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  1. Mr B

    Sorting the stencils project...

    Wow! An old post I had forgotten about!
  2. Mr B

    OT: Spring = time for tinkering with bikes :)

    Do it!
  3. Mr B

    Gem of a Bass Part

    That's not me! Just a convenient YT video reference. The only bass i play is struck with a beater. And Hazel is OK with that!
  4. Mr B

    Gem of a Bass Part

  5. Mr B

    O.T. F.Y.I y'all - anyone planning to build a deck?

    I have a slightly OT question in regards to my old house porch restoration project...? Been curious about the pvc trim that is widely available nowadays? Does anyone know if it takes & holds paint well?
  6. Mr B

    Recycling drum stuff

    I used a brake drum from my '67 Mustang to replace the missing center section of an 1870's cast iron garden urn... :p
  7. Mr B

    OMG What mystery Premier tom lug is this?

  8. Mr B

    Better watch this before getting a big head when being able to draw a crowd...

    I sing to my cat all the time, he is not impressed.
  9. Mr B

    Ever craft an inexpensive drum riser?

    Here's one i made fairly inexpensively as i already had some old 3/4" scraps of plywood from an earlier version. Build in 4 easy to transport sections that assemble into a platform 5'3"d x 6'w x 8"t. Lag bolts with the heads cut off that fit into sections of pipe make it rigid enough to be put...
  10. Mr B


    And Elvis!
  11. Mr B

    Please help date & possibly identify this old drum...

    Just got some feedback from them after suggesting a look inside, and it does have a label- "Emil Wulschner and Sons Music Dealers Indianapolis"
  12. Mr B

    Please help date & possibly identify this old drum...

    A friend of mine owns this antique bass drum. I don't know the wood type or the lay up but it is appox 27" I suspect it's from the late Victorian era and is missing the original rope & tensioners. Those hoop claws are probably the best clue. But i'd love to hear other and better informed...
  13. Mr B

    What Are Your Favorite Car Years?

    I think I like them all. But the stuff from the very beginning pioneer/horseless buggy era fascinates me the most. I'm really intrigued by the idea of guys making something from nothing, by hand and with no guide to follow.
  14. Mr B

    OT: Blind Faith Cover

    Interesting, I always assumed the jet airplane was a 1956 Chevy hood ornament...
  15. Mr B

    OT: Am I crazy - ride an 883 Sportster across the country?

    If the bike checks out I think someday you'll regret not doing it- Never pass up an opportunity for a adventure!!! Some inspiration---> https://www.atlasobscura.com/articles/retracing-the-first-forgotten-motorcycle-ride-across-america
  16. Mr B

    Gig Video, Band's First Time Out

    I like the posters you've been putting on FB too!
  17. Mr B

    Prayers needed for fellow Drum Brother, Chris Jensen

    Oh No!!!!!
  18. Mr B

    2019 Chicago Drum Show Roll Call!

    I haven't been in a couple of years but may ride over for Saturday afternoon with "Uncle Ike"...
  19. Mr B

    The Official 2019 WHITE MARINE PEARL Thread... Post Em' Up!

    White Marine Pearl Pearl's (1969 Phenolic shelled President's)
  20. Mr B

    Saviors of Rock and Roll, Rival Sons

    These guys-