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  1. Slippy

    16" and 18" roto tom

    Looking for roto toms.. 16" is the one I really need but 18" would be great.. and ofcourse the unicorn bass drums lol PM me if you have any of these
  2. Slippy

    trick pro1-v double pedal $350

    I have a trick pro1-v double pedal excellent condition... $350 plus shipping from California... call or text 408 834-5708
  3. Slippy

    This is amazing

    I stumbled across this young lady a few days ago. I was blown away after the first 20 seconds but once she got to the drums I was hooked
  4. Slippy

    DW 9000 double pedal for ?

    I have a DW 9000 double pedal in great condition, im looking for 13" snares or possible light ride cymbal. I am open to other trades as well I can send pictures upon request.
  5. Slippy

    DW edge snare 13"

    Im looking for a 13" DW edge snare. depth must be min 5" max 7" color is not too important. Would prefer double edge but might take a single depending on depth and color. ideal would be 13x6.5 double edge
  6. Slippy

    Toto Medley

    I did a search to see if anyone has posted this before and didn't find anything. Sorry in advance if this has been posted before. I have watched this probably 30x, these guys are amazing.. &t=646s
  7. Slippy

    musicians we lost in 2017

    the last few years have been tough on the music industry but 2017 was probably the worst.... for me it was probably Chris Cornell and Glenn Campbell..
  8. Slippy

    What are your "Holy Grail" drums or cymbals

    I have several drums that I must own "holy grail" in my life time. I am only posting drums I haven't owned yet but feel free to post whatever you want or have owned.... bucket list of drums Most important "top 5"... 1 being my absolute important counting down 1. Yamaha recording custom 1980's...
  9. Slippy

    OK, this is by far the strangest show yet for me!

    I got a call yesterday from a friend of mine, he plays with a very good up and coming young artist here in the Bay Area... I have filled in once before so I know what to expect... here is the catch, it's at a nudest colony/country club... needless to say I won't be nude! October 28th hehe
  10. Slippy

    California, Bay Area drummers

    Just wanted to see how many Bay Area drummers (or around this area) are out there... I live in Morgan Hill but my studio is in Milpitas. I would love to have a meet and/or maybe just meet some fellow drummers.
  11. Slippy

    What happened to "drummer talk" pod cast

    Don't know how many people are into pod cast. I follow a few pod cast out there but drummer talk is by far my favorite. They are the longest drum podcast going stron for over 10 years but in the last 6 months they haven't done a podcast. Just wondering if anyone knows if they still plan on...
  12. Slippy

    When did you start playing?

    I was going through my old drum lesson books and came across this. My teacher at the time was Joe Santoro from Milpitas Music. Now South Bay School of Music and arts. notice the date Jan 3 1980
  13. Slippy

    12" RIMS tom holder

    anyone one out thee have a 12" RIMS tom holder. I have a 10",14" and 16" willing to trade one for one... or make a deal of some sort.
  14. Slippy

    Guitar fakes, why not drum fakes?

    I am not a guitar player but I do have an appreciation of fine guitars. I've been watching a few youtube videos on fake Gibson Les Paul guitars being made overseas and selling at a fraction of what a real Les Paul goes for. I know people are buying these fakes and reselling them as the real...
  15. Slippy

    Tama Starcast Mounts 14" and 16"

    I have 2 of the older style Star-Cast mounts (black) 14" and 16" .... I'd like to trade these for something or sell.
  16. Slippy

    Tama Starclassic 20" and 22" bass drum

    looking for 17x20 or 18x20 Tama Starclassic bass drum. Not too picky about the type of wood or what color it is, I plan on refinishing it to match my current bass drum. even a 16x20 or a 20x20 would be fine (not sure they make a 20x20) just throwing it out there. Also looking for a 22"...
  17. Slippy

    DW badge D.I.Y

    I got a DW snare awhile back and the badge was really trashed. I decided I wanted to replace the badge so I figured I could make it myself with some left over aluminum sheet I had lying around....
  18. Slippy

    Snare drum modification

    I had a buddy of mine wanted me to add 4, 2" holes to his 12" pearl firecracker snare drum. Here is the finished product.
  19. Slippy

    U.P.S is on crack, the results!

    Ok, so a few weeks ago i started a thread about UPS and the damage they caused when they smashed my package that contained a Pearl Acrylic drum set. The bass drum was cracked all the was across the shell. I tried to get UPS to pay for the damages (no i didnt have the package insured) but even...
  20. Slippy

    UPS..... is on crack!!!

    I bought a kit 2 weeks ago from a fellow DFO member. Let me start by saying it was in no way his fault he boxed the kit up perfectly. I got the kit last week and this is what I opened the box to find..... UPS picked it up last Thursday for evaluation.....