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  1. earteaga

    Robert Cray | San Antonio | October 1

    I have 2 tickets to Robert Cray in San Antonio TX on October 1 at the Jo Long Theatre. I can't make the event, so if you're in San Antone or willing to make the trip, they are yours at no charge. Les Falconer on drums and Richard Cousins on bass. You'll need a Ticketmaster account in order for...
  2. earteaga

    Let's See Those Brass Snare Drums! (now updated with totals by brand... so far!)

    - Ludwig Black Beauty 6.5x14 - Dunnett 2N Antique Brass 6.5x14 - Pork Pie Brass Patina 6.5x14
  3. earteaga

    SOLD: 1966 Ludwig Jazz Fest 5x14 Silver Sparkle

    1966 Ludwig Jazz Fest in Silver Sparkle. Wrap is tight all around and vibrant. The snare is in great condition. I purchased this snare from DFO's Mike Layton in 2016. - P-83 strainer is functioning properly - Puresound wires - New Ambassador batter head - Serial number is 382192 $450 shipped...
  4. earteaga

    SOLD: INDe Brushed Aluminum Snare 5x14

    INDe 5x14 Brushed Aluminum snare in very good condition. There are no issues with this snare. - 8 Low Mass Lugs - Seamless 1mm aluminum shell - Steel flanged hoops $300 shipped to lower 48 only. PayPal only.
  5. earteaga

    SOLD: 1969 Ludwig LM400 Supraphonic 5x14

    1969 Ludwig LM400 Supraphonic with Keystone badge. Drum is in very good condition with minor pitting as is common with these Ludwigs. The resonant side bearing edge has one area of light flaking which does not affect sound or head seating. Light flaking is shown in images of the resonant side...
  6. earteaga

    Coke Bottle Green Ludwig Vistalite

    Chicago Music Exchange is offering a 13/16/22 Ludwig Vistalite kit in an exclusive Coke Bottle Green finish. I think it's a great looking kit. Has Ludwig ever offered this finish before? https://www.chicagomusicexchange.com/products/ludwig-vistalite-131622-3pc-drum-kit-coke-bottle-1426415 -- Eddie
  7. earteaga

    Fantasy Fill-In, One Song, Which Band?

    Heard It On The X - ZZ Top
  8. earteaga

    Ludwig Fetishists, Show Us Your Kits!

    1960 Transition Badge New Yorker in BDP with a '63 floor tom - 22x12, 12x8, 16x16 '70s Vistalite - 22x14, 13x9, 16x16 Mid-2010s Classic maple in Black Galaxy Sparkle - 24x14, 13x9, 16x16 Mid-2010s Classic Maple in Vintage Black Oyster - 22x14, 13x9, 16x16
  9. earteaga

    Let’s see your Band’s bass drum logo head

    Here's a couple of more recent ones. All done by Drumart. -- Eddie
  10. earteaga

    Box for a 24" BD?

    I've shipped drums via Greyhound a few times. Always in heavy cases, like Humes and Berg Enduros. They've always arrived without a scratch. The last ones I shipped went from San Antonio, TX to Kansas City, MO in two days. In that case the drums stayed on the same bus the entire way. Total...
  11. earteaga

    SOLD: Free Dunnett R4L Ludwig style throwoff | Pay shipping

    If you have use for this Dunnett R4L Ludwig style throwoff, it's yours if you pay for shipping. Spacing is adjustable. No issues and in like new condition. First PM gets it. -- Eddie
  12. earteaga

    Let's talk about PA systems...

    I carry two mixers in our racks, a Presonus RML16AI and a QSC Touchmix 30. The main reason for carrying two is in case one dies in the field. The Presonus is rackmounted, with no display. All control is done via tablet, or from a laptop using either wireless or firewire. Wireless is not built...
  13. earteaga

    Ludwig Oyster Black Pearl - worth the 6.5 hour round trip drive!

    I have 8 claws and Ts you're welcome to at no cost. Message me your shipping address and I'll send them out. -- Eddie
  14. earteaga

    Extra storage in Pedal bags/ Cases that double up

    I use a Humes & Berg Galaxy Double Pedal bag to carry two single pedals, extra beaters and other small parts. https://reverb.com/item/861471-humes-berg-galaxy-double-pedal-bag-gl8004 -- Eddie
  15. earteaga

    Acrylic Drums, Love 'Em or Not

    This is my '70s Vistalite kit in solid black. It sounds great, with punch and definition, and most FOH guys tell me the drums are easy to dial in quickly. I swap heads now and then for a different sound, but mainly use Pinstripes for batters and Ambassadors for resonants. There are some...
  16. earteaga

    I mean..I can't even.....SPUT!

    I recently threw an Emad on an out of round 16" Vistalite floor tom. It cured the nasty overtones I was getting from the drum. I wish Remo produced a 16" Powerstroke pro. -- Eddie
  17. earteaga

    In Honor of the DW Acquisition, Lets See Your Slingerland Drum Pics!

    This Conway WMP kit gets quite a bit of gig work. FOH folks always comment that they are easy to mix and sound great. Purchased these from DanRH. -- Eddie
  18. earteaga

    SOLD: Ludwig T-handles

  19. earteaga

    SOLD: Ludwig T-handles

    I have 55 Ludwig T-handles I have no use for. I'm pretty sure I have an original brass washer for all of them. Also included are 14 claws. I don't wanna' mess with breaking them up and shipping them, so if you can use them, it's all yours for $125 shipped. Lower 48 only, PayPal only. -- Eddie
  20. earteaga

    Updating Title: Digital Mixer - Soundcraft Ui16

    I use MikroTik routers for my audio racks, in particular the hAP AC Lite model. They have a small footprint and loaded with features. Range is very good, along with being dual band. Having 5ghz is important due to there being so much traffic on the 2.4ghz band. Amazon has this router selling at...