15+ years. It’s still looks and sounds great, hardware is heavy but rock solid and it’s never let me down no matter the gig…The 20” bass drum sounds killer mic’d or not. I bet my Sonor and Gretsch are a bit jealous :)
  5. doubleroll

    Our new single !!

    Nice and cool sound! Great job on the drums…
  6. doubleroll

    Steely Dan drummers

    Caught Steely at NYC’s Beacon Theater with Carlock. He did a great job. Unfortunately this would b one of Walter’s last gigs as he was only able to do the first 2 or 3 songs and had to leave the stage due to illness. He passed away some time afterwards. R.I.P. Well seems Jerry & Rick Marrotta...
  7. doubleroll

    Steely Dan drummers

    Great drums for sure…don’t forget Josie drummer Jim Keltner and of course live with Dennis Chambers!
  8. doubleroll

    Ringo Starr on the One Thing He Could Never Do as a Drummer

    Wow so he was able to duplicate Bernard Purdie’s fills but not his own ;-)
  9. doubleroll

    RIP Ramsey Lewis

  10. doubleroll

    Barbara Cottrell, RIP

    Sorry to hear…condolences to you and your family. R.I.P.
  11. doubleroll

    Way OT: What is your favorite pasta brand?

    Try Garofalo Pasta in various shapes, etc. They have gluten free as well but we are not allergic so have not tried that…Wife was born in Italy and we love it! Dececco is also good, as well as Barilla which is made in the US now I believe…
  12. doubleroll

    Carlos Vega

    That GRP stuff is how I came across Carlos Vega! Just fantastic stuff! I have that concert on DVD and watch it frequently…Reverend Lee is just killer…
  13. doubleroll

    Zildjian K/K Custom Dark for Paiste Dark Energy

    Look like K Custom Ride not Medium…
  14. doubleroll

    Zildjian K/K Custom Dark for Paiste Dark Energy

    I will pull it out the case to be sure but its a 22” K Custom something lol
  15. doubleroll

    Zildjian K/K Custom Dark for Paiste Dark Energy

    Better idea…sell these and put the funds toward a Paiste DE Ride :)
  16. doubleroll

    The Death of John Bonham

    A day I will never forget…took off from high school when I heard the news. Was planning to see Zeppelin when they were back in the US. Was too young in 1975…missed out seeing one of my favorite drummers. Addiction sucks…
  17. doubleroll

    2 sets of my trio on Youtube

    Well done!
  18. doubleroll

    Aerosmith Back in the Saddle with Drum Sub

    Steven Tyler’s dad, Victor Tallarico, was my high school music teacher…he didn’t always have good things to say about his son back then. Never did see the band myself.
  19. doubleroll

    OT: Happy Labor Day

    Hope you all have a great Labor Day :cool:
  20. doubleroll

    Taylor Hawkins Tribute Concert

    I missed some of the beginning but man I have a new respect for Dave Grohl. Always thought he was one of the good people in Rock but man he did an amazing job putting this together to remember his friend Taylor. Props to all the musicians who participated… Stand outs were the 2 kids that...