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  1. Drumming-4-Life

    Dunnett Tube Lugs for your Snare Project 87mm C-to-C Set of 8 Excellent Condition

    Dunnett tube lugs still available... read Post #1.
  2. Drumming-4-Life

    Mint Condition CCW Drums USA 6.5x14 Cherry Stave Snare Drum with Quality Hardware

    Is anyone interested in this drum with 2.3mm flange hoops, with a small price decrease?
  3. Drumming-4-Life


    Fixed some details in the listing.
  4. Drumming-4-Life


    Black Beauty is sold.
  5. Drumming-4-Life

    Add a cymbal to your rack with QUALITY Tama Parts which are scarce!

    I can customize a cymbal boom for your set... let me know what lengths you want, and I will see if I can make it happen.
  6. Drumming-4-Life

    Like New Mics for your Drums... Sennheiser e602, Audix Micro D, Cables available as well.

    Cables sold… still have the Micro-D and a few e602 II left