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  1. VintageUSA

    I like the drummer but can’t stand the band

    Very familiar.......I have owned his solo CD for (maybe 30) years. Again -- way too good to be associating with BOA.
  2. VintageUSA

    Ludwig Centennial Zep Set

    The sparkle "wraps" are actually paint.
  3. VintageUSA

    I like the drummer but can’t stand the band

    ABSOLUTELY!!! First example I immediately thought of. Tommy Aldridge was/is a machine. BOA = POS I remember California Jam on TV....when I saw BOA, I thought...."How did that crappy band land a drummer like that?"
  4. VintageUSA

    The magic 3A stick!

    I played 5B for 20+ years....mostly Regal Tip, then Firth. I decided to order 5 or 6 pair of VF sticks that I had never tried, just to see if there was something better out there. I tried to keep the diameter of the 5B but try different lengths, weights, tips, etc. I rejected all of them except...
  5. VintageUSA

    What is your unpopular drum opinion?

    Everything made that has a PEARL logo on it is a POS.
  6. VintageUSA

    ONE Snare Drum

    Agreed! My fav is the 4169B from Gretsch USA.
  7. VintageUSA

    So I may be gifted a 70s Pearl Wood-Fiberglass kit. Questions....

    A friend of mine has these shells.......1973........he believes they are great and will never part with them. They do sound good and yes, they are heavy. Don't know about hardware and I suspect the fiberglass would make refinishing difficult,
  8. VintageUSA

    Looking for a new barrel tip stick…recommendations?

    VF 3AN has the barrel tip.....a little beefy and I love them.
  9. VintageUSA

    Anyone in Dallas?

    Go to the fair -- it's huge!
  10. VintageUSA

    Rick Wakeman's tribute to Alan White

    Excellent, as expected. A very nice and heartfelt tribute from one great musician to another. As a diehard Yes-head, I bought everything they released for many years. I saw them live (I've lost count) somewhere between 15 to 20 times. Although I'm a lifelong drummer, every concert where I was...
  11. VintageUSA

    Best Snare Stand to Use With a Rack Tom?

    I've got an excellent snare stand perfectly positioning my 9X13; having that success, I don't give a flit how much it weighs. What's all the rave about lighter weight ?
  12. VintageUSA

    does anyone make a double tom stand/cymbal holder?

    With the great selection of clamps from TAMA, you can put together something you like.
  13. VintageUSA

    Vintage Drum Shirts

    Both LZ shirts are from the 1973 tour. Last year there was a guy in Kansas City offering $2,000 for each shirt; he was looking for shirts in "like new" condition. I doubt those exist. At SHOWCO, our shirts were actually an item of work uniform and were worn often.....and roadie work ain't easy...
  14. VintageUSA

    What’s your favorite bronze snare?

    Gretsch 4169....amazing drum.
  15. VintageUSA

    Vintage Drum Shirts

    All are from 72 and 73.... Beach Boys Alice Cooper ZZ Top Jesus Christ Superstar Led Zeppelin (2)
  16. VintageUSA

    Gretsch SSB 10”x14” Tom

    I have a 1977 SSB Gretsch catalog..... It reflects you could choose to order the "L" arm or the "monster" tom holders. However, all of the rack toms were using the ball adjustment by that time.
  17. VintageUSA

    Vintage Drum Shirts

    I have a collection of shirts over the years from Gretsch and Zildjian More importantly, I worked for SHOWCO in the 70s and I still have 6 or 7 original tour shirts.
  18. VintageUSA

    Drummer biography books

    I like the book Nick Mason wrote on Pink Floyd. I also enjoyed Peart's motorcycle road trip.
  19. VintageUSA

    Jimi died 52 years ago today......

    I saw Jimi and the Band of Gypsys in May, 1970. Four months later, he was gone. BTW, that silver sparkle Ludwig kit that Mitchell is playing in the photo above is displayed in the Musicians HOF in Nashville. I saw it there last week. In addition, the Ludwig kit that Shrieve played on the...
  20. VintageUSA

    Pearl Drums

    Growing up in the 60s and learning to play, I had catalogs from Slingy, Ludwig, and Gretsch. At that time these drum-makers did not offer various lines of differing quality....they did offer "student" models for less money but all the drums in the catalog were well made and excellent quality...