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  1. Stpdrummer

    K. Zildjian Istanbul 14" New Stamp Hi Hats 834/868g

    This is a fantastic pair of 14” K Zildjian Istanbul New Stamp hi hats. Weights are 834/868g. They are in great shape with a healthy amount of patina. Great weights. Strong signatures and “MEDIUM” ink stamp on both cymbals. Perfect jazz hi hats. Asking $800 shipped.
  2. Stpdrummer

    PUG Cymbals 19" Crash Ride 1670g - $350 Shipped

    This is a beautiful 19” PUG cymbal from Australia. Weight is 1670g. Hand formed low bell. Excellent left side ride or main ride cymbal. Beautiful hammering on this one. Asking $350 shipped.
  3. Stpdrummer

    20” Yamamoto Manabu ARTCYMBAL 1866g - $850 Shipped

    This is a fantastic 20” Yamamoto Manabu ARTCYMBAL. Weight is 1866g. Yamamoto makes cymbals from Turkish blanks that are completely made by hand. Excellent craftsmanship. These cymbals are top notch and works of art. Asking $850 shipped which is a lot less than I paid.
  4. Stpdrummer

    SOLD 22” Kruno Levacic Ride Cymbal 2280g

    SOLD This is an ultra rare 22” Kruno Levacic ride cymbal. Weight is 2280g. Beautiful hammering and lathing on this handmade cymbal. Named “Inspiration” by Kruno. This cymbal is truly a joy to play. Asking $900 shipped which is a lot less than I paid.
  5. Stpdrummer

    Pre-Serial Ludwig Supraphonic questions

    I recently picked up a pre-serial Ludwig Supraphonic snare drum. I believe it’s COB based on my research but I am not a Ludwig expert. Can anyone help me verify it? The muffler seems to be set up upside down so it is engaged when it is turned down (6 o’clock). It’s clean with just some minor...
  6. Stpdrummer

    SOLD 22” Netanel Essabag Cymbal 2302g - Soundfile added

    SOLD This is a custom made 22” Netanel Essabag cymbal that weighs 2302g. It is partially lathed and has a semi-dry and dark sound with plenty of nice stick on top. Netanel is an Israeli cymbalsmith that makes some unique cymbals. $300 shipped.
  7. Stpdrummer

    SOLD 22” Craig Lauritsen Spizz Clone Overhammered 2414g

    SOLD This is an awesome 22” Craig Lauritsen Spizz Clone Overhammered that weighs 2414g. Drilled for (1) rivets that is currently installed. This has a slight patina applied from Craig and he did some over hammering on the bottom. Beautiful well balanced tone. $650 shipped.
  8. Stpdrummer

    SOLD 22” Craig Lauritsen Rustico ET 2270g Cymbal

    SOLD This is a beautiful 22” Craig Lauritsen Rustico ET cymbal that weighs 2270g. It’s drilled for (3) rivets with one currently installed. It’s in great shape and sounds fantastic. $640 shipped.
  9. Stpdrummer

    Vintage Players Kit - Extra holes, re-wrap, etc.

    I'm looking for a vintage player condition drumset. I'd like to keep it under $800. Extra holes, re-wrap, etc. are fine. I'm just looking for tone. Let me know what you have!
  10. Stpdrummer

    Handmade Hi Hats (Lauritsen, Funch, Etc.)

    I'm looking for a pair of handmade Turkish style hi hats (Lauritsen, Funch, etc.) 14" thin weights preferred. Let me know what you have!
  11. Stpdrummer

    SOLD GMS Super Vintage 5.5x14” Snare Drum

    SOLD This is a rare GMS Super Vintage 5.5x14” snare drum. 6 ply maple with 8 ply reinforcing rings. Rounded bearing edges on top and 45 degree edge on bottom. 8 lug lacquer finish. Vintage tone with modern improvements. These don’t come up often. $400 shipped.
  12. Stpdrummer

    SOLD Tama Roadpro Boom Stand

    SOLD This is a lightly used Tama Roadpro Boom Cymbal Stand. Model number HC83BW. This is an excellent boom cymbal stand that can be converted to a straight stand as well. Quick set tilter, nylon washers, quick set cymbal mate, glide tite grip joints. Great Tama quality. I can do a package...
  13. Stpdrummer

    SOLD Tama Roadpro Double Tom Stand

    SOLD This is a like new Tama Roadpro Double Tom Stand. Model number HTW839W. It has the stilt system and individually adjustable arm heights. It’s only been setup for pictures. Save a ton on a nearly new stand. Asking $140 shipped.
  14. Stpdrummer

    SOLD Tama Roadpro Low Double Tom Stand - 4 Legs

    SOLD This is a like new Tama Roadpro Low Double Tom Stand. Model number HTW849W. Still has the original tag on it. Only setup for pictures. Save a ton on this awesome stand. Asking $130 shipped. I can do a package deal to save on shipping if you are interested in the Tama boom stand I have...
  15. Stpdrummer

    SOLD Tama Starclassic Maple MIJ Drumset - Local Pickup $850

    SOLD This is a rare set of Tama Starclassic Maple drums made in Japan in the 1990’s. Sizes are 8x10, 9x12, 11x14, 13x16, 16x22”. Finish is British racing green with gold plated die cast hoops. Shells are very thin all maple. These drums are very Gretsch like. All toms have the Star mounting...
  16. Stpdrummer

    SOLD 14” Sabian Regular Hi Hats 1980’s 907/1352g - $125 shipped.

    SOLD This is a pair of 1980’s 14” Sabian Regular hi hats. Weights are very nice at 907/1352g. Classic hi hat tones. Versatile, crisp, and dynamic. They are in great a shape with just some stick marks. Asking $125 shipped.
  17. Stpdrummer

    SOLD 18” Zildjian Armand Medium Thin Crash Cymbal

    SOLD This is a great sounding 18” Zildjian Armand Series medium thin crash cymbal. Weight is 1399g. It’s a very dynamic cymbal and has a classic crash sound. Great condition with just some stick marks. Asking $165 shipped.
  18. Stpdrummer

    SOLD K Zildjian 22” Ride Cymbal - $250 Shipped

    SOLD This is a newer K Zildjian 22” Ride cymbal. Weight is 3159g. It’s a great all around ride cymbal with a tone that is not too dark or bright. Perfect stick to wash ratio and a very nice bell. It‘s in excellent condition with just a few very minor edge marks as shown. Asking $250 shipped.
  19. Stpdrummer

    SOLD Tama 6.5x14” Bronze Snare Drum

    SOLD This is a killer sounding Tama 6.5x14” Bronze snare drum. It features brass mighty hoops. It’s in great condition with some slight tarnishing in a few areas. Overall it is very clean. It has a very nice warm and articulate sound. Extremely versatile. These don’t show up too often...
  20. Stpdrummer

    SOLD 14" Zildjian 1950's Small Stamp Thin/Medium Hi Hats 693/824g

    SOLD This is a unique set of 14" Zildjian 1950's Small Stamp hi hats. Top cymbal is marked "Thin" and bottom cymbal is marked "Medium". They look like they have been matched together for a long time. Weights are 693/824g. The top "Thin" cymbal has hammering and lathing that look more like...