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  1. Twocan

    Zildjian K Custom Dry Ride - info please!

    Greetings, I picked this cymbal up today off of Craigslist. It’s a heavy ride and seems to fit in nicely with my 14” & 17” K Custom Dark Crashes, and 13” Custom Dark Hats. There is no serial number on this one. The bottom has solid black Zildjian script. Would I be correct in guessing that...
  2. Twocan

    Help Identifying Paiste 22” Ride

    I bought a used cymbal and this was thrown in. It’s an absolute beast in terms of weight and sustain. Any idea what model it may be? Age is unknown.
  3. Twocan

    Non-EAK Custom 18 - what’s this worth?

    I did some research and believe that this is a 1987(ish) Zildjian (NOT AN EAK) Custom (Ride) 18”. It has very unique markings from the hammering machine, and was also hammered manually (by Zildjian). It’s dark like a K but incredibly bold at the same time. You can crash it but might wake folks...