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  1. BennyK

    Greyson Nekrutman reacts to Whiplash

    Inspired by Full Metal Jacket ? Who knows Nobody forced the kid to stay . He probably turned out just as sick in the head as the teacher, maybe worse .
  2. BennyK

    Live From My Drum Room With Dave Weckl - Q&A Session!

    Strangely enough John, I'm right handed in most other things . The only way that I could get any sort of independence happening when I first began was to switch over . Things started happeing from there . Being a lefty prevented me from casually sittting in on numerous occasions where I'm...
  3. BennyK

    Help with spring loaded WFL/ Ludwig floor tom legs

    what I did was thread the length of leg in question with a loose fitting die . The factory knurling was vertical , the horizontal threading I created held pretty well . Electrical plastic ties at height points on the legs will also discourage slippage . Those spring loaded housings are becoming...
  4. BennyK

    Help with 20" bass drum tuning.

    Easier to make a 22 feel like 20 than to make a 20 feel like a 22 . I have a Milestone 20 that I use when I want that sound . I have an Aquarian SK 1 on the batter and a Remo coated amb . on the reso . I've owned the legendary Rogers 20's , but my Milestone is x 2 . Try to thicken up the...
  5. BennyK

    Live From My Drum Room With Dave Weckl - Q&A Session!

    You're lefty , John ? Me too . I had one of those Signature Yamaha double strainer aluminum snares . Really great drum !! Dave's accomplishments behind the kit are stunning .
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    OT - Canadian Bands

  7. BennyK

    OT - Canadian Bands

    The Polish Prince , click the heels and kiss the hand .
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    OT - Canadian Bands

    Yes , you are correct . Silly me ....
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    OT - Canadian Bands

    Paul Anka , Buffy St Marie , Brian Adams, Cowsills, Powder Blues Doug and the Slugs Mahogany Rush Jeff Healey Alanis Morissette Avril LaVigne Bruce Cockurn Bobby Vinton Oscar Peterson Hank Snow KD Lang Anne Murray Shania Twain Terri Clark Maynard Ferguson Peter Appleyard Downchild Blues Band Jan...
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    OT - Song Link Game

  11. BennyK

    RIP Christine McVie

    She always carried herself with class . British dignity , like Charlie had.
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    OT - Song Link Game

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    What Are You Listening To?

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    OT - Song Link Game

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    OT - Song Link Game

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    OT - Song Link Game

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    Sonor 426 snare drum

    I had an aluminum version of this model . Undersized shell . The lugs stand off precisely to receive tuning bolts at 90 degrees with the matching factory hoops which are sized to match up . Regular hoops overshoot the lugs causing a serious splay problem . I landed up installing thin gaskets...
  18. BennyK

    OT - bands or artists you’ve soured to.

    Hakim without Sting was/is a superlative drummer , Sting without The Police is, well .... Sting without The Police . Not my cuppa tea at all .
  19. BennyK

    Your personal gig dress code

    peepul ax benny ' why u dress in black ?
  20. BennyK

    Trivia: Wipeout was played on Sonors ... who would have thought?

    He deserves it. We have no place in Canada that remotely compares . Garry's playing introduced a level of sophistication to pop/rock without being " Mel Bay-ish " and it raised the bar for adolescent dreamers like myself back in the sixties .