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    WANTED: DW Peter Erskine Freestanding Stick Bag

    Hey Donn, I have a few of these in the DW version with the stand..They're definitely used but in working condition.
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    SOLD! Noble and Cooley 4.75x14 Alloy Snare

    My Star Kit I bought direct in 92 has hand written dates / serial numbers inside... I don't recall any alloy snares available for sale at the time, but Whitten would know for sure, either him Bob or Jay... FWIW - Megaphoneman is a dear friend.. I assure you he's a million percent legit...
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    SOLOing over Tennesse Whiskey ?

    I've recently taken some gigs with artists I've never played with & have been asked, or should I say put on the spot to take a drum solo over Tennessee Whiskey & other 6/8 - 12/8 Shuffle Blues type songs. It just doesn't feel natural or make sense to take a solo on these types of songs, but...
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    My funky friend Zak is playing now..

    Zak, as others mentioned is a monster & a major influence. It always amazed me how he seemed to fly below radar. For years I wondered if I was the only drummer who appreciated cats like him, Tony Allen, George Sluppick & so many others who go un-noticed by the drum community.
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    What is the secret sauce in a 20” Rogers bass drum?

    Vintage Rogers 20" Kicks are probably the best 20 I've ever heard or played...Definitely a Magic Drum!
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    WFL aqua 12x22

    Phenomenal Kick Drum right there...Good Luck in your search..
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    Did you ever own your “dream” kit ?

    oh snap..who? I have deep 916 roots..
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    Help me ID this Snare Stand por favor.

    Yes! That's it..Thank You!
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    Help me ID this Snare Stand por favor.

    I'm pretty sure this is a Pearl Snare Stand, but I've never seen this model before. It's got a quick release basket & is pretty darn solid. Any idea what model this may be? Thanks in advance -John
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    Throne top

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    1966 Sonor Teardrop Red Oyster4 Piece Drum Set 20",13",16" ,w/Matching 14" Snare Drum Local to me $1350

    1st off... Treviso1..Super Cool of you on this... I stumbled upon a Tear Drop Kit by accident not knowing what it was..I landed a residency gig in Reno & Tahoe several years back...I didn't live in the area at the time & found a Tear Drop kit FS on CL in Tahoe..I just bought it because it was...
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    Tama NEO Mod Kit.

    Looking for a Tama Neo Mod Kit... What have ya got? I'm open to trades or straight sale...
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    Throne top

    Yes I do... apologies for the delay... Just saw this after taking a lil family time...
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    Throne top

    How about a Motion Pro?
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    Vintage Zildjian ride

    I've got a 20" appx 1900 grams.. I'll send pix & try to make a quick sound file tonight.
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    OT - Gilbert Gottfried RIP

    A total O.A.K. !!! RIP - Gilbert..you made me & so many laugh!
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    BEST SNARE(s) for OUTDOOR GIGS? 1) Mic'd 2) Un-Mic'd...

    For me drum sound is venue specific. In or Out doors..small room vs. BIG room.. obviously sound system & mic's make a huge difference.. I'm trying to narrow it down to specifically outdoor gigs & possibly get a Version 1 (un-Mic'd small gig) & 2 (Mi'c'd - with a proper Outdoor PA BIG System...
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    Cast vs thick rolled snares

    I REALLY want to dig into any of these snares... I know many love em for good reason, but my experience has been playing them as backline snares on fly gigs...I don't want to mention specific brands but IMHO the heavy cast drums that I've come across were my least favorite because they have...
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    What's the Piccolo Snare Holy Grail?

    Funny how we take in music in random ways... Recently while shopping I've noticed a lot of songs with cranked up high pitched snares..piccolos I'm assuming... While these aren't my home base, I really love 4x14's..truly believe they're a magical size for snares... Having said this...I wonder...
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    Vintage Tama Imperialstar

    Amazing drums! I had a kit & let it go...always wish I still had em...