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  1. donbseattle

    22" K Zildjian Istanbul Ride Cymbal

    22" K Zildjian Istanbul ride cymbal 2920g, in excellent condition for its new stamp vintage. The signature is clear, no cracks, and still has a bit of shine. I bought it from a drummer in Massachusetts, who told me he obtained it 9-10 years ago from Bill Maley at Classic Vintage Drums. Check it...
  2. donbseattle

    Alloy or COB's Mitch and Bonzo

    I just read some Bonham and Mitchell drum threads on here. My question is did these guys play alloy supras or cob supras?
  3. donbseattle

    Yamaha 9500d double bass drum pedals question

    I need a new bass drum pedal. I have been playing "Google the pedal" all afternoon and the Yamaha 9500d looks good to me. I have a chance to get a DOUBLE pedal 9500d for a nice price. As in two connected pedals, so that, in the privacy of my practice space, I can secretly practice heavy metal...
  4. donbseattle

    Joe Morello's Brubeck Era Supraphonic

    Dudes, Let's travel back in time to digging Joe Morello with the Dave Brubeck Quartet, playing his legendary silver sparkle kit. Was his snare drum an off the rack Supraphonic? The aluminum one, NOT the COB? I am thinking about getting one, once I know which one, so as that I can play a ONE...
  5. donbseattle

    Ludwig COB snare drums. the new ones vs the pre serial ones

    Hi again, I just did a search for Ludwig COB snare drums, pre serial ones vs new ones. I had a pre serial one once and of course, I miss it. Now those babies are going for a good deal of dough. I know you can get brand new ones. I think I saw one guy say the hoops on the old ones were...
  6. donbseattle

    Is there a shorter shaft length bass drum beater for 16" bass drum players?

    Hi guys, I have 2 sixteen inch bass drums. They are very portable and I like the sound for most of the music I have been playing. I had a buddy take his hack saw to one of my bass drum beaters so that the beater would kit closed to the middle of the bass drum head. I realize there are...
  7. donbseattle

    Billy Higgins' 22" formula 602 medium ride

    I have been watching Billy Higgins alot on youtube this week. I read Billy said that Ed Blackwell give him his beloved 22 inch formula 602 medium ride with the rivets. Does any of you know the weight of that cymbal? I searched 22 inch formula 602 medium rides on Google and was surprised to see...
  8. donbseattle

    Just bought a 22 K Intermediate

    This morning Ia bought a 22" K, Intermediate stamp! 2650 grams. Excellent condition. From a cat in NYC. You think it will play? The devil made me do it!
  9. donbseattle

    Found a pair of Tony Willies!!

    I took a chance and bought the last pair that Hermes Music had!
  10. donbseattle

    How Can I Contact Matthias Kuert?

    Does someone know how I can contact Matthias Kuert by email? I wish to ask him about purchasing a K Isty. THANKS!
  11. donbseattle

    Why did Zildijian discontinue Tony Williams Sticks?

    I was recently looking for Tony WIlliams signature Zildjian sticks. They appear to have been discontinued. WHY!?!? Did demand drop?! I would think that a signature stick of a legendary drummer would be in demand. Did his family complain? Did drummers stop buying these!? I came across Hermes...
  12. donbseattle

    Time for a reprise!! Couple years since we sang 16" bass drum songs!

    I have a cheap 10 buck goodwill 16 x 12 bass drum that I play alot in living room and basement and "free-ish music" situations. I do not need John Bonham's old 26 incher for these playing situations. The 16 works great for what I am often doing. I ordered a Canopus NV60 M1 kit. The sonofa B...
  13. donbseattle

    Jazz Trio Gigs, Live at Steve 'n Johnnie's!

    Steve's basement and Johnnie's living room!
  14. donbseattle

    Canopus B-1455 Black Nickel Plated Brass Snare Drum

    Rumor! Now on ebay starting big 395! plus some shipping This is a beautiful Canopus BB-1455 brass snare with black nickel plating. Canopus “BB” has a 1.2mm brass shell plated with Black Nickel and has fancy brass lugs. 14" x 5.5" Its sound is full of fiery temperament just like its...
  15. donbseattle

    Yamaha Crosstown Hi Hat Stands Question

    I have slowly been sneaking Yamaha Crosstown Hardware into my setup. And I really am digging it. I have two of the Crosstown cymbal stands. Just ordered the snare stand. Now I am thinking about getting the Crosstown hi hat stand. Currently I am using a light hi hat stand made by another big...
  16. donbseattle

    Bump! 575! 1959 K Zildjian Old Stamp IVb 18" K Istanbul Turkish Ride Cymbal 1550 Grams

    Here is a very cool 18" K Istanbul Old Stamp Ride that I found on Reverb last year. No cracks, and it weighed 1886 grams. I sent it to master Brooklyn cymbalsmith, Jesse Simpson, who worked his magic on it and converted it into a 1550 gram mofo. Here are the before and after youtube vids he...
  17. donbseattle

    Cost of shipping 18/14/12 bop kit?

    Suppose "some dude" sells a bop kit. 18/14/12 plus a tom mount with a pole and floor tom legs. Does he have a choice of USPS or UPS? What is the best carrier to utilize? What should he charge the buyer for shipping? How much does it cost......roughly speaking? Thanks. PS I know SHIPPING drums...
  18. donbseattle

    Pair of "as new" Remo 20" Bass Drum Heads. One Gretsch Logo head and one Coated Ambassador

    Pair of Remo 20" bass drum heads. One has the Gretsch logo on it and one is a coated Ambassador. Starting bid just 40 bucks on ebay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/333652938617 If you have a newer Gretsch bass drum these are for you! I bought them a couple weeks ago. Too snug for my 1962 Champagne...
  19. donbseattle


    THIS DRUM IS NOW YOURS FOR 550 SHIPPED!! (continental USA and PAYPAL only) Selling my rare Gretsch Round Badge 16 x 14 inch bass drum. It was converted from a 16 x 16 floor tom. The drum has a Champagne wrap. Whether this is the original Gretsch wrap or not, I am not positive. It has metal...
  20. donbseattle

    SOLD K Zildjian 14" Hi Hats Pair, 285 OBO, Free Shipping

    I am selling my pair of K Zildjian 14" hi hats. Top cymbal 952 grams. Bottom cymbal 1361 grams. I bought these because the left foot chick is terrific and that top cymbal is VERY musical. Free shipping (domestic USA only and paypal only) and 285 or Best Offer we both accept. Some of my...