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  1. brianb

    New drum day!

    Beautiful kit, I love the finish. Congratulations!
  2. brianb

    Ordered a new kit today

    Congratulations, that’s a beautiful kit. Enjoy every minute playing it.
  3. brianb

    OT - Anyone a drummer AND a Motorcyclist?

    08 Softail Deluxe, 93 Softail Nostalgia, and my sons 19 Sportster 48. I’ve been into bikes my entire life. My previous career was managing H-D dealerships and owning a couple of my own custom dealerships. Motorcycles make me happy!
  4. brianb

    Back in the Gretsch fold

    Congratulations! That’s a gorgeous kit and they’ll sound fantastic. Enjoy them
  5. brianb

    26" Bass Drum!?!? Where have you been all my life...

    I love my 26’s!
  6. brianb

    Resurrecting a Chrome Over Six Ply Kit

    Nice work! Those look killer. I’ve always wanted a chrome over wood kit and just haven’t done it yet. Your kit might just push me over the edge.
  7. brianb

    OT: Anyone into cars?

    Cars, trucks, and motorcycles are my other passion besides playing drums. I love this thread.
  8. brianb

    About to have an interesting drum build

    Yes sir! There were two in the warehouse. He kept one and I bought the other. I had wanted one of those kits forever. Couldn’t believe it when he told me what he’d found. Keep us posted on your build, it’s going to be super cool.
  9. brianb

    About to have an interesting drum build

    That kit will be killer! Those shells sound fantastic, you’ll love them. Great choice on the wrap too, I look forward to seeing it finished. John is a great guy and has turned into a good friend. I bought an NOS Gene Krupa kit from him the same day he got the warehouse. It was all in the boxes...
  10. brianb

    Steve Gadd rehearsing

    Great video, thanks for sharing. I love the white kit too. I’m pretty excited as I’ve never got to see him play live but will finally get to this Saturday in St. Louis. My old bass player (and good friend) drives the bus that Steve is on and got me tickets for the show. I can’t wait.
  11. brianb

    NOS drummer making a comeback saying hi

    Welcome to the forum!
  12. brianb

    WAY OT: My new built in grill

    Congratulations! That’s awesome. Have fun and enjoy
  13. brianb


    I’ve always enjoyed his playing. Great drummer and cool kits. Plus, he’s a Ludwig and Paiste guy so what’s not to like.
  14. brianb

    John Bonham - The Beast - Book Review

    My copy came in the mail today. Looking forward to reading it.
  15. brianb

    What pedal are you using?

    DW5000A. I’ve tried a bunch of different pedals including the DW9000, Trick, and others but I always come back to my trusty 5000. It just feels right.
  16. brianb

    Poll: What Size Bass Drum do you Prefer?

    My 26x14’s are my favorite, but my 24x14’s are a very close second.
  17. brianb

    New Kit Day!

    Beautiful kit! Congratulations
  18. brianb

    The last of the GOATs

    Carmine Appice, Peter Criss