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  1. D. B. Cooper

    Custom Nickel Lugs.

    Hey everyone. Has anybody ever had custom lugs made? Are there small metal shops/machine shops that do that kind of thing or is it generally not worth their time? I have a few shells that I want matching lugs for but the already-drilled hole spacing is making that quite difficult. I've looked...
  2. D. B. Cooper

    Help with 20" bass drum tuning.

    Hey everyone. I'm having trouble finding anything I like with my 20" Slingerland Stageband Bass. I want some new sounds and am hearing a New Orleansy, slackish, low thump/thwack. But I'm also open to any other sounds that you might know how to achieve with these head combos on a similar drum. I...
  3. D. B. Cooper

    New single-tension bass drum rods?

    Does anyone make new, high quality single-tension rods? I know A&F makes some single tension stuff, but do they sell them separately? Thanks!
  4. D. B. Cooper

    Lets see your antique drums!

    I'm hoping you all have some pictures of some cool old drums. I love the really old stuff. I'm thinking pre-1930's. Bonus points for pictures of updated or retrofitted drums! Let's see em!
  5. D. B. Cooper

    How can I make Block Stamp Zildjian T-Shirt?

    Can anyone help me make a T shirt that sports the Zildjian 50's Block Stamp? Can I just use a shirt-making website? Which one is best? It would be cool if the stamp was relatively large on the front of the shirt. Which, I think would require a good picture that could be blown up. I have no...
  6. D. B. Cooper

    George B Stone Drums

    Hey all. I'm looking for Drums made by the great George B. Stone Company. Also interested in all single ply, early 1900's Drums. Message me with whatever you may have a lead on! Thanks!
  7. D. B. Cooper

    For The Love of the 50's Block Stamp.

    A beautiful 22" Block Stamp came into my possession a few weeks ago and it is incredible. 2232 grams of clean, dark bronze. It's so smooth and tasty. I want to find a nice, heavier example of a cymbal from this era to see how it's characteristics translate to a cymbal with a bit more meat on...
  8. D. B. Cooper

    Vintage Pedal Recommendations for Project

    Hey all. I would love to buy and restore an old pedal to use, not display. I would love to find one that works well, is actually nice to play and can be found pretty cheaply. I've seen people on here give high reviews of the Speed Kings and Yellow Jackets, and I would be interested in those...
  9. D. B. Cooper

    Experience experiment:

    Without looking at other's responses, tell me how you would achieve these sounds with toms. Punchy. Articulate. Deep. What drums, heads, hardware, tuning, muffling, sticks... anything that comes to mind!
  10. D. B. Cooper

    1962 Slingerland 12, 14, 20 Champagne Sparkle

    Here we have a beautifully preserved 3 piece Slingerland drum set. Champagne Sparkle wrap with some yellowing, but it's all completely even and all of the drums match perfectly. I had a very hard time finding any scratches and there is no damage to the wrap or lifting/speration of the seems...
  11. D. B. Cooper

    SOLD. 20" 60's A 2025g

    Hey everybody. I have a really sweet medium-light ride or crash-ride for sale. Really polite, clean cymbal that could do almost everything. Here's a link to my eBay ad, which has all of the details...
  12. D. B. Cooper

    Rapid Strainer Lever

    Hey everybody! I'm looking for a new lever/handle for a 60's Slingerland Chrome Rapid Strainer. Watcha got?
  13. D. B. Cooper

    Tube Lugs With Inserts?

    Does anyone make tube lugs that have lug inserts in them? I love the way tube lugs look, but I really prefer to have the insert for a number of reasons. Thanks!
  14. D. B. Cooper

    Aluminum Die Casts...

    What's the cheapest way to acquire aluminum die-cast hoops? I remember some deals a while back. Are those still around? Also interested in steel.
  15. D. B. Cooper

    What kind of stand do I have here?

    I'm wondering what kind of stand this is. The base of the stand looks Slingerland, but is the top half a different brand? It's really nice and seems to work fantastically. I dig the design. Anybody recognize?
  16. D. B. Cooper

    The best ways to use Diplomats...

    What are some of your favorite ways to use diplomats? I'm wondering how they are tuned high on tom batters. Ever use them on larger drums or single headed toms? I'm imagining a certain timbale-like twang on smaller single headed drums.
  17. D. B. Cooper

    Recently Acquired Slingies!

    Got a set of 1962 12, 14, 20 Slingerlands from a guy a couple of hours away from me. Niles badge. Champagne Sparkle. Incredible condition. Perfectly functioning hardware. Push button floor tom brackets, retractable spurs, really cool batter side bass muffler. Never seen a muffler like this...
  18. D. B. Cooper

    18" Type III Trans Stamp Avedis Zildjian - 1440g

    I recently acquired a really nice set of 60's Slingerlands and this cymbal came with them. It sounds really nice with the right touch and sticks. Beautiful hammering and dark, smokey, sizzly tones. Check out my eBay ad...
  19. D. B. Cooper

    SOLD 13" First Stamp Avedis Zildjian Hats

    Hey everybody! I recently acquired these hats with a really nice 60's Slingerland set. They actually measure closer to 13 3/16" mark on my tape and weigh a svelte 465g and 539g. They both wear matching First (pre-trans) stamps, which dates their manufacture to sometime between 1929 and 1946...
  20. D. B. Cooper

    Ludwig Tambourine and Triangle. SOLD

    Nice hardwood, Ludwig brand tambourine, made for drumset or mounting. Nice shape. Almost no signs of use. Sold with a nice, heavy, pleasant triangle. Also in great shape. Sounds nice and comes with striker and spring-clamp attachment. $40 shipped.