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  1. michiganice91

    Paiste 2oo2 BLACK Label Specific Models

    Have amazing things to trade for, or would buy the following: 15" Sound Edge Hi Hats 18" Crash 24" Ride ONLY LOOKING FOR PRE-1977 SERIAL #s Thanks
  2. michiganice91

    Paiste Vintage 18" White Label Giant Beat

    Looking to trade this 18" Giant Beat with über rare diameter stamp! Weighs 1557g. High pitched and explosive sound. Think the crash swell on HOW MANY MORE TIMES... Looking for black label VINTAGE giant beats 15" or 24". Would also consider early 70s 2oo2s. Good condition preferably. Would add...
  3. michiganice91

    Does this Tom Mount Configuration Exist?

    Hey everyone. I'm looking for a tom tom mounting solution that would allow me to have a 7/8" diameter down tube attached to a 3/4" mounting arm. Does this configuration exist anywhere in the drum hardware universe? Is this even possible? I was thinking I would probably have to buy a bunch of...
  4. michiganice91

    Throne top

    Looking for any lone throne toppers out there as I have an extra throne base with no seat. Let me know if anyone has one. Thanks!
  5. michiganice91

    Sonor 6OOO Throne

    Would love to buy or trade for one if anyone has. Thanks!
  6. michiganice91

    SOLD! DW 5000 + 9000 Hardware

    Selling quite a bit of DW hardware. I have more 5000/9000 + PDP cymbal stands I will be listing as I photograph them as well if anyone is looking for a package deal. Shipping costs to be added depending on location. DW 5000 Snare Stand (excellent) -- $125 USD DW 5000 Boom/Straight Cymbal...
  7. michiganice91

    Looking for 6mm Wing nuts

    Looking for 6mm wing nuts for cymbal stand toppers. I believe 8mm is the more commonly used modern size, but I need 6ers. Prefer sonor brand if possible, but just seeing whats available. Thanks all!
  8. michiganice91

    SOLD! Savage Custom 6.5x14 Cast Bronze 3mm Snare SOLD!

    For sale is a beautiful 6.5" deep x 14" wide 3mm thick cast bronze snare drum from Savage Custom Drums. SOLD! Key Features: - 3mm Sand Cast Bronze Shell - Matched Machined Bronze Hoops (sell for over $400 alone!) - Indē Strainer - Canopus Snare Wires - Chrome Tube Lugs This drum weighs...
  9. michiganice91

    SOLD! Paiste Sound Creation 14” Dark Heavy Sound Edge Hi Hats (1987)

    $390 USD + shipping Excellent condition with no issues.
  10. michiganice91

    Paiste 22” Signature Flat Ride (1989 Patent Pending)

    Selling a very rare 1st edition Signature Patent pending 22" Flat Ride from 1989 -- $590 USD + shipping No issues with this beauty, just some normal signs of wear.
  11. michiganice91

    SOLD!!!! VIDEO! Sonor HiLite Dark Violet 10/12/13/16/22

    Got a beautiful kit for sale here (snare not included!). Asking $2100 USD + Shipping.
  12. michiganice91

    SOLD! Paiste Twenty Custom METAL Collectors Set 9-pieces

    For Sale is a nearly impossible to find PAISTE Twenty Custom Metal Collectors Set -- SOLD! Includes the following: 10" Metal Splash 12" Metal Splash 15" Metal Hats 18" Metal Crash 18" Metal China 19" Metal Crash 20" Metal Crash 20" Metal China 22" Metal Ride
  13. michiganice91

    MORE VINTAGE PAISTE Traditional/4o4/2OOO

    More Beauties' for Sale!! Shipping to be added based on location/actual cost. Please ask any questions. Thanks! 20" Signature Traditionals Medium Swish China - SOLD! 15" 4o4 Heavy Hi Hats (matched pair 1986) - SOLD! 16" 2OOO SR China - $200 USD 18" 2OOO SR China - $200 USD 20" 2OOO SR...
  14. michiganice91

    SOLD!!! PAISTES!!!! 602 blue label +

    Formula 602 15” Blue Label HEAVY -- SOLD! 16” Black Label Marching Sound Edge Bottom -- SOLD! Domestic/Worldwide Shipping Available --> priced according to location More Pictures available ASK ANY QUESTIONS!
  15. michiganice91

    Sonor Delite 10/12/14/20

    Asking $2100 + shipping off reverb. Hit me with any questions and thanks for looking. https://reverb.com/item/47883077-sonor-delite-10-12-14-20-birdseye-azure-shell-pack-exc
  16. michiganice91

    Sonor DeLite 16" FLOOR Birdseye Azure [_] badge

    Looking for a DeLite square badge floor tom in birdseye azure. Preferably in the USA. Thanks
  17. michiganice91

    ATTN CHICAGO: Dennis Chambers Clinic!

    Hey guys, just wanna share this great upcoming event put on by a good friend featuring Dennis Chambers doing some clinical demonstrations and much more! https://www.eventbrite.com/e/dennis-chambers-drum-clinic-tickets-154028879525?aff=efbevent
  18. michiganice91

    BADGE ONLY Sonor DeLite

    Looking to buy 1 of the following badges with screws/nuts. Would love any recommendations or help. Thanks all!!
  19. michiganice91


    Need a CRASH model, not POWER. Good condition please. Hoping someone can hook me up!! Thanks
  20. michiganice91

    Studio Monitor Headphones -- WHAT TO BUY??

    Hi everyone. I'm looking for advice and recommendations for a good pair of headphones to purchase to use in studio monitoring situations. I've been using Vic Firth isolation headphones for years but wanna get something more premium. I do like the fact that the VF cans are 25db of passive noise...