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  1. Rich K.

    eBay/Craigslist cymbal alerts - the official thread

    Good deal on Zildjian New Beats https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/472244181467590/?mibextid=dXMIcH
  2. Rich K.

    Slingerland '70s 3 ply 14x22 bass drum, original mahogany finish

    More pics. The darker "line" on the top is wood grain; I thought it might have been a scratch, but pretty sure it's just a darker grain.
  3. Rich K.

    Slingerland '70s 3 ply 14x22 bass drum, original mahogany finish

    Slingerland 14x22 bass drum in original mahogany lacquer finish from the early '70s. 3 ply, maple interior with reinforcing rings. "M" ink stamp. Very nice condition; better than "players." Shell has been cleaned / polished with furniture oil. Chrome has some minor scratches and very light...
  4. Rich K.

    22" Slingerland Natural Maple 3-Ply Orphan

    If you're still looking, I'm about to list this one for sale.
  5. Rich K.

    SOLD Zildjian 15" New Beat hi hats 1970s

    SOLD Nice pair of '70s hollow logo 15" New Beat hi hat cymbals. Good weight spread; top 1114 grams, bottom 1527 grams. Well used but no cracks or other issues. $175 plus shipping.
  6. Rich K.

    Wuhan 20" "western style" ride

    Wuhan 20" ride cymbal. Labeled Medium Heavy Ride, bit weighs only 2482 grams, so really more of a medium. Unusual, trashy ride. Not your everyday, all around cover band ride. Very clean condition with no issues. Can send you a phone video if you pm me with your email. $60 plus shipping.
  7. Rich K.

    Interesting view of jazz and black culture

    A quick Google search found many colleges offering courses in rap and hip hop. I guess I better dump my shares of Deaf Jam.
  8. Rich K.

    What is your unpopular drum opinion?

    It was actually a weird attempt at humor..."he blew his mind out in a car..."
  9. Rich K.

    Interesting view of jazz and black culture

    That would imply that jazz was killed in the '60s when universities started teaching it, and would also imply that most instructors at jazz programs are white, which isn't true in either case.
  10. Rich K.

    Your last impulse purchase

    I love mine.
  11. Rich K.

    Your last impulse purchase

  12. Rich K.

    What is your unpopular drum opinion?

    He hadn't noticed that the light had changed.
  13. Rich K.

    Your personal gig dress code

    Bass player in ma last band always wore a Rush t-shirt, cargo shorts and Crocs. Made me nuts, but he's a good friend, so I never said anything.
  14. Rich K.

    Interesting view of jazz and black culture

    The dixieland folks said big bands, and later bebop would be the death of jazz.
  15. Rich K.

    Slingerland Tempo King bass drum pedal

    Nice Slingerland bass drum pedal, probably from the early '70s. Pretty clean and ready to play. Works smoothly. The included wooden beater was added later on. $38 plus shipping
  16. Rich K.

    REVISED '70s Ludwig Acrolite

    Someone may take the rims.
  17. Rich K.

    SOLD Pending Ludwig NOB snare drum rims 8 lug

    SOLD Rims sold Snare will be relisted. Just listed an Acrolite that came with what I believe to be NOB rims. Someone suggested I sell the rims separately, which I'll do if someone needs them. Take a look at the pics, as I'm not an expert on Ludwig stuff. I tried a quick test with some chrome...
  18. Rich K.

    Sakae flat base cymbal stands for sale

    Wasn't someone just looking for these?
  19. Rich K.

    REVISED '70s Ludwig Acrolite

    REVISED Someone wanted the hoops from this drums, so will sell it as shown without the rims for $140. You'll get everything shown, including the tension rods and a used set of snares, just no rims. It will need new heads, a cleanup, new rims and possibly new snare wires if you don't like the...