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  1. Joe A

    Finally found a slew of Regal Tip Silhouettes, with a surprise!

    I'm pleased with it. I wish I had it years ago when I was brushing a lot. It can serve as a practice pad AND an instrument. With sticks, it does well with a bit of dampening, and I'd imagine it mics up nicely—I'll need to try that.
  2. Joe A

    Finally found a slew of Regal Tip Silhouettes, with a surprise!

    After like a year and a half, I finally have a workable supply of sticks in a rare size! Not that workable, maybe... they're pretty much good for playing quiet; loud playing will break them, and I've had a wood turner refuse to facsimile them due to their diameter. I've been looking for the old...
  3. Joe A

    Ludwig Snare WeatherMaster Mediums...WoW!

    Good news! I've some LMs that could use the "proper" head. I'd thought these were done.
  4. Joe A

    R.O.C. drums (seen in an 80s MD ad)—what were they?

    Thanks for that! It seems that the manufacturers have branched out a bit, but it would still be nice to have this company around today. I remember reading here a while back that Quan's entire lot of supplies was for sale on Craigslist. A real trove THAT looked to be.
  5. Joe A

    Steve Gadd Drum Sticks

    Always had a soft spot for them, even though they're a touch short. Still a nice feel. I actually want to find an older pair of them from back when the tip was slightly rounded, but I think Vater does a similar model...perhaps what it used to be.
  6. Joe A

    What stick do you wish they would make ?

    LAR sticks, mentioned upthread, has a 15A template. I was going to get a pair just before his saw broke (and was subsequently repaired), and I haven't gotten around to it yet.
  7. Joe A

    What stick do you wish they would make ?

    I like the pool cue idea!
  8. Joe A

    What stick do you wish they would make ?

    And as far as sticks that I wish they'd make: I wish Regal Tip could make the Silhouette again, at least by special order—they were essentially 7/16 timbale sticks with a taper and a tip glued on. Here's one compared to an Elvin Jones 7A, itself a tiny stick!
  9. Joe A

    What stick do you wish they would make ?

    The SD3 was the Thunder Rock; essentially a maple marching stick. I found a NOS pair, in the plastic sleeve, at a small music store last year in Yukon.
  10. Joe A

    Switching from Chain Drive pedals...

    I'd agree, but we all have different feet. Plus, the strap won't ruin your shoes like a chain. That was another thing that got me liking straps that I remembered.
  11. Joe A

    Switching from Chain Drive pedals...

    I'd played chain drives for years, beginning with an old CB one, then replacing that one with a second generation Iron Cobra that I figured would be my last pedal. Then, I'd sit in on kits at friend's houses and stores with strap pedals on them. At first blush, I thought they were outmoded...
  12. Joe A

    Anyone know about the date of this Olympic scotch bass drum?

    Thanks for the info! I'm actually interested in the drum, but I hope you find something fast! I'm not sure about whether it's pre-international or not. It did cross my mind. The Lyra head (which someone told me was Japanese) as well as the old Elkhart calf head leads me to think that it's to a...
  13. Joe A

    Anyone know about the date of this Olympic scotch bass drum?

    And any other particulars, perhaps? I found this at Goodwill just now for cheap, and it appears to have served as decoration for at least part of its life. I know that Olympic was Premier's value brand.
  14. Joe A

    I've been watching Leland Sklar's Youtube videos

    I was wondering why his videos started appearing all of a sudden in my feed. I'd offer that the, er, aftermarket-decorative nature of his bass might lead some to suggest that it records better than it looks, but I don't care what he thinks if he's spouting all of his knowledge about music. The...
  15. Joe A

    Beater Patch Recommendations?

    A great idea! And, with regarding "the nature of" and "depending", I'll say both. Certainly how is a factor, but in any case the beater is striking the same place every time.
  16. Joe A

    Beater Patch Recommendations?

    It's going to be really hard to prevent SOME denting with the nature of how the bass drum is played. Anything that won't dent will also influence the sound of the drum, for better or worse. I've had great success and only mild denting (but I'm not a lead-foot) with the Remo Falam Slam patches...
  17. Joe A

    Removing the bearings and camshaft on a c. 1980 DW 5000

    Adding technical information for posterity: I've decided to service or replace the bearings on another vintage 5000 I picked up the other week (these older ones are 1/4" x 11/16" x 1/4" as noted on a different forum; I ordered a couple at 6 bucks and will find out the hard way if this is...
  18. Joe A

    DW 5000 pedal remove sprocket?

    I converted my 1980 sprocket to strap drive the other month. It took a soak in mineral spirits for a day, then a hammering with a rubber mallet to loosen things, and then putting the thing in a vise and using a screwdriver as a crowbar between the bearing piece and the goalpost. Go slow, and...
  19. Joe A

    Cymbals for Country Music?

    Oh, it's been around for years. Can't tell you the tunes off the top of my head, but I know I've heard it.