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  1. Richie Paradise

    Leedy & Ludwig snare find in the UK shocker.

    Don't stumble across these very often in the UK.... A mate's boss died last year leaving a lot of drums behind that his widow wanted an idea about price, though she mainly wants them played by people who'll want them. I won't mention all the bits that were there, though I probably wanted all...
  2. Richie Paradise

    Cowbell slipping, HELP!

    Chums, every cowbell I've cowbell owned, and every cowbell holder, has let me down. Cowbell always ends up slipping down the mount and you don't get that satisfying donk. I was used to it with the older style cowbells but even newer ones have this problem (a Premier one that sounds perfect)...
  3. Richie Paradise

    Pearl 803 cymbal stands (x2) from 1970s

    Two Pearl 803 cymbal stands from the 70’s in decent condition. Think Neal Peart used these around 1975. Lots of life left in these. Happy to post anywhere in world, postage will vary. I'm in the UK $40 each
  4. Richie Paradise

    How to add floor tom legs without drilling discovery

    Recently I picked up a matching 70's 15" tom from a chap in Sweden for a good price. Thing is finding Slingerland parts to convert it to a floor tom were proving hard and/or expensive (plus the whole 'to drill or not to drill' debate). Then I remembered I had some Tama hoop clip on mounts which...
  5. Richie Paradise

    Slingerland floor tom brackets x3

    Hello chums, I'm converting a 15" hanging tom in to a floor tom so need 3 brackets for the legs. I have legs that work but if there were some going for a good price too i could be convinced. The straight ones to match the 14" Alternatively does anyone know of a generic part that will work, as...
  6. Richie Paradise

    Rogers Big R score in the UK 14" ft, 20" FT...

    A rare haul of US Rogers here in the UK. A 14" floor tom & a 20"x18" bass drum that it look's like was a floor tom conversion The bass drum has Premier spurs I think the tom mount has also been replaced, it's a mix of Rogers are generic Japanese. A Premier Resonator tom in the same colour came...
  7. Richie Paradise

    Slingerland snare mechanism issue

    Hello chaps, on both my Modern Radioking & an old Leedy with the same style mechanism, i have a real problem switching the snare on if they are set even vaguely tight. Was/is it just a design flaw and you have to just adjust while playing if you switch it on/off or am I missing something? A...
  8. Richie Paradise

    Fixing a lamp inside a bass drum?

    Hello chums, is there a way of doing this without drilling? I like the way it lights up my big band logo head and gives it the vintage vibe even more. Let me know.
  9. Richie Paradise

    WFL Jazz Festival in WMP, 1950's

    Oh man, only went to pick up some snares that weren't selling from my mates shop and walked out with this little cutey. Sounded so good that I couldn't resist.... All original parts apart from heads and snare wires. Used to belong to Gilson Lavis who plays with Jools Holland and others...
  10. Richie Paradise

    Recommended Hi Hats that sound like 1930's ones?

    Chums, I played some 13" hi hats recently that had a real 1930's sound to them and I liked it and it got me thinking. I play mainly in a big band that play 30/40's swing tunes so I'm looking for recommendations. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
  11. Richie Paradise

    Leedy kit

    I was lucky to find this on Ebay and got it for a very good price, you never see Leedy for sale in the UK. It's lovely. A rewrap but it wears it well. I've put some Fiberskyns on it and will sort out some new BD heads asap too. I love the art deco look of Leedy so I'm extremely happy with this...
  12. Richie Paradise

    Leedy Temple blocks

    A bonus of being known as a vintage guy, in all senses of the word bar controversial attitudes to women and other human beings, is that people sometimes offer you stuff. A lovely chum of mine asked if I'd like some Leedy temple blocks he had lying around, FREE. Yes please I said. Now I just...
  13. Richie Paradise

    Clip on BD cymbal mount?

    Does anyone make them anymore? I'd like to add a splash like Buddy et al and a vintage look works better for me than a modern alternative. Let me know oh vintage gurus.
  14. Richie Paradise

    New duco Leedy snare

    Good old Facebook, we have a UK buy sell drums page and i got this delicious 50's? Leedy snare for an absolute score, even came with new Puresounds and a new Aquarian Modern Vintage head. Probably too thin and quiet for my big band but should be good for my lounge/exotica band I'll put some...
  15. Richie Paradise

    Tracking down Big Band scores

    Hello chums, I'm wondering if anyone has any good web links to where i can find some scores for my big band. we're gradually heading further and further back in time and some of the tunes we want to do i can't find on the usual sheet music sites. For example even something quite well known...
  16. Richie Paradise

    Camco Duco snare drum yum yum

    Picked this up for a fair price on Ebay. I prefer these style lugs to the ones that went on to be used by DW which i think are unnecessarily large and ugly. I haven't had much of a play yet but on what i have it has a deep in the pocket sound without much ring. Nice.
  17. Richie Paradise

    Trixon Speedfire in white swirl on t'bay.

    wowser. i don;t like single headed toms but have always fancied one of these for the lounge act i play in...... http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/TRIXON-SPEEDFIRE-RARE-VINTAGE-DRUM-KIT-NO-RESERVE-/290806581965?ssPageName=ADME%3AB%3ASS%3AGB%3A1123 :occasion5:
  18. Richie Paradise

    Big Bands in films?

    my big band rehearse in a cinema/music venue here in Bristol England. We played a gig last year before showing The Artist. anyhow we're doing it all over again and I need a film to show afterwards, anyone got any recommendations? I found this but i do like recommendations...
  19. Richie Paradise

    Leedy Snare score

    Just got this off the bay. I have a similar model in WMP but not in as good condition. Looks good and a pretty fair price too for over here in UK http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=150864113110&ssPageName=ADME:X:RTQ:GB:1123 ;-)
  20. Richie Paradise

    Slingerland BD cymbal holder problem

    i have a mount and a lovely Buddy style 12" L arm cymbal holder to go in it but as soon as i put it in the screw acts as if it is threaded and won;t tighten. It's fine when i remove it. Whagwanan? Ideas?