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    SOLOing over Tennesse Whiskey ?

    I've recently taken some gigs with artists I've never played with & have been asked, or should I say put on the spot to take a drum solo over Tennessee Whiskey & other 6/8 - 12/8 Shuffle Blues type songs. It just doesn't feel natural or make sense to take a solo on these types of songs, but...
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    Help me ID this Snare Stand por favor.

    I'm pretty sure this is a Pearl Snare Stand, but I've never seen this model before. It's got a quick release basket & is pretty darn solid. Any idea what model this may be? Thanks in advance -John
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    Tama NEO Mod Kit.

    Looking for a Tama Neo Mod Kit... What have ya got? I'm open to trades or straight sale...
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    BEST SNARE(s) for OUTDOOR GIGS? 1) Mic'd 2) Un-Mic'd...

    For me drum sound is venue specific. In or Out doors..small room vs. BIG room.. obviously sound system & mic's make a huge difference.. I'm trying to narrow it down to specifically outdoor gigs & possibly get a Version 1 (un-Mic'd small gig) & 2 (Mi'c'd - with a proper Outdoor PA BIG System...
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    What's the Piccolo Snare Holy Grail?

    Funny how we take in music in random ways... Recently while shopping I've noticed a lot of songs with cranked up high pitched snares..piccolos I'm assuming... While these aren't my home base, I really love 4x14's..truly believe they're a magical size for snares... Having said this...I wonder...
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    Ringo Teaching Online Drum Lessons

    Ringo is teaching online lessons...Well, Master Class. ;-) https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/ringo-starr-launches-online-class-184435284.html
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    Pearl Travel Conga

    I'm looking for some Pearl Travel Congas, specifically the Quinto - 11" & Tumba 12.%" - Anyone have some they'd set free?
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    Drum T-Shirts - Used / Vintage

    I have several Drum T's I've collected over the years that aren't being worn so I've decided to set them free & raise some holiday funds. Maybe some of you here would like them?? Prices include shipping to lower 48. See Pix & feel free to ask any questions :cool: DFO - XL - NEARLY NEW - $14...
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    WTD: 15" - 6 lug hoop(s)

    I've got a 4x15" Ludwig 6 lug NOB snare I'm looking to try some different hoops on. It currently has clips w/ straight hoops. I'd love a set of Triple Flange NOB hoops to match, but I'm open to other options. Whatcha got??? Thanks -John
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    Snare misfiring...Why?

    I've recently been performing on a Yamaha DTX760K Electronic Drum Set that is a the backline house kit. I'm not super knowledgeable about edits but this is a high end kit. I'm having a problem the snare missing a trigger every so often. I'll be playing a simple 2 & 4 back beat groove & it...
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    SOLD.....NORD 3P Modeling Percussion Synthesizer

    Nord Drum 3P Modeling Percussion Synthesizer - In Excellent / MINT PERFECT WORKING Condition. Comes with all the original materials, power cord, international adapters, & mounting bracket. Just like NEW...SEE PICS... $575 Shipped!
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    YOUR...Favorite HARDWARE Case & Why???

    Yep, it's weird to LOVE a case, but I know we all do when it's THE right one that is brilliant in design & makes life better... So... I ask...What is YOUR favorite case for hardware or items requiring wheels & Why??? I have a crazy idea regarding cases & in particular larger ones that...
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    WANTED: Gig Bags for a Vintage Kit

    Looking for a set of Gig Bags for a Vintage Rogers kit... Sizes 8x12, 16x16, 14x22. I also have a 9x13 but bag isn't necessary as it often stays home. I'm looking for Protection Racket, AHEAD, or Similar Quality.. Whatcha Got?
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    Steve Gadd Live @ MIM Phoenix this Tuesday

    On my recent trip to the MIM (Music Instrument Museum) in Phoenix, I noticed that Steve Gadd is playing live there this coming week. It's a bummer I'm gonna have to miss it but figured I'd share with you all here in hopes someone catches the show & reports back. Tix are cheap too...
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    Covering Kit & Percussion Simultaneously

    I'm curious how you guys / gals approach playing songs that require both Drum Kit & Perscussion Parts that interact & need to be played in tandem. As in you play double duty & cover both parts. Example..play Santana Black Magic Woman as the only drummer/percussionist handling both roles.
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    Wishing All Merry Christmas w/ this :-)

    Merry Christmas everybody! I hope you all can be with the ones you love. This is an original song & video from my band. Hope you enjoy it :-)
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    Improving or Overplaying?

    I've often found myself at an impasse...that being improving as a drummer & how to appropriately apply those improvements... I know this comes down to taste, but so much of what i come across as learning drum skills has zero to do with real world drumming skills..at least if you want to actually...
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    GRETSCH Ebony / Dark Walnut Lacquer Singles

    I'm looking for Square Badge, SSB, or Drop G Ebony Lacquer Singles drums...Dark Walnut may even work too...10, 12, Toms, 14 FT, 24 Kick, etc.. What do you have? Thanks -John :-)
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    Ludwig Heads on Ludwig NOB Snares..or any Snare...

    I've got Big Love for Ludwig NOB snares & recently acquired this 4x14...6 lugger... I actually think this is a Ludwig&Ludwig since there is no embossed logo...its outfitted with 3F NOB Hoops & I believe German Wires...I have some brand new Ludwig Snare Heads...Reso & Batter I'm about to pop on...
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    SOLD - 60's Ludwig Small Badge Snare / Tom etc..

    I'm not sure what's a reasonable price for this..it seems to vary...so I threw it on eBay to let the market decide. HMU if you're interested :) https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-60s-Ludwig-Small-Keystone-Chicago-Badge-for-Snare-Bass-Floor-Tom-Drum/143354561788?hash=item21609904fc:g:~E8AAOSwsNNdUhWV