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    Any blind or visually impaired drummers out there?

    There's a blind drummer in Alameda, CA. He used to come to sit in at a blues gig I used to play there. I'd remind him that there was only one cymbal, no toms, and most important, tell him that there was a cord running from the throne post to the bass drum on both sides of the pedal to hold the...
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    New NSMD Article - Stop Sign Badge Era Gretsch Finishes

    Yes, that looks like Antique Maple to me too.
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    New NSMD Article - Stop Sign Badge Era Gretsch Finishes

    Good point! I guess Antique Maple is even rarer than I thought, so maybe some folks would be interested to see it. Sometime in the next few months I'm going to pull them out of the closet and refurb them. I'll get my son over to take some pics.
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    New NSMD Article - Stop Sign Badge Era Gretsch Finishes

    Well, to lump Antique Maple in with regular Maple is like putting Burnt Orange in with Rosewood. I don't think people expect to see Antique Maple often, it does seem to be a very rare finish. But I do think it should be at least mentioned, not treated as if it never existed. I understand now...
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    New NSMD Article - Stop Sign Badge Era Gretsch Finishes

    I guess Antique Maple is listed under "unknown" or "undetermined." I bought new Antique Maple 12/13/14/16/22 in 1978 from Don Weir's Music City in San Francisco. At that time they also had a 12/14/18 kit on the floor, I think I took the 14 floor tom from that set. I later saw a 12/14/20 kit in...
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    Two Sets No Rehearsal

    I absolutely relate; have had similar experiences too often. If they could (if only they knew how) prioritize the tricky stuff and let you know the easy stuff it'd be a lot easier to get through. Like: A, B, and C are no problem, but you should look at X and Y. And don't you love it when you...
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    Direct Center of Drum Head

    I'm pretty sure a center hole, even if the same diameter, will sound different than an offset hole. I notice that Charlie Watts used a center hole in his more recent live gigs with the Stones. As did Steve Jordan with the same band, at least in the pics I've seen.
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    Lightweight, Small Kit Needed

    If you can live with single heads, that might be the way to go. 10/13 toms, and 16 bass drums just don't work for me. I got a Pearl Rhythm Traveler a month ago, the old one with 10/12/14 single headed toms, 5" deep; and a 8x20 bass. I'm running the bass single headed, no case. I can put the...
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    Gretsch USA Customs 20,10,12,14Ft New

    Where are you located?
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    Taking the batter head off?

    Maybe he's worried the heads will tighten up from the weather, so he's de-tuning them the way one would do with calf heads....
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    Famous or touring drummers who use only edrums for large venues?

    I'm a little surprised about this. I thought quite a lot of guys were triggering, am I wrong about that? Since drums are close-miced and run through the PA, they often don't sound like real acoustic drums anyway. The balance is not natural; kick drums are mixed WAY hotter than in "real life."...
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    Cleaning drum heads

    I just cleaned my 12/14 and 12/15 sets; re-headed the snares tho'...cleaned my most used cymbals too, and bought new clean sticks. I have to use wax on my sticks, which gets gunk all over heads, rims and cymbals And, I use coated heads and play A LOT of brushes. My heads were absolutely filthy.
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    Joe Dukes w/Jack McDuff - Camco

    The great Joe Dukes playing Camcos with Brother Jack McDuff, France, 1964
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    Hardware/"trap case" recommendations.

    A dolly is a wheeled cart. First split your load into two cases. Then get a cart or hand truck. Lot's of guys use the Rock N' Roller carts, but there are many options.
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    Suggestion For Drum Wrapping Service in Northern California

    Try calling Dubs Drum Basement in Dublin, CA. He may be able to recommend someone.
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    18” Tom head on bass drum

    The "flesh" hoop on bass drum heads is wider than on tom heads. So, if your bass rims are oversize, or out of round, you might have problems. Just be careful when installing to be sure the rims contact the flesh hoop all the way around.
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    Does this Tom Mount Configuration Exist?

    Ah, I get it now. I have no experience with 3/4" tom tubes, so I don't know what's out there. Seems like matching up the ratchet tilters might be really hard; difficult to try them all out. Do you still have the Sonor tom tubes? You could maybe shim them out with short lengths of 7/8" tube on...
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    Does this Tom Mount Configuration Exist?

    I understand the 7/8" down tube part, but what is a 3/4" mounting arm? Do you mean a 3/8" rod? What kind of mount is on the tom?
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    Jazz Drummers

    Some other Bay Area guys of note: Eddie Moore Richie Goldberg KJAZZ and KCSM DJ Bud Spangler was a good drummer too Pete Escovido and his family Vince Lateano Gaylord Birch Akira Tana
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    Zildjian K Custom ride

    Are you sure that's a K Custom Medium ride? The top looks un-lathed, like the regular K Custom Ride. It also seems heavier than the K Custom Medium ride, again more like the K Custom Ride. The Medium is lathed on the top, and is lighter than the Custom. Good luck.