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    Pearl Drums

    All i can say on the subject is, I've played quite a few drum brands in my career. Owned Ludwig Fibes and DW (in that order. I keep kits) but played many sets belonging to others or backline etc. I noticed at some point that I've never played a Pearl kit that didn't impress or at least please...
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    OT: social media troubles

    It's all about ad revenue just like almost every site on the net.
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    OT: social media troubles

    Huh? Dude... your brilliance must be on a magnitude far above my meager capacity to fathom. Regardless of the spelling.
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    Beater bounce

    The adjustments on the 9000 series pedals can be daunting. Be patient and you will find your sweet spot.
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    Beater bounce

    I neglected the 9000, or 9002 in my case, in my previous post focusing on technique and the reso port. The other thing I did to fix the beater bounce after getting back into playing with my new 20" bass drum was to dig out my old Swivo-Matics to compare settings/feel. I was surprised to find how...
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    Beater bounce

    I've commented on this before and others have said what I'm about to reiterate. I got back into playing in '10 and bought a kit with a 20" bass. I'd always buried and the 20 incher was bouncing Bdddt every note. I ported the reso and run a looser batter than reso but I basically learned to play...
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    Need a drum rug for home kit

    Your question is well addressed above. My take, or parameters, is/are the department store/Home Depot/Lowes area rugs ranging from the $70 coarse indoor outdoor rubber backed ones to the polyethylene faux oriental jobs between $160 and several hundred smackers. I have one of each. Not sure but I...
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    Great Outros

    I always loved the ending of Shapes of Things by The Yardbirds. It ends with mostly the guitar but some of everyone playing a kind of faux echo of fading eighth notes. Not to veer from the outro premise but this song has amazing changes like from the heavy quarter note downbeat verses to the...
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    Best compliment you've received about your drumming?

    I got drafted into playing at my 40th high school reunion in '09. I was pitifully out of shape playing-wise as I hadn't played really in decades. I lived in an apartment at the time without a kit set up and the only way I could rent time on a kit was by taking lessons from a local hot shot at...
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    Sexy Snare Drum Photos

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    DW 9000 Pedal-chain drive or belt drive?

    The 9000s are adjustable almost to the point of insanity! When I first got my 9002s I could hardly play them after previous decades on speed Kings and Swivo-matics. I fiddled...and fiddled...and fiddled some more. I was kinda lost till I dug out my Swivos and found how loose the spring tension...
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    Billy Cobham

    The thing about Billy that has always blown my mind was that although he is perfectly capable of double stroke or closed rolls... he rarely employs them. He is so strong/fast/powerful (did I say strong?) that he does almost all that incredible stuff SINGLE STROKES! Sorry for yelling.
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    Billy Cobham

    Billy and the Mahavishnu Orchestra were a huge influence on me. I bought a double bass six tom clear Fibes kit in the early 70s out of respect for him and because I was in a group in which I was never miced up and I wanted the volume. I've met and spoken and corresponded with him since and as...
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    Gear porn …. Fibes!

    I see you jettisoned the crappy OEM hexagonal tom posts. Excellent move! I have a very similar kit. Also delivered in '73. C. F. Martin, Farmingdale, Long Island vintage. I was never impressed by the shells but especially not impressed by the execution of the edges and the rough welds on the...
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    Ditching the hifi

    Com'on... how can you say any sound comes from one point? (Accept the big bang...doh!) A point is defined as a dimensionless position. Any instrument I listen to, let alone a combination of instruments, is actually emanating from an infinite collection of points. But of course this is silly to...
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    Ditching the hifi

    Not to be a nit picker and/or maybe I didn't pay close enough attention to what you're saying, but are you saying that when I listen to a live performance I don't hear the saxophone player with both ears? Or that all the musicians are really playing in a singularity? Regardless, I totally agree...
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    Neil Peart’s Bubba’s Bar ‘n’ Grill Photo

    Looks like that might not be the first Macallan of the day...
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    I can't play on a different Kit

    Try to chill and enjoy the variety. Music is a living breathing ever changing medium. It's not automated or perfect nor is it meant to be. All part of the humanity... which is to say: revel in the differences between instruments and use it to spur creativity rather than stressing over...
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    Is this normal on Ludwig Black Beauties?

    It seems to me some waviness is inherent due to the fact that the terminal edge of the metal cylinder has been bent inward and therefore compressed. Unless this bending process was executed while the metal was semi-molten/red-hot, and somehow contained that compressed (extra) metal has to go, be...
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    Fibes Snare bumper guard

    Maybe his arms aren't as long as yours.