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  1. Pancho12

    Ludwig Pre Serial Canister Throne in Great Shape $375 Shipped!

    I'm also going to be putting my canister throne up for sale. It has greened a little but still in great shape, and surprisingly comfortable! A few blemishes throughout but looks fantastic. Asking $375 shipped from DFO members. Here's the reverb link with more pictures and info...
  2. Pancho12

    Ludwig Mid 60s Sky Blue Pearl Super classic $1750 Shipped!

    Hi guys I'm selling my Sky Blue Pearl super classic. There's more information on it on my reverb listing. The bass drum could use a touch up if you like, but it was just fine for me. Asking $1,875 shipped from DFO members! Here is the link with more pictures and info...
  3. Pancho12

    70s Ludwig 7 Piece 6-ply $1200

    Hey guys I’m selling this 70s 7 Piece 6 ply set in thermogloss set. 24” bass drum and the Tom sizes are 10-12-13-14-15-16. This kit sounds great and is in good condition. There are some scuffs, scratches, and for some reason some stains but those should clean out nicely. I’m asking $1200 for all...
  4. Pancho12

    Vintage Drum Shirts

    I love vintage drums and vintage clothes. Last year I stumbled on two vintage 70s Ludwig shirts! I absolutely love them! If you have vintage drum shirts, share them! I only have a picture of one but I'll try to get a picture of my other shirt soon. I wanna see your old drum shirts!
  5. Pancho12

    3 Ludwig Hercules Boom Stands For Sale $175 Shipped For All

    Up for sale are 3 Ludwig Hercules stands. They're not the cleanest, some scratches, tape residue, sharpie markings, but all three work great. Despite this, they're still in good condition. They're not getting much use from me so I decided to let them go. Asking $200 shipped for all three, or $75...
  6. Pancho12

    2 Ludwig Jazzfest/Pioneer Bowtie lugs

    Hi guys, Im looking to buy 2 bowtie lugs for a drum that needs it, please pm me if you have 2, thanks!
  7. Pancho12

    Drum wrap measurement help

    Hi guys, I recently acquired a 67' ludwig jazz fest, 5x14, that i'd like to rewrap, I have some left over wrap from a bass drum that is 14" in height (top to bottom) and 22" in width (left to right). What I wanted to know is if 22" width is enough to go all around the whole shell in one piece...
  8. Pancho12

    1980 Paiste 2002 Black Label 15" Sound Edge Hi Hats (pair) $385 Shipped!

    You might've seen me posting about these seeking more information on them in another thread earlier a few days ago, but I'm putting them up for sale. The hats are great and pretty hard to come by. No cracks, keyholes, or dents on either one of the hats. They're in very good condition and play...
  9. Pancho12

    1968 Ludwig Acrolite $290 shipped

    For sale is a 1968 Acrolite. There some scratches and pitting, but nothing of concern whatsoever. Strainer and muffler both work great. Date Stamped April 30th 1968. Unoriginal heads and the wires are bent, although still 100% functional. Asking $305 shipped here for forum members and I pay the...
  10. Pancho12

    Paiste 2002 Help

    HI guys, I have these Paiste 2002 Sound Edge hats, both black label and 15", but to be honest I'm not too familiar with dating Paistes and evaluating it. Can anybody help me out with an estimation of when they're from and what they're worth please? I can't really find any comparables right now...
  11. Pancho12

    Wanted: 60s Ludwig hardware to complete my kit

    Hi guys I have a project Ludwig 67' bass drum that has some missing hardware, hopefully some of you guys have what I need. I could easily buy the online, but I'd rather support my DFO folks first! I'm looking for: -Cymbal Mount & Cymbal L-arm for a bass drum (60s) -Rail Mount (60s) -also looking...
  12. Pancho12

    Guitar center ludwigs

    https://www.guitarcenter.com/Used/Ludwig/Vintage-1960s-4PC-KIT-W-SNARE-KEYSTONE-BADGE-Drum-Kit-117885465.gc Is this a rewrap, kinda hard to tell...
  13. Pancho12

    Ludwig Pioneer Red Sparkle Snare 1967 $245 SHIPPED!! Price lowered

    Up for sale here is a 1967 Ludwig Pioneer Snare in Red Sparkle. The snare sounds great and is in good condition, I'd say it's a 7.5/10 cosmetically. Baseball bat muffler is missing, but that's how I got it. Asking $245 shipped- price has been lowered
  14. Pancho12

    60s Ludwig kits

    Hi there, I’m very interested at buying 60s Ludwig black oyster Pearl, blue oyster Pearl, or a mod orange kit. Please let me know what you have and what you’re asking. Thanks!
  15. Pancho12

    WANTED: 70s Gretsch White Marine Pearl Toms

    I’m looking for some 70s WMP toms to complete a kit. I bought a bass drum for a steal but am now looking for toms to complete it. For sizes the bigger the better thanks!
  16. Pancho12

    70s Gretsch

    Hi you guys, I don’t really know much or actually anything about gretsch drums from the 70s. I’m a little embarrassed but I’m seeking out some help on the history, the models, and the characteristics about gretsch kits from the 70s. All help and information is welcome, I really hope to have as...
  17. Pancho12

    Local vintage music store selling 67 citrus mod???

    Hello everybody, there’s a vintage music store not too far from me that has this “near mint” (according to them) citrus mod down beat. I’ve never seen a citrus mod kit in person before but all the examples I’ve seen online have a lot more green in them then this. Could this even be a faded mod...
  18. Pancho12

    SoCal Drummer Help!

    Hi, I’m trying to help a friend find a place to take drum lessons in the San Gabriel Valley area. If anyone has any recommendations or knows someone, please let me know and I’ll forward them the information. Thank you!
  19. Pancho12

    WTB Ludwig 60s Supraphonic

    Hello guys, I’m looking for a 60s Supra to surprise my dad with for his birthday. He said he had one many years ago but sold it awhile back. I know there are some online but some of the prices are sky high and I’d rather shoot one from DFO. Please let me know if you have one you’re willing to...
  20. Pancho12

    Any advice on bringing this Supra back to life

    Hi guys, I just picked up this 66 Supra for a pretty good deal. To say the least it’s in players condition… it has some major flaking and pitting. I want your guys advice to cosmetically bring this drum back to life as much as possible… all help is appreciated!