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  1. crash

    Bill Bruford interview in Jazz Times

    Nice interview with BB in Jazz Times. "a drumming life spent on the lines between genres" . Still one of my top 3 guys...... <iframe...
  2. crash

    Anyone need some Radio Kings?

    These showed up on our local CL.https://slo.craigslist.org/msg/d/san-luis-obispo-1940s-slingerland-radio/7544930071.html Anyone need some? I'd love them, but have no gigs to use them. My RK's are the one set I should have never sold. My former set is the marble finish ones. WMP would be the...
  3. crash

    Rogers set on "Today" show!

    Saw Little Big Town on The Today show this am. The drummer was playing Rogers. WMP, no less! Couldn't get a great look at it. Did see script badges on the tom. Looked to have updated hardware. Good to see my favorite brand on mainstream tv! <iframe loading="lazy" width="560" height="315"...
  4. crash

    Spirit live for Cassidy's 99th!

    Nice live take on "Nature's Way" by Spirit. It would have been Ed Cassidy's 99th b-day today. Always a favorite. Thanks, Ed!!!! Ed Cassidy Born May 4, 1923 Harvey, Illinois, U.S. Origin Bakersfield, California, U.S. Died December 6, 2012 (aged 89) San Jose, California, U.S. Genres...
  5. crash

    First time Ukulele Luthier!

    First attempt at being a luthier. Restored vintage drums forever, so at least had a little background. Picked up this old, falling apart uke at a thrift shop. Body separating, missing a tuner. $9.00. Seemed to be decent mahogany, thin, lightly made. No label other then a "Made in Japan"...
  6. crash

    New vintage Uke day!

    Was off at the beach. We needed a day off. Wife wanted to wander an antique shop. Last space as we were about to leave, saw some string instruments. Picked this up and started messing with it. Played pretty well. Wife really liked the sound of it. Now the owner of a 1940’s Kay banjo uke. Pretty...
  7. crash

    Just too cool! Playing for Change

    One of the best collaborations I’ve ever heard. We were lucky enough to see them in Santa Barbara. Really moving take on a classic……
  8. crash

    Gretsch 22" shell....

    Hi all. Got this leftover shell from some dealings. 22" x 18" Gretsch, looks to be '80's. Pearl tom mount and legs. I have a pair of natural finish hoop for it. Probably a dozen claws. No lugs. Clearing things out. Free for the cost of shipping. If any one needs patch pieces, as a last resort...
  9. crash

    Bill Bruford in full flight! LTIA live.

    Just came across this. Lark’s tongue in aspic. Bruford just killed it. One of my most influential pieces ever.
  10. crash

    Derek & the Dominoes w/ Johnny Cash & Carl Perkins!

    The things you run into! From The Johnny Cash show. Great fun!
  11. crash

    Anyone recognize these?

    These are fs nearby. Listed as Ludwig. Don’t think so! Trying to id them. The lugs look like Kent, but not sure. Anyone got any clues on them?
  12. crash

    NIB 9.5mm Gibralter floor tom legs

    Hi all - Cleaning things out. I've got 3 9.5 Gibralter legs in the unopened bag. $5.00 and actual shipping....... Bill
  13. crash

    Some Drum-centric and jazz vinyl albums ..

    Hi all. Going thru some stuff. No turntable, and so this is available- 1- "Jazz at the Philharmonic" "Norgran blues, 1950". Personnel is Buddy Rich, Sweets Edison, Bill Harris, Flip Phillips, Lester Young, Hank Jones and Ray Brown. Recorded Sept 16, 1950 at Carnegie Hall. 1983 Polygram reissue...
  14. crash

    Derek is Eric!

    Watching a documentary on Eric Clapton. They are going through the Derek and the Dominos era. Got to say, they may be the best band I can think of. What a classic!
  15. crash

    Anyone need a 5/16 - 24 wing bolt?

    Hi all! Found a good solution to an an unavailable part. The 1/16 - 24 mount wingbolt for Gretsch, Ludwig, Slingerland, Rogers mounts. Old one on Ebay are pricey and questionable. Local hardware store parts drawers. Engine mount stud. Wing type threaded handle. Fits great, looks like the older...
  16. crash

    Neil Peart - Traveling Music {Burning for Buddy}

    Reading NP's "Traveling Music". Fun read. like it better then "Ghost Rider". Reflections on favorite music and the stories and connections. The section on lining up "Burning for Buddy" made me go look for it. Forgot how much I liked the BR band. Got to see them many times. Always great. They...
  17. crash

    What’cha all been doing to occupy yourselves?

    Haven’t been interested in playing drums by myself. Done 2 virtual gigs. Not real satisfying. Gotten much further into ukulele. We’ve got a group meeting in a park once a week. Learning new chords every session. Riding my bike more. At the height of the lockdown, was riding 6 days a week...
  18. crash

    Best in action pics!

    The thread on before the gig pics got me reminiscing. How about your best "in flight" pics? Not the best drum face pic, but the coolest pics. I'm missing gigs more then I thought........
  19. crash

    50th anniversary Tower of Power.......

    Watching on PBS. They are so good. Some of the funkiest ever.... Got to see them in a small beach bar here. Feeling very lucky that I did. !!<iframe width="512" height="332" src="https://player.pbs.org/viralplayer/3052074623/" allowfullscreen style="border: 0;"></iframe>
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    Getting the band back together......

    Got a call yesterday. Looks like the jazz trio is getting back together. We’re all vaccinated, and wanting to play. Not looking for gigs yet, too early for that. But it would be good just to get to play again. Restless.... And, I really enjoyed the original music jazz gig.