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  1. Murat

    Not sure I dig my Speed Cobra BD pedal. Thinking I should try out some short board direct-drive pedals. Recommendations?

    One thing to keep in mind with the Speed Cobra pedals , in addition to finding the sweet spot for yourself on the board, is that it is a top light pedal. The beaters are not for everyone. I have talked to customers that got different beaters on the pedals and they loved the feel then. I would...
  2. Murat

    Is this a scam

    People used to try harder man...Just $200? I was looking for a pair of shoes...
  3. Murat

    Sonor SQ1, 6 Pce in Satin Gold finish

    Much appreciated Sir !
  4. Murat

    OT - Canadian Bands

    Everyone's favorite, NIckelback... :cool: Daniel Adair is a solid rock drummer though.
  5. Murat

    Clamp on spurs

    I looked at the specs but it is not mentioned anywhere that I could see. You are not planning to use the bass drum hoop clamps and looking to use these as traditional spurs? Just visually, I can tell you they are much smaller than 12.8. I would say 10 to 11ish.
  6. Murat

    Sonor SQ1, 6 Pce in Satin Gold finish

    I have a very nice set here at the shop on consignment and before hitting the Reverbland, wanted give the fellow forumites a first peek. This is a Sonor SQ1, German made Birch shells. 16X20 bass, 7X10 and 8x12 toms, 13X14 and 15X16 floor toms and a 6.5X14 snare drum. This set can easily pass...
  7. Murat

    Who is playing British Drum Co?

    That's Steven...that is very nice of him , he is very kind.
  8. Murat

    Who is playing British Drum Co?

    I wish I had experience with Natal but I do not. I wanted to carry them but because of some regional issues it did not work out at the time and by the time they were available to me I lost interest. The one snare I played on was very well made, sounded great.
  9. Murat

    The relationships between furniture manufacturers and Musical Instrument companies

    I have a wooden cutting board from Zildjian at the shop, does that count? :)
  10. Murat

    New Metallica Album and Tour Announced

    I think if you are a fan there are many things to like about this song...For me, the fact that the black and white Tama is back is nostalgic as that was the first set I bought with my own money, right after the Justice album, double bass and all. I am glad it is back :)
  11. Murat

    Who is playing British Drum Co?

    I think I am one of their first dealers in North America . During the pandemic I did not bring as many of their products as I would like but as things are better now, I bring a lot of their stuff and they always sell fast. I just sent that set that Rick was talking about to the US, alongside a...
  12. Murat

    Somebody gave me an accordion

    Did you lose a bet or something? ;-)
  13. Murat

    Your personal gig dress code

    I have never played in a band where I had to "dress up". So... tennis shoes for sure (big tennis fan and player so I "feel" those shoes :-) ) , black button down shirt that is microfiber, something that soaks up the sweat, and black shorts 100%. Ever since the bass pedal beater got stuck in the...
  14. Murat


    Happy Thanksgiving to my friends south of the border ! Have a nap for me ...that's what I miss the most :cool:
  15. Murat

    Aluminum snare drum

    Big Bang Distribution supplies Ahead products to Canada. I do not work with BB but L&M and many other shops deal with them.
  16. Murat

    Black Friday Scam

    Black Friday never used to be a thing up here but it was unavoidable I guess. In my case certain suppliers send us some door crashers and those are actually great deals. I will have some Sabian and Zildjian models for 30% off which is not nothing. In most cases that IS the margin :-) What I...
  17. Murat

    My Unboxing of my new Tama Walnut Star kit is up!

    Great video, great kit, great drummer :)
  18. Murat

    Your Opinions on 14X6.5 Brass Snare Drums

    Pork Pies are great drums and great value. I would also recommend checking out the Bluebird from BDC. It is 6X14 though but very well made and sounds great. What is half an inch among friends??? :) Yamaha Recording Custom Brass is another great option in my opinion.
  19. Murat

    Aluminum snare drum

    N&C Alloy Classic, Yamaha Recording Custom or my number one, the Aviator from BDC !
  20. Murat

    Mapex Hybrid Shells

    Never had the pleasure of trying the birch/walnut. Maple/Walnuts are top notch drums from Mapex though. Saturns are great kits.