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  1. Drum Mer

    Mint 14x6,5 Ayotte Keplinger.

    Hard to find, especially in this condition (even with original reso head). The snare feautures a 3mm stainless steel shell that cuts through everything and is at the same tike very sensitive. The strainer is adjustable and can be locked, just like the lugs to prevent de-tuning. A...
  2. Drum Mer

    Ayotte 14” wood hoops and case for snare wanted

    Who has these for sale. Preferably with the claws.
  3. Drum Mer

    Rare 22” Zildjian K Constantinople Sound Lab Swish prototype for sale.

    A stunning cymbal that can be used as light ride or dark effect. The Swish prototype model comes with 8 rivet holes from factory and has currently 4 holes in use. The weight is classified as extra light with 2330gr. My asking price is €700,- (or best offer) plus global secured shipping.
  4. Drum Mer

    Vintage 12” and 16” Remo Rototoms for sale.

    All original with the spoxes and rails. The set also comes with the rare stand mount and bracket. My asking price is €350,- or offer.
  5. Drum Mer

    Roland TM-6 Pro for sale.

    Awesome module specially designed for hybrid drumming. 6 dual-trigger inputs, suitable for 12 drum triggers via separately available Y-cable 500 sample sounds 268 V-drum sounds 80 playable kits and inputs possibility to import user samples (WAV) 4 assignable audio outputs click-track headphone...
  6. Drum Mer

    70’s/80’s Solid Black laquered Recording custom bass drum, and floor tom needed!

    Im looking for drums in the Solid Black laquer from the 70’s/80’s. Sizes: 18x16 (floor tom) 20x14 (bass drum) Either from Japan or Taiwan with the rounded badges. A 20x18 Tour Custom in Solid Black is also more than welcome. Who can help me out? Thank you in advance!
  7. Drum Mer

    DW Black Chrome 3p butt-end & Mag strainer.

    Who has a set for sale? I don't need the Black Nickel model, just the Black Chrome version.
  8. Drum Mer

    Zildjian Trap Stack wanted.

    As they weren’t abailable here, I hope someone wants to sell it. Big thanks in advance!
  9. Drum Mer

    R.I.P. Evanghelos Odysseas Papathanasiou a.k.a. Vangelis.

    https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-61514850.amp This hit home. The only artist I still have the complete catalog on my iTunes library on my iPhone. Blade Runner was last movie me and pops saw when the showed the re-run of the Directors Cut before he passed. I...
  10. Drum Mer

    The “This Is Pop” documentary.

    What a great documentary. From Bowie to Boyz II Men, to Auto-tune, to Abba, to Willie Nelson. Everything gets covered. A must-watch, even if you are not into pop. As it covers music history and technology too. https://www.netflix.com/nl/title/81050786?s=i&trkid=13747225&vlang=nl&clip=81476191
  11. Drum Mer

    Dirk Witte Vintage Guitar Shop’s drum collection on Reverb.

    As a global household name in vintage & high-end guitars, amps, pedals, and more, The last weeks I’ve been helping Barry out with sorting, pricing, and listing the items. Thousands of new old stock single items from a plethora of brands...
  12. Drum Mer

    Some Zildjian K Constantinople Sound Lab goodness.

    And the 8” brilliant baby IAK splash tucked in between them. As my studio is now empty waiting for new drums, I wanted to touch the cymbals at least again after a long period of not playing them. 20” 24” 8” 16” https://www.facebook.com/groups/687547564710799/permalink/2420660871399451/
  13. Drum Mer

    Dutch Vintage Drum Meeting 2021

    https://www.facebook.com/groups/dutchvintagedrummeeting/?ref=share We finally had one again since 2019. A bit scared that it wouldn't be allowed with new restrictions opposed last Friday, it could continue. And how. It was good to see everyone again from the Dutch and European drum community...
  14. Drum Mer

    New Yamaha DTX flagship drums!

    I knew it was in the works for a while, but to see it actually presented, was a true suprise on a regular Wednesday. Love the trowback to the older RHP pads (always loved those more then any other pad out there, except for the silicone models) and they seem to be heavy updated too: Love the...
  15. Drum Mer

    SOLD! Hard to find 8x8 Yamaha Rock Tour Custom tom for sale

    In the stunning Hot Red finish. The tom is in a mint condition. My asking price is $480,- plus ship and fees or best offer.
  16. Drum Mer

    C.O.A. (Certificate Of Authentication)

    Does anyone have a blank one for me? I need one to fill out and send it to a drum tech, so he can sign it.
  17. Drum Mer

    Paul Francis left Zildjian?

    https://www.facebook.com/groups/MyDrumset/permalink/1802968453213641/ The man behind most concepts we now in this day and age. Kind of a shock. I have quite a lot of Sound Lab prototypes he invented and created (he was the master smith too). @John DeChristopher ?
  18. Drum Mer

    Bieber & WeTheBand

    He has grown soooo much. I'm not. ''belieber'' but I starting to appreciate more and more what he does. And as a father of teenagers understand how he was propelled into stardom even more than he expected, which made him doing some excessive choices when he grew up under the microscope. And...
  19. Drum Mer


    That was an interesting day at Purple Chord (really check that store out Beppe is an A+ store owner with tremendous knowledge and passion). I came for this 455 Ferro: But took home this 444 COB with non original strainer : Cool muffler system too: