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  1. Troyh

    RIP Christine McVie

    Just heard...rip. At 79, still too soon.
  2. Troyh

    Jasper desk...

    Jasper is about 50 minutes from my house here S.I., however, Gretsch drums were scarce around these parts. Iirc, Kimball bought out Jasper.
  3. Troyh


    Yes, Happy Happy!
  4. Troyh

    20'' ludwig bass drum 1960's

    Yes! Nicely done. Good call, Kurt.
  5. Troyh

    Catalogs: pricing for sale?

    Multi-prices seem to be all over the board. (Condition, year, endorsers, etc) As Loss said, do some research here, there, and everywhere(Sorry Fabs). Keep us in the loop, please.
  6. Troyh

    Ludwig Psych Red in Bowling Ball ?

    I had the chance to view the latter against the former and, my opinion, is the later wrap is not as vibrant or defined. In fact, I passed on the set. Seemed lifeless to me.
  7. Troyh

    My new favorite personal drum pic…

    Love it Dan!
  8. Troyh

    RIP, Killer

    Sad news. RIP.
  9. Troyh

    Not one you see every day

    That's it Steam. I'm officially jealous!
  10. Troyh

    Is this Gretsch COB snare actually rare?

    Thanks for the info KC. I have had several of the 4160's and do like the sound, but that price is way off from what I was asking.
  11. Troyh

    A 20” kick/14” FT gig has me rethinkin…

    Dan, I was always the same, 22 or 24, but since playing my Roger's, 20/12/14, I absolutely love it. The band does too. Although I can see the 24 for TPT.
  12. Troyh

    Cosmo's Camcos

    Bob, was it Oaklawn?
  13. Troyh

    Cosmo's Camcos

    Watching the newly released CCR Albert Hall, Clifford looks like he is playing Chanutes? Also a 6 1/2 Luddie Mahagony snare. Any one have more info? Great show btw, narration is a bit clunky, imho. (Streaming on Netflix.)
  14. Troyh

    Doug Clifford has a "new" album out

    Peter, is that the same kit used at Albert Hall? Oaklawn, Fullerton, or LA?
  15. Troyh

    Why are vintage drums/cymbals so hard to find at antique shops?…

    Stop it Trickster! Drum porn! ☺️ Seriously, those are beautiful. I see the occasional Acro, but around me, it's more the wooden one shells, early 20's, late teens kind of stuff. Missing claws, etc. Where I have my record booth, there's 3 in there right now. One of the other dealers offered one...
  16. Troyh

    Mike Layton Fundraiser

    Thanks Loss.
  17. Troyh

    Mike Layton Fundraiser

    Team, I keep getting 'error code 503' when trying to donate. Any guidance?
  18. Troyh

    drums sets in Elvis, the movie

    That's too cool. Thank you for sharing.