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  1. mlucas123

    Marmalade USA

    Has anyone ordered Remo heads from this vendor on Amazon? Are they legitimate?
  2. mlucas123

    What drum brand have you owned the most snares from ?

    Yamaha. 15 historically. 10 currently. 1 is a re-purchase.
  3. mlucas123

    Thinking about buying a wood snare drum

    Get the Renown snare. It's very nice.
  4. mlucas123

    Pedal succession

    Yamaha direct drive.
  5. mlucas123

    Interesting Ludwig Development - 5" Acrolite no longer 8 lugs...

  6. mlucas123

    Interesting Ludwig Development - 5" Acrolite no longer 8 lugs...

  7. mlucas123

    Premier coming back to the US!

    I like this. It reminds me of the rare late 80's Resonator finishes. https://www.premier-percussion.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/10/Large-Booth-August4428.jpg
  8. mlucas123

    Direct Drive Nirvana

    After 30 years of using variations of the Camco/DW strap and chain driven pedals, I recently switched to Yamaha direct drive pedals. OMG. The pedal just disappears. How did the DW/Camco design become the standard? They simply do not register every strike. Sort of like a noise gate. Only the...
  9. mlucas123

    Taylor Hawkins - More Tribute News

    This is sort of revenge for all the "Neil can't swing" comments. The swingers can't Peart!
  10. mlucas123

    Taylor Hawkins - More Tribute News

    Why bother then if no rehearsal time?
  11. mlucas123

    Taylor Hawkins - More Tribute News

    Equally as bad as the Omar attempt.
  12. mlucas123

    ID this Slingerland from a tv cell phone capture

    Yes. I see die-cast hoops.
  13. mlucas123

    David Robinson (the cars) COW slingerland kit

    My eyes tell me 22x14, 14x14, 14x10, 16x16, 18x16
  14. mlucas123

    Yamaha Oak Custom - How Nice are These?

    There was an Oak Custom Absolute. Or, at least Keith Carlock had a set. Used for Sting's Sacred Love tour.
  15. mlucas123

    Alternative bass drum tom mount for Sonor Phonics

    Sonor tom arms were 3/4". Pearl uses 7/8".
  16. mlucas123

    Sealing inner ply?

    Be very careful with Boiled Linseed Oil. Rags soaked with it will spontaneously combust.
  17. mlucas123

    Is this cymbal damaged?

    Is it rough to the touch? Looks like a stain.
  18. mlucas123

    Recommendation for a drum kit for a 6-year-old?

    100% this. Drumsets for little kids are a waste of money and effort.
  19. mlucas123

    Rogers aluminum Powertone

    I don't believe it. That's a COB shell that's been sanded.