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  1. Peter56

    Most UNDERRATED Bands in the Classic Rock Era

    Without a doubt, Budgie.
  2. Peter56

    Any info on vintage Premier kit?

    My set is from `73, same finish, 20, 12, 14. Great drums, and your snare is to die for! I picked up a 252 pedal for $40, just a great pedal.
  3. IMG_0189.JPG


    `72 2000 COA
  4. IMG_0139.JPG


    Early `70s, 13, 16, 22
  5. 93071340_1342577102598898_4912387914454794240_n.jpg


    Early`70s. 20, 12, 14. Golden Sun wrap.
  6. Peter56

    Early `70s Premiers

    Mahogany shells. The `72/73 catalogue shows a couple of outfits with the new Lokfast tom mount. Also, some have the "new" 13x9 tom, others the 14x8.
  7. Peter56

    Early `70s Premiers

    Golden Sun, 20,12,14
  8. Peter56

    Is there a drum set you would like back ?

    I picked up a set of early `70s Slingies about 10 years ago, sold them a couple of years later, always regretted it. I managed to get them back yesterday.
  9. Peter56

    New Rogers Drum Sets now available in the US...update from Pro Drum

    The spurs are ugly, seem out place, only two finishes, black and red ripple which is nothing like the original red ripple, and for the same money you could probably pick up two or three nice “real” Rogers sets. I’m sure they’ll sell well...
  10. Peter56

    High guys does anybody know the exact model of these drums all I know is that it is a 1970s premier however it has been debadged

    Hi all. Picked this set up a few weeks ago. 20, 12, 14. The wrap is Golden Sun. I think it`s from around `73. I have a 391 tom arm on the way from the UK, and Lockfast hi hat and snare stands I have ordered locally. All I need is a couple of Lokfast cymbal stands and I`m all set..
  11. Peter56

    Cool drummer photos

    Always liked this one of TW:
  12. Peter56

    6.5" COB Cleveland Powertone

    Serial is 2804
  13. Peter56

    What Are You Listening To?

  14. Peter56

    C&C vs Classic Maple vs USA Custom/BroadKaster....

    I have a set and they sound fantastic, plus they have psych red!
  15. Peter56

    Dynasonic snare

    Here`s a fine example: http://www.ebay.com/itm/VINTAGE-1966-ROGERS-5-X-14-7-LINE-DYNASONIC-SNARE-DRUM-COB-100-ORIGINAL-ROGERS-/222322362481?hash=item33c3720871:g:9FMAAOSwcLxYM3w3
  16. Peter56

    "Bands" With Only Drums and Guitar

    That`s a clip from a few years back, with original drummer Danny Leo. He left earlier this year.
  17. Peter56

    "Bands" With Only Drums and Guitar

    King of the North:
  18. Peter56

    67-69 Rogers Silver Sparkle 4pc w/stands Detroit CL

    That`s a great deal.
  19. Peter56

    The Slippery slope

    Looking at that photo...you need HEAPS more stuff.
  20. Peter56

    New Video we just released (Rogers content)

    Really like that.