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    Thoughts on my tribal drum solo

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    Is Phil Rudd possibly the Greatest Australian Drummer?

    Not alot of big name Drummer's from down unde honestly Phil Rudd definitely brought that attitude on drums! 1. 2.https://youtu.be/Az6os6BDeJQ 3. 4. 5.
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    Live Ashbury Park 1975 Black Sabbath

    Live Bootleg Sabotage Tour
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    George Explains Physical Graffiti

    George defently knows about Bonham Bonham especially physical Graffiti that Album has alot of great Drumming from bonzo!
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    Thoughts on Les Binks from Judas Priest

    Thoughts on Les Binks Solid drummer
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    Bill Wards Drums on Vol4

    Always liked Wards muddy drum sound on Volume 4
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    Great Rudd songs from AC/DC

    1.Code Red 2.Boogieman 3.High Voltage live 4.Baby please don't go 5. Love at first feel
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    Favorite Rudd song on drums from AC/DC

    Personally i like his drum sound on Flick of the Switch
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    After doing more listening to live Bootlegs i did notice Rudd's cymbals sound before back in Black sounded very ziljan like i did notice during the 70's he had a mixture of ziljains and pasties but i can understand why after Highway to hell and back in Black he fully endorsed Paiste cymbals!
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    New Video My Drumming

    Still Working on my Drum Fills and Playing
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    Buster Brown Band With Phil Rudd

    Rudd Was in Buster Brown form 1973 to 1974 on Drums as the Orignal drummer 1. Buster Brown Tv Promo 1974 2. Let Me In- Something to say Album 3. Roll Over Beethoven - Something to Say Album 4. Apprentice- Something to Say album 5. Buster Brown Live Melbourne Festival 1974
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    Whats Rudd doing On Whole Lotta Rosie & Let There Be Rock

    I'm Having issues with the Intro to Whole Lotta Rosie And also The Endurance of Playing Let There BE Rock ny tips or Ways to Improve playing Like Phil?
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    Tribute To Charlie Watts

    Rest in Peace Charle watts 1.Live Ed Sullivan Show The Last Time 2.Jumpin Jack Flash Watts Cam 3.Symphony for the devil 4. All Down Line 5. Rock Me Baby Live wth Angus & Malcolm Young
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    Phil Rudd Tribute

    The Master of Minnimalism and Feel Phil Rudd Influence alot of drummers Rudd's Solid Pocket and Playing is well not your typical drumming Rudd has that Slight Swng that cannot Be replicated and a Powerfull Drummer! 1. Dog Eat Dog 2. What Do you Do For Money Honey 3.No Mans Land 4.She's...
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    Clive Burr Tribute

    Clive's Sorta Groove Powerfull Drumming Fits The 1st 3 Maiden Albums His Beat is sorta Straight Forward Techinally Nicko's a Better Overall Drummer But Clive had his own Unique Style of Drumming! Drum Solo Hallowed Be Thy Name Drum Track Number of the beast Ides of March\
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    The Legendary Moon the Loon

    Keith Moon will always be in my top 10 of favorite drummers Man was full of weird Drum Fills that never sounded the same each time you heard him Play! 1. Isolated Drum Tracks 2. Who are You 3. Pinball Wizard 4. Kieth does Uncle Ernie Live 5. Wont Get Fooled Again
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    Bill Ward from Black Sabbath

    Bill's My Metal Drumming Influence Very Orchstrate drum Patterns and techincally te godfather of Metal Drumming 1. Heaven & Hell Live 1980 Hartford 2. Supernaut Live 1975 3.Never Say Die TV Promo 4. Pyhsco Man 5. Drum Solo Live
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    Phil Rudd is Solid

    Phil's my Biggest Influence on drums me being a Southpaw Drummer its neat to Hear Rudd's Groove and Beat very Unique! 1.Shot In The Dark 2. Boogieman 3. Bad Boy Boogie 4. Realize 5. The Jack
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    John Densmore from the Doors

    1. LA Woman 2. Roadhouse Blues 3. Touch Me 4. Hello I Love You 5. Backdoorman
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    Peter Criss From Kiss

    1. Live 1977 Cobo Hall Drum Solo 2. Live Atlanta 1996 Drum Cam 3. Let Me go Rock & Roll Live Symphony 4. Lick It Up LIve Symphony 5. Parasite Live 1976