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  1. Bronzepie

    Help with recording cymbal demos (how to?)

    The MV88 plus is a capsule that mounts onto a smart phone clamp and also uses a cable to connect to the phone. It allows you to use a longer cable if you wish and some degree of swivel, where as the MV88 mounts directly to the port on the phone and the mics are in a fixed position. Also, the...
  2. Bronzepie

    What would be, for lack of a better term, the "big fifth" of cymbal companies?

    Perhaps I spoke too quickly and with bias. Bosphorus, I would agree with you. In the Asian arena, yeah, it’s Wuhan for sales volume. Koide although small has a strong edge in regards to quality standards that is on par with the larger western companies.
  3. Bronzepie

    Help with recording cymbal demos (how to?)

    Personally I like the Shure MV88 Plus. It’s affordable, the app lets you control input parameters, EQ, compression etc., monitor the sound live. You’ll end up using it for many other purposes once your cymbals are sold.
  4. Bronzepie

    What would be, for lack of a better term, the "big fifth" of cymbal companies?

    As a future 5th, I’d throw Koide Cymbals into the mix. In terms of sales percentages in the USA or Europe, Koide has little to no percentage as of now, but in terms of being an innovative and established company by modern standards, Koide may fit in the mix in a few years. Koide has only been...
  5. Bronzepie

    Paul Francis Cymbal Craftsman

    Timothy Roberts recently posted a 2.5 hour interview with Paul on his YouTube channel…
  6. Bronzepie

    Will cymbal trends ever lean towards the 40's/50's Zildjian A sound?

    It’s coming back around, I’m seeing a move towards cleaner sounding cymbals and slightly heavier weights, as in thin and complex cymbals trending to medium thin and mediums with a more traditional vibe. Maybe more of a trend correction than an actual trend. Too early to say, but I’m getting...
  7. Bronzepie

    How do I clean a cymbal

    White vinegar and a bit of dish soap, rinse really well and towel dry. Only for non coated cymbals. It’s mild, won’t bring it to a blinding shine, just freshens it up without the mess of polishing. Won’t hurt logos.
  8. Bronzepie

    Ballpeens and Bronze

    Nicky Moon is starting a 5 day class. That would get you past the lone wolf learning curve.
  9. Bronzepie

    Ballpeens and Bronze

    Be careful with underside hammering, you can create lots of nasty situations. There’s not much reversing what you do in this craft. Every hammer blow against an anvil spreads the bronze outward so keep that in mind. Looks like you’re hitting pretty hard. Your end goal dictates your hammering...
  10. Bronzepie

    NAMM 2022 expectations?

    This will be my first CA. NAMM as an exhibitor with Koide Cymbals. Last year’s PASIC was missing several of the big companies. The up side is that the smaller venders got a foothold with both retailers and floor sales. It also made people stretch out and visit booths they otherwise might have...
  11. Bronzepie

    Achievement unlocked —> K Dark Thin

    Are you looking for a 22 K Dark Thin?
  12. Bronzepie

    Hammering a blank

    A 21 might just be better, it shapes up more slowly, a 16 could whip into some shape, good or badly so fast you might not have time to see it coming. Maybe not easier at least slower. Don’t use a hammer face that makes deep dents, it’ll move the bronze quickly, I feel you need one that’s...
  13. Bronzepie

    Altering cymbals with gaffers tape

    Are the overtones coming from around the area around the bell/upper shoulder? Usually the culprit and relatively easy to remove. Talk to a cymbalsmith.
  14. Bronzepie

    Are your small gigs worth it anymore?

    The times are just different. 25 years ago I could easily get a gig and get $200 plus per man for a weekday gig in a sports bar playing jazz. Now it’s a good gig at $100 a man on a weekend at an upscale vineyard…and a much better band. Variables galore, but that’s the average anymore. Time to...
  15. Bronzepie

    Are your small gigs worth it anymore?

    On a spread sheet, almost no gig is “worth it” in the weekend warrior context. Two hot backup vocalist is the best way to bump your band’s pay scale.
  16. Bronzepie

    Modern cymbal makers making K clones

    Jesse Simpson and Alexino Cech are two that focus on the old K niche in particular.
  17. Bronzepie

    Cymbalsmiths Reworking old As

    I’ve modified several older A’s from the 60’s forward. Mostly heavy and perhaps not so great sounding ones or real dogs. I’ll dissuade someone with an already great vintage A, 50’s-60’s, from modifying it to just go buy what they’re truly after. It’s vintage after all. Their value will swing...
  18. Bronzepie

    What are you using to weigh cymbals?

    I have this one too, works fine. Cheap. I’m usually within 10g of other folks scales. Fine for cymbals.
  19. Bronzepie

    Modern cymbal makers making K clones

    Alexino Cech is focused on old K style cymbals. Find him on YouTube. He’s sold to some notable players.