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  1. 2oo2

    Has A-Custom crash ink design changed over the years?

    FWIW, all A Custom pictures on zildjian.com’s product page show cymbals without the script or Avedis text, so this seems to be the latest variant.
  2. 2oo2

    Has A-Custom crash ink design changed over the years?

    It looks like there are two different variants, one with and other without the “Arabic” script. Not sure which came first (probably the one with the script). Notice also the “Avedis” next to Zildjian.
  3. 2oo2

    Cymbal barking woof woof

    Many Ride cymbals present a “howling” sound when played just around the edge, in fact even Rides you consider great show their uglier side when played this way, but I don’t know if that’s the same as the “barking” sound you refer to.
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    Cymbal placement and size advice

    About cymbal placement, grab the sticks and sweep your arms around the set naturally, without stretching or bending them in a way that becomes uncomfortable. Your cymbals should sit just across that circle. Look at some modern pictures or videos of Dave Weckl, he’s a good example of natural...
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    What’s up with my kids?

    I think kids are good at categorizing things objectively (i.e. this sounds good, this has certain shape or feature) but not subjectively (brand, series, etc.) as the latter is just an arbitrary classification made by adults and doesn’t necessarily describes the instrument. In other words kids...
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    Sabian HHX Manhattan Jazz & more Sabian!

    I played a Manhattan Crash in a shop many years ago, very thin, felt like holding a piece of paper (and sounded just like that but in a beautiful way), complex airy overtones. I think K Custom Darks are drier and somewhat stiffer that Manhattan line, with a more pronounced attack and narrower...
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    Zildjian FX Raw?

    The principle of least effort in action. Next they'll sell you plain ingots branded as "FX raw bells".
  8. 2oo2

    A little assistance on a new cymbal?

    Look into the HHX Extreme or O-Zone Crashes, might be what you're looking for.
  9. 2oo2

    Identifying a cymbal

    That's a nice Splash... I mean Crash (read the size first, sorry :icon_e_biggrin:)
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    Help me pick a 16/17" crash cymbal from my local Drum Store, who are having a sale on certain cymbals:

    The 16" A Custom Fast will be probably the least difficult to match with the 18" HHX Studio, the medium thins might be too heavy. Maybe spend the money in a used cymbal with better chances of playing well with the ones you have?
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    One question and one observation about the Paiste Signature Dry Dark Ride

    Agree, they're pretty hard to find (the 22" particularly), I guess the production run wasn't that big and they'll become collectible with the passing years (if not already). Have not recorded mine but I'm positive it records beautifully as it actually has some wash instead of pure ping, very...
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    I hate touching cymbals with my bare hands

    Yes, cymbals have a distinctive smell, specially when they are old, in fact different alloys have different smells (now we could go one step further and taste them :p). Never have had any allergic reaction when handling them.
  13. 2oo2

    One question and one observation about the Paiste Signature Dry Dark Ride

    The recent thread on Paiste Colorsounds piqued my interest and made me wonder if the Paiste Signature Dry Dark Ride has some kind of paint/color coating, or it’s the result of a special surface treatment or “baking” in the oven. I have the 22” version (picture is a bit old) but can attest the...
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    Zildjian Z Dyno Beat - Which is Top and Bottom?

    My 14” Z Dyno Beat Hi Hat with hex pattern weights 1296 g, just about average for a modern bottom hi hat, apart from its dryness and pinginess (is that even a word)? I don’t feel it’s on the extreme side, I’ve also used it as a top and the sound is pleasant, brighter but not harsh.
  15. 2oo2

    Help with recording cymbal demos (how to?)

    Any relatively recent iPhone can provide a good-enough audio recording, only issue is the low SPL the mic can stand before clipping. I have recorded short videos of my cymbals with an iPhone and the accuracy is pretty good, it captures the sound in a very neutral way, only thing is you need to...
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    Zildjian Z Dyno Beat - Which is Top and Bottom?

    Mine has hexagons.
  17. 2oo2

    Zildjian Z Dyno Beat - Which is Top and Bottom?

    The heaviest would usually be the bottom, but just use them in the way they sound better to you. BTW I have a K/Z combo and the Z also just says “Hi Hat”.
  18. 2oo2

    Before I remove them, anyone recognize these signatures

    No idea about the signatures (maybe the previous owner’s band mates signed all over the cymbal when drunk?) Remove the ink yes, removing that creamy yellow aged tone would be a shame.
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    Paiste 2002 & 505 Black Label Appreciation

    1978 20” Flat Ride, extremely smooth, no harsh metallic overtones
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    Paiste 900 colour sound

    They are just for show, unless you have a very specific purpose like a video production or live performance where visuals matter, there’s no point in getting them for the sound (basically you could get the same effect by using cheap heavy B8 cymbals and tightening the nut pretty hard, or putting...