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  1. CC Cirillo

    Show Off Your Entire Snare Collection

    AP, what’s that Tama SLP on the bottom left?
  2. CC Cirillo

    Hi hat bottoms..we don't talk much about them

    I believe the New Beat ratio of charisma is 2:3 (top: bottom). Perhaps @zenstat can chime in here as I recall him authoring some information. Whatever the math is, the concept of heavier bottom works for me. I have from time to time played around with equal weights (on the thinner side)...
  3. CC Cirillo

    Joke Thread

    Everybody: “I didn’t know Chaka Khan played drums. Damn, she’s fine!” Me: “Ludwig! Mach lugs!”
  4. CC Cirillo

    RIP Christine McVie

    My favorite ‘Mac member. Fly away, lovely songbird. Maiden name Christine Perfect.
  5. CC Cirillo


    To me, his parts are brilliantly crafted, unique, and idiosyncratic without distracting. They feel good. They are concise yet swing. They are relatable to the listener. He played as a true, natural musician and is my template for playing for the song. Ultimately it’s that quality that...
  6. CC Cirillo

    Miles once said….

    A music koan. I think I shall spend a lifetime trying to understand it. Maybe then a musician I shall be.
  7. CC Cirillo


    I’ve got some 13” dark Antique hats and a 19” Masters Vintage crash/ride. Like them a lot. The crash/ride is great as a lower volume instrument. Records well.
  8. CC Cirillo

    Let's play Ludwig "would you rather"....

    People mix and match shell material and edges in the same kit all the time. What makes that new Ludwig kit unique is that special order aspect. Club Date toms with a Classic Maple bass drum is appealing to me. In addition to my CM kit, I have mix-und-match Lood-vig with a Club Date tom and a...
  9. CC Cirillo

    OT - bands or artists you’ve soured to.

    My father once told me, “Just because someone is a great artist doesn’t mean they are a great person.” This was part of his philosophy that it’s best to avoid idolizing other humans. Admiration is fine. I’ve worked on separating the art from the artist. It’s not always easily done. I...
  10. CC Cirillo


    Congratulations. I gave your post a “Like”. What more could you possibly need?
  11. CC Cirillo

    How many big name drummers…besides JHB …used a 402 Ludwig?

    I saw Mr. Stewart at Yoshi’s Oakland a few years back and thought he was playing 6.5 black beauty.
  12. CC Cirillo

    Let's play Ludwig "would you rather"....

    I was in your position a few years ago, and had to weigh my nostalgia and romance of a vintage Ludwig kit, with the practicality of a modern Ludwig kit, built to more precise tolerances. I kept finding vintage kits that were almost as much, and sometimes more, then a new kit, but riddled with...
  13. CC Cirillo

    Who owns only one set of cymbals?

    Between the age of 15 and 43 only one set of old Zildjian A.s: 20/16/14 New Beats. Until the ride and hats were stolen, they were all I had so they worked for everything perfectly.
  14. CC Cirillo

    Your personal gig dress code

    You thought you were the coolest? I got news for you: You were.
  15. CC Cirillo

    I like the drummer but can’t stand the band

    Totally Toto.
  16. CC Cirillo

    Your personal gig dress code

    Really enjoying how much we differ in fashion depending on musical demographics and geographical location.
  17. CC Cirillo

    Your personal gig dress code

    Haven’t gigged in a minute, but my show attire has slowly evolved into full Frazier, with black turtleneck, sport coat, slacks, slip on shoes. Sometimes I’ll add a large crucifix necklace since I need all the help I can get.
  18. CC Cirillo

    Promark Fire Grain Sticks

    Not particularly.
  19. CC Cirillo

    Promark Fire Grain Sticks

    I bought two pair when they first came out and didn’t find the tips particularly durable, but I seem to be hard on tips. Rest of the stick held up just fine.
  20. CC Cirillo

    Demo reel for current band

    Well done drummer! Well done band! You really know how to occupy a corner, son.