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  1. michiganice91

    Good shop in Dallas area to buy cymbals

  2. michiganice91

    Free 30 day Sonor/Drumeo lessons...

    Interesting. I ordered a whole kit from sonor....wonder if I'll get any freebies.
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    Holy Grail cymbals

    I'll pick one for each cymbal type. These are my holy grails that I DO own: ALL PAISTE Ride: 24" Sound Creation Bell Ride New Dimension Hi Hat: 15" 2OOO Sound Reflections Sound Edge Pair Crash: 20" 2OOO Sound Reflections Crash Splash: 12" 2OOO Splash China: 20" Sound Creation Dark China New...
  4. michiganice91

    JCR cowbells

    Just curious, but how do you mount the cowbells that have no handle on them? Or are they just supposed to be hand held?
  5. michiganice91

    Paiste Sound Creation Bell Ride: the hype is real!

    I see. They all have the sun logo by the way. Early versions just had it in the metal, not in ink.
  6. michiganice91

    Paiste Sound Creation Bell Ride: the hype is real!

    The SCBR is my #1 favorite ride of all time. Quite quite different than your 26er GB though I'd imagine. I have like 7 of the SCBellRides all in 22-24 inch diameter and they're all absolutely fantastic rides. Is your the new dimension version? Otherwise I'd guess yours is from 1980-1984...
  7. michiganice91

    Sonor Perfect Balance for Ludwig Speedking

    Is it the collapsing or non-collapsing version?
  8. michiganice91

    Various Double Braced Cymbal Boom Stands DW9000, PDP, Ludwig, Tama

    For sale are FOUR double braced cymbal boom stands. All of these stands are in good shape and fully functional not missing any parts. Take all 4 for $270 USD Shipped or scroll down for individual prices and photos of all stands. ALL PRICES ARE OBO (BEST OFFER). Please ask any questions...
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    Paisze Signature Blue Bell Ride

    Just curious, are you shopping for a new paiste ride?
  10. michiganice91

    SOLD! DW 5000 2-Leg Hi Hat Stand

  11. michiganice91

    SOLD! DW 5000 2-Leg Hi Hat Stand

    For sale. Gently used with original tags. Never fallen over or used outside the home. Comes with original clutch and 2 pull rods (long + short). Excellent conditions not missing any parts or pieces. Functions perfectly. $250 USD shipped OBO
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    Cymbal cleaner

    @type85 the flitz spray?
  13. michiganice91

    Hi hat clutch recommendations?

    I use a cherry hill clutch as well as various Sonor clutches (protec and 600). Never had an issue or complaint about them. The cherry hill clutch is particularly stunning in the looks department and can be customized too.
  14. michiganice91

    Paiste Ride Cymbal Advice

    22" 602 medium ride would be an absolutely fantastic all purpose option for that kind of music.
  15. michiganice91

    Please Direct Me To Obscure Classic Rock Instrumentals

    Cant believe this one wasn't posted yet but its one of my favorites and definitely classic rock/ oldie
  16. michiganice91

    JR Robinson 24” Swish Ride

    The ND versions still sound the best.
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    $40 + shipping
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    Whats a RIMS mount made of if its not "alloy" ? Mine is still available btw..