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  1. electrodrummer

    Headphone Recommendation?

    Sennheiser HE-1
  2. electrodrummer

    Alesis DM10 upgrade..?

    If by "realism" - you mean "sounds like an acoustic kit" (edrums *are* "real" - just not acoustic ;) ) ...then yes, a 502 is a good choice - multi-layered sampled expensive Yammies and Zildjans in there (not models). All down to budget - a 502 module in the UK is typically about £150. And...
  3. electrodrummer

    Alesis DM10 upgrade..?

    Depends on your needs and wants and what issue you have with the DM10. Why "upgrade"? The 500 was replaced by the 502 and I'd choose that over the 500 - it's not much more. (or go 700, or 900 or etc). Note - you'd have to get a Yammy hat controller. The Alesis pads should be OK.
  4. electrodrummer

    Porter and Davies

    I've always used cans or IEMs for monitoring rather than a wedge. The P&D won't replace those but add to them.
  5. electrodrummer

    First e drum set. suggestions for best responsiveness?

    Mic up his acoustic? Yamaha EAD10. As for electronic - usual advice - get thee to a music store and try stuff out. Go hit the Roland you mention. Go smack a Yamaha DTX (try both the silicone and mesh etc. pad options). Listen to the sounds (Roland modelled, Yamaha multi-layered samples)...
  6. electrodrummer

    Roland TD-11K or Yamaha DTX502

    [opinion as requested] On those two? DTX. No argument. Many more features, layered sampled sounds (not models), 3-zone snare (head + cross-stick + rimshot), 3-zone ride, 3-zone crash, silicon snare (no meshy hotspots and much quieter), up to 12 pads natively supported, dedicated app if that's...
  7. electrodrummer

    Any beginner kits worth buying new with all the sales?

    Used is good - get much more for your money. But avoid Medeli cheapo if used. And - as usual - nothing with an evil proprietary cable snake ;)
  8. electrodrummer

    Alesis Forge kick issue

    Wires coming off piezo / piezo mount plate broken / foam denaturing. Standard for Alesis stuff (exacerbated if you're a "heavy kicker"). Same happens to their drum pads as well.
  9. electrodrummer

    surge mesh special edition Vs Rolland td1-dmk

    500-600 whats? Also - what have you actually tried and like the sounds of and enjoyed the feel of? :)
  10. electrodrummer

    New drum bubbles in 20 minutes

    Wow! 65°C ?
  11. electrodrummer

    surge mesh special edition Vs Rolland td1-dmk

    [scary opinions incoming. Only the brave read further] Opinion as requested: - neither. TD1 is dead end. Alesis is fragile. Both have evil proprietary cable snakes. Get 2nd user higher-level kit for more for your money.
  12. electrodrummer

    Opinions on best Electronic Drum Sets

    "Best" is the one YOU/HE/THEY try, like the sound of, like the feel of, has the functions you/they want (download and read the manuals), and fits your budget. (and doesn't have an evil proprietary cable snake, obs). You ask on a public forum, you'll often just get a list of what people own as...
  13. electrodrummer

    d-drum Nio: any users?

    Same pad badged by at least 4 people. ddrum Nio, Gear4Music DD90, dbDrums NPad, HXW/Avatar PD705 etc etc Plenty of reviews on the 'Tube. As to what's good for you depends on what you want to use it for :)
  14. electrodrummer

    Gigging with ekit

    Me: Pads in Le Blond tom cases. Module in flight case Fold rack, throw in car (or break down and into hardware case if flying)
  15. electrodrummer

    Alesis DM5 questions

    Try and see, obs ! (yes, if you want multi-zone pads all over then the DM5 is not gonna be the best - although it's still a good reliable beast, esp for adding pads to a setup via MIDI, etc)
  16. electrodrummer

    Alesis DM5 questions

    DM5 is mono inputs. So - you can try - like you did with the ride - take two cables off a dual-piezo pad. If the pad only has a single socket then use a stereo --> mono + mono y-cable to separate it out.
  17. electrodrummer

    Quiet Cymbals - Alesis Turbo Mesh

    Hiya. Have you checked https://www.alesisdrummer.com/ ? Also join the Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/alesisdrums Did you get it new?
  18. electrodrummer

    DM-20 Compare

    DM-20? Doesn't exist? There's a DM-10 made by Alesis. As for Roland models - (a) download and read the manuals - all online and free. (b) there's charts on Wiki of kits/ modules/ pads... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roland_V-Drums#Roland_drum_modules
  19. electrodrummer

    Help with hybrid kit

    1. basically yes. You'll need to think about cymbals + hat. Could use these instead of mesh https://www.alternatemode.com/alternate-mode-electronic-drum-and-percussion-controllers/drum-pads-and-heads/hybriheads/ 2. You could but keeping them there would be a pain. This is an option...
  20. electrodrummer

    Discussion: Best Amp/PA/Speakers for Electronic Drums

    Cool. A PA then. (or multiple headphones into a headphone amp!) Have fun!