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  1. ron pangborn

    Nothing more to see here

    is the 10” mahogany stain tom still available?
  2. ron pangborn

    What Was The FIRST Drum Solo That You Listened To Over And Over And Over Again?

    Take 5, then Ringo's solo on Abbey Road
  3. ron pangborn

    Keller mahogany dressed as a ludwig

    Great Drums! I've got a 22, 12, 14 and 16 Keller Vintage Mahoganys. Love em. Here's a few of mine
  4. ron pangborn

    What do you wish you had known when starting out?

    hearing protection...no question about it.
  5. ron pangborn

    New kit! A&F Single-Tension Brass

    Lovely drums. Is this kit featured on any of A&F's vids?
  6. ron pangborn

    RIP D.J.Fontana

    RIP Mr Fontana
  7. ron pangborn


    very cool kit.
  8. ron pangborn

    New Orleans commercial with Johnny Vidacovich

    soulfully cool... ya gotta love Johnny!
  9. ron pangborn

    Cleaning some older 2002s

    Thanks, gents!
  10. ron pangborn

    Cleaning some older 2002s

    Just aquired a few Paiste 2002s, a 22 ride, a 20" crash and a 14' crash. They've spent a lot of time in the basement and need to be cleaned up a bit. Been a Zildjian guy all my life so I'm ignorant in the care and cleaning of 2002 cymbals. What do you Paiste guys use?
  11. ron pangborn

    1930's Carlton Greenwood Pearl Set

  12. ron pangborn

    What if you were to use only one brand of drums and cymbals

    Ludwig and Zildjian
  13. ron pangborn

    Do Cymbals really go bad?

    Ive only owned one cymbal that, to my ears, began to sound less musical, an A Custom 17 crash. I think its lost some of its shimmer. It does make an interesting top hi hat cymbal now, paired with something heavier like a K med crash.
  14. ron pangborn

    15" Paiste Giant Beat Hats

    15" New Beats. Got them in 1991. pics if desired...
  15. ron pangborn

    14x20, 14x18, or BOTH!!! *UPDATE*

    I vote for the 18. If you are going to be using the 18 for the same basic styles you'd use a 22 for, you may want to consider an 18x16. I have both the 18x14 and 18x16 and find that the slightly deeper 18 has a bit more umpff. More useful if I'm looking for that rock thud, just quieter.
  16. ron pangborn

    Oriollo Jazz Kit

    Beautiful. I'm looking forward to hearing them.
  17. ron pangborn

    What are using to suspend you Tom on a snare stand?

    Booty Shakers do it for me. Just spent the week playing a beautiful rentedl Yamaha Absolute Maple kit. I asked for the rack tom to be mounted in a snare stand as I don't like the Yamaha mount system. No Booty Shakers available and I really noticed the loss of sustain. The drum sounded good, but...
  18. ron pangborn

    Timbales in the rack tom position

    Just used this recently. 12" Tama drum set timbale, Black Onyx head tuned way down muffled with some gaff tape, a 16" Premier birch floor tom, Dunnett 13" SS snare and a 26"x10" Ludwig kick. Really fun to play and made me very conscious of how I voiced my fills. Big fun with this "Franken-kit"!
  19. ron pangborn

    Retiring from day gig and just playing drums

    Congratulations! Ive got about 5 more yrs till I can join you. Counting the days.....]
  20. ron pangborn

    Your Opinion on Resonant Floor Tom Feet... Worth The Upgrade?

    I'm a fan of the Booty Shakers. They work exceptionally well. The difference they make is well worth the extra effort of putting them on and taking them off the floor tom legs.