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  1. bjornk

    Happy birthday to all turning 41 today

    I see 1568 members are celebrating theire 41 birthday today, congrats to you all. :occasion5: Funny things can happen with these automatic settings in the software :icon_smile:
  2. bjornk

    Kat, just bought Bun E snare #59

    I've just given myself a christmas present. Been looking at the Bun E Carlos snare for some time and finally bought one of two in my local drumshop. I bought #59 and #70 is still in the shop. So one is here with me in Bergen, Norway and have traveled a long way :-)
  3. bjornk

    Roc-n-soc Hugger - Measurements

    I want to buy a Roc-n-soc throne but I'm not sure which seat will be best for me. I'm a small guy with a small bottom :icon_smile: . I haven't been able to find any place that have the measures for the different seats (depht and width) on the internet (the roc-n-soc site is down and Gibraltar...
  4. bjornk

    Need help with drum on ebay.

    I've been looking for a 22" Ludwig bassdrum in champagne sparkle for some time and now this turned up on ebay http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=250633592774&ssPageName=ADME:X:RTQ:US:1123 . I've got a nice selection of Ludwig champagne sparkles but need a 22". The seller won't...
  5. bjornk

    Ludwig website sloooooooow.

    I've tried to visit Ludwigs webpages before but didn't have the patients to wait. Today I wanted to test how long it'll take to load the frontpage and it took 6 minutes and 57 seconds. I wanted to click on the "Ludwig gear" link but it wasn't active untill the whole page had loaded. The "Ludwig...
  6. bjornk

    15" black label sound edge

    After seing this on ebay http://cgi.ebay.com/...id=p3286.c0.m14 I had to dig out my 2002 Paiste 15" black label sound edge hi-hat to try to identify their year of birth. Can anyone here help? The numbers are 032568 and 032569, the stamps on the cymbals are exactly the same and placed at the same...
  7. bjornk

    Max Weinberg has left Springsteen?

    I have tickets for a concert with Bruce Springsteen 10. june in my hometown. I now read in the local paper that Max Weinberg has left Springsteen to take over "the tonight show" after Jay Leno. Weinbergs son Jay has taken over the drums with Springsteen. Can anyone confirm this?
  8. bjornk

    Strange answer in Modern drummer

    I pulled out an old of Modern drummer, December '92. And read an answer in the "It's questionable" coloumn that made me confused. I quote the Q and A: Q: "I have just purchased a set of Ludwig drums that, according to the stamp, were manufactured in 1960. I have a few questions about them...
  9. bjornk


    Found this over at mikedolbear enjoy http://www.youtube.c...h?v=SqA292l9Kng
  10. bjornk

    DW Timbre Matching-Year?

    It's not quite vintage yet but maybe someone here knows. What year did DW start to stamp the note inside the shells?
  11. bjornk

    My champagne sparkle Luddys

    I've taken some pictures of my collection of Ludwig Champagne sparkles drums. Unfortunately the pictures are a bit dark but I post some anyway. I need to take them outside to get some better pictures but right now the weather is to cold and rainy. My collection started with a set containing of...
  12. bjornk

    Gretsch 70's?

    I might have a chance of buying these Gretsch drums, I've only seen some photos and need your insight and opinions. Sizes are 22", 12, 13 and 16. No snare. They are pretty much scratched. Is this a -70's Gretsch? How much would these go for in the states?
  13. bjornk

    Size of tension rods - 60's Ludwig 13"

    I've just bought a -68 Ludwig 13" tom, but miss 6 tension rods and suspect that the 6 rods that are on the tom aren't the right ones. What are the right measure for rods used on this tom?
  14. bjornk

    Ply question on Ludwig 10"

    I posted the process of rewrapping these in the Builders section. But haven't got an answer on my question on plys. They are converted concert tosm. The 8" is from early -70's and 3-ply (?), but the 10" has a 7 digit #, are thin, have re-rings and sharper edges then the 8". The inside of the...
  15. bjornk

    Rewrapped 8"&10" Luddy concert toms

    Just wanted to show my last project. I've wanted to add 8" and 10" toms to my -60's Champagne sparkle Ludwig for some time now and when Drumjinx got his hands on the old wraps I saw a chance to finally do it. I found a pair of converted Ludwig concert toms and was lucky that Drumjinx lived...
  16. bjornk

    What is it with the Rolling Stones?

    I have no records of them, really don't like to listen to their records. I've just seen "Shine a light" and I'm amazed! :? Don't understand it, I have never liked their music but still I'm sitting here with a big smile on my face after the movie? Charlie Watts is playing great and so do the...
  17. bjornk

    Adapter for Ludwig 60's bassdrum spurs to modern

    I want to use my 60's Ludwigs as my main set but the bassdrum is not sturdy enough. I want to use the newer generic (Pearl?) bassdrum spurs but I don't want to drill new holes. I have an idea for an adapter for attaching modern bassdrum spurs to the two holes on 60's Ludwig bassdrums, but want...
  18. bjornk

    Rogers for nothing?

    I was watching this http://cgi.ebay.com/...BayISAPI.dll?Vi ... NA:US:1123 , but didn't pay attention of when it ended, so I was a sleep (time difference) :cry: . So what happened here? Is there anything wrong with this set? Is the american economy an issue here (bank going under)? Anyway, I'm...
  19. bjornk

    Slingerland bassdrum on ebay

    Can anyone look at this bassdrum and give me some thoughts on the repairs? I want to put together a set in black sparkle and like the sound of the old Slingerland bassdrums. http://cgi.ebay.com/...BayISAPI.dll?Vi ... AQ:US:1123