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  1. Polska

    Your personal gig dress code

    Found a pair of black cotton pants with a drawstring and pockets that I wear for those hot, outdoor gigs. I'm not a fan of shorts on the drummer at least. Unless it's a formal gig, my band has no dress code. Typically jeans, Dr Marten's and either a nice tee or a short sleeve colorful shirt...
  2. Polska

    Black Friday Drum Deals 2022

    Can't say I've ever bought any Black Friday gear (or really anything else for that matter), but to me, 10 - 15% off isn't really what I'd consider a Black Friday sale.
  3. Polska

    RUSH Golden Ale.

    Yeah, $6/ea. for a 4 pk is a good deal for specialty (craft) beer. I'd grab some if it pops up locally for sure.
  4. Polska

    Gretsch Broadkaster maple snare: hold or sell?

    Agreed. I voted "keep". It's paid for and yes, always good to have (at least) one metal and one wood available.
  5. Polska


    i believe they are both Craig Blundell's kits from his Steve Hackett tours. They look fantastic.
  6. Polska

    GAS Gratitude for 2022

    Two things for me in 2022. A mother of pearl darbuka and my PDP bop kit. I had been wanting that kit for over a year now but felt I couldn't justify getting it. Plus the price had gone up almost $200 since I first started seeing them. This was listed as "used", the price was very good and they...
  7. Polska

    Black Friday Scam

    If I'm not mistaken, last year there were some "killer deals" on kits. Too good to be true, and it turned out they were. Hundreds of dollars off. Can't think of any examples right now, but I remember being inundated with ads for these crazy sales. I do know they didn't come from places like...
  8. Polska

    Clickbait addiction !!!!

    C'mon, I thought someone would have started a "Top 10 Reasons Vistalite Black Hasn't Posted Much Recently" list!
  9. Polska

    My Unboxing of my new Tama Walnut Star kit is up!

    Awesome kit and really nice video. Enjoy!
  10. Polska

    OT Batten down your hatches in Buffalo.

    2.5 inches in the northtowns, but in the southtowns where the game was to take place...(just saw this posted) - it's still coming down:
  11. Polska

    OT Batten down your hatches in Buffalo.

    Haha, thanks...we've almost moved on from that. :)
  12. Polska

    OT Batten down your hatches in Buffalo.

    The biggest problem with the snowfall isn't the playing conditions but trying to clear the aisles. I've seen news stories in the past where they hire hundreds to shovel out the stadium and this time, due to the snow fall timing, they don't feel they'll have enough time. That and travel to the...
  13. Polska

    OT Batten down your hatches in Buffalo.

    So far so good in the Buffalo Northtowns. 2 inches overnight. More supposedly on it's way and a potential lost gig tomorrow night if it happens, but we'll see. I'd rather they warn us and prepare for the worst even if it doesn't happen. We've had some major logistic issues over the decades by...
  14. Polska

    Not a big fan of the cowbell

    My favorite with cowbell:
  15. Polska

    Cymbal cleaner

    Exactly what I was going to say
  16. Polska

    Original drummers that contributed a lot to a band...

    Looking at all these, I sometimes wonder how much is tied to nostalgia for us? Linked to the drummer we first heard the band with. Like with Petty - 2 great drummers and you may have a preference based on when you first started listening to him, or who you saw live. With Moon/Jones - VERY...
  17. Polska

    Drumming in heels

    Sneakers for me mostly (Chuck's) but on gigs that are a little nicer I'll play in my Dr. Marten shoes (not boots). I'm not playing blast-beats or anything, mostly heal down, so not really a big deal for me. Can't imagine playing in high heels though. Not only the heal and the shoe sliding around...
  18. Polska

    OT- New Cat

    Congratulations! Beautiful cat. We've had numerous dogs and cats here and if it's an option, we've found crate training a great way to introduce them to everyone. We use a large metal dog crate and place it in our living room. Our most recent cat Mitzi spent a week in there this past September...
  19. Polska

    Jazz Albums - What are you listening to?

    Mark Guiliana - the sound of listening
  20. Polska

    Not a big fan of the cowbell

    It's the new "Freebird"!!! Actually that still hasn't gone away either.